Help David Archuleta Get A Record Label!

david arch Help David Archuleta Get A Record Label!

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If you own [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]David Archuleta[/lastfm]’s 2010 CD The Other Side of Down, you are apparently one of the only ones that  bought it and his record label, Jive Records, wasn’t pleased about that.

[photogallerylink id=43194 align=left]A rep for Jive Records confirmed to the The Hollywood Reporter that Archuleta was indeed “dropped from our roster.”

While Archuleta’s self titled debut recording sold almost a million records and has been certified platinum, his latest, The Other Side of Down, has only sold 63,000 copies so far.

So here’s where you come in!  We have a few friends in the record industry and would like to be able to show them exactly how much support there is for David .

Leave a comment below voicing your support for David and let Jive Records know that you feel they have made a grave mistake.  If we can get as many signatures as David has sold copies of The Other Side of Down, it will be sure to have a big impact and we’ll pass it along to all of the movers and shakers of the record industry.


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  1. Strawberry says:

    Jive is ridiculously stupid for letting him go he’s soooooo cute AND talented!

    1. Gavitacba says:

      I`m IN! David es muy pero MUYYY talentoso, Estoy segura de que hay muchos managers o disqueras que lo quieren. Solo es cuestion de tiempo ^^… Sea como salgan las cosas,yo siempre lo apoyare al igual que todas sus fans.

  2. crm says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing singer & songwriter in a world of average singers with sexed up & violent lyrics! He is like a breath of fresh air!!

  3. Amanda says:

    David is a brilliant talenet he deserves a record label that apprieciates his talent! I will support him no matter what I hope some one picks him up~~

  4. jeff says:

    It’s a mystery to me why David’s album hasn’t sold well. It is fantastic! I’ll always support him, he’s truly the most inspirational performer out there today.

  5. amber says:

    get him on a label that will actually promote his album when it comes out. did anyone even know he had a second album come out because i sure didn’t.

  6. Zully says:

    David is my favorite artists and he deserves the best! he is super talented and its a great inspiration for me! he has a great voice ans is an unique artsist! he is amazing

  7. Rachel says:

    David’s been my favorite singer for the last 3 years. He is an amazingly talented, and nice person, and deserves to have his music promoted. He’s the best πŸ™‚

  8. nl says:

    The reason he hasn’t sold many of this well-reviewed cd is that no one has ever heard any song of @davidarchie on the radio. Some of the songs on that cd are really, really great. (I like Falling Stars, Look Around, My Kind of Perfect, Something ‘Bout Love). People should buy that cd! Plus he needs to get out on tour. He is one of the best live performers out there.

  9. ximena says:

    David is really talented , there’s no doubt about it!
    Shame on you, Jive! If TOSOD didn’t sell well it’s just because they didn’t promote it! …
    Listening to my TOSOD right now & i know things are gonna get better for him!<33

  10. daniela says:

    i know david is the best i boughtt it

  11. Shivani says:

    David ia truly a brilliant and inspirin singer in the world! I truly adore him u jiverecords shuldve never done such a thing! U guys should be more supportiive of him(: David FTW!!

  12. Laura says:

    I’m glad David is off JIVE’s roster, they were doing nothing for him! I just really hope he gets a new label soon so we get new music – and hopefully some touring.

    I say an Indie label probably would be the best thing for him, but major labels have their benefits too. Just give him his artistic freedom.

    I wish him the best of luck.

  13. Kirsten says:

    I’m a hardcore supporter of David Archuleta, and I want to see him do well. I have faith in him.

  14. Sandy says:

    I truly believe the problem isn’t in David, it was with Jive. They failed to promote his last album to radio, resulting in low sales. Crush received support, airplay, and is close to double platinum. The boy’s incredible and will sell if supported by a label.

  15. aleh says:

    Obviously they have made a graaave mistake! .. well, it’s their loss!! He’s a great artist & person! His fans are very passionate and they always support him in whatever he decides to do. He’s gonna be fine!

  16. Freddie says:

    You know what would have an even bigger impact than a bunch of fans posting here? If stations like MIX 105.1 would actually play David’s songs.

    1. Tina says:

      Bravo….. That is exactly right!

  17. Carla says:

    David is a fantastic singer and an amazing person. I believe with the right record label, management and promotion, he could truly be as big a star as he was in 2008. He deserves the world and so much more.

  18. Kh says:

    Uh, that is a lot of signatures you’re asking for, but here’s mine. I love David’s voice, I love him and I will support whatever comes next. He’s like the anti-celeb, too, and that’s a very good thing.

  19. blaykee says:

    Big David supporter here!!

  20. leah says:

    it’s ridiculous how talented and admirable this young guy is. Everybody loves him. He is a musical genius and I honestly don’t think that a hip hop pushing label knows how to handle exceptional talent like him. He doesn’t fit into their mold and they appear to know nothing on how to handle someone with such true vocal ability. I’m never giving up on Archie and will follow his career always!

    1. Regina T says:

      So true! David is so talented and gifted. It’s sad that Jive doesn’t see David’s talent like his fans do.

  21. Tyler Mah says:

    Love David, Followed his career since the beginning

    1. colette says:

      David is amazing and I will ALWAYS buy his CDs.

  22. Emily says:

    All of this is Jive’s fault. If they had promoted him they wouldn’t be dropping him because he only sold 63,000 copies. I personally bought 5 copies of The Other Side if Down. We will be there for David though, no matter what happens.

  23. Melissa says:

    David is such an amazing talent and it’s Jive’s loss really. He’s better off without them. He has so many fans that are supporting him and have his back! I definitely believe in him!

  24. jenn says:

    I believe they made the biggest mistake ever. He is a breath of fresh air in the industry, and his music is different than any other songs on the radio. He’s true to himself and doesn’t have songs just to get on the radio, or songs that he doesn’t believe in. From day one, he’s been a dedicated artist and his music is genius. TOSOD is brilliant and Jive made a huge mistake by not promoting it. I hate how David’s getting blamed for sales when it wasn’t his fault in the least. The album is great and they failed to do anything about it. I want him to get the best, and all he deserves so I hope he gets a lot of offers and Jive ends up regretting this. Whoever takes on David next will for sure be happy they did. They should also know he has dedicated fans that will do anything for him, no matter what, and we make up an amazing fanbase. I just hope nonfans can see soon how amazing of a person and an artist he is and we’ll have new fans on board. Thanks for this, letting us voice our opinions! I want David to have the best! πŸ™‚

  25. Diana says:

    David Archuleta is one heck of an amazing guy and a talented artist. Jive made a huge mistake letting him go like that, but I guess it’s all for the best since they weren’t promoting him in the least. He’ll move on to bigger and better things and he knows that he’s got millions of fans worldwide who love hm and will continue to support him in whatever he decides to do. ❀

  26. --bianca says:

    Jive, you made a grave mistake when you let David get away. You don’t get a seedling that strong and original very often. Yeah, a seedling doesn’t bear enough fruit at first, but if there’s no investment in the future you will stagnate. I think this parting was for the best.

    Radio person, I hope you did this out of true love for David and not just to get hits. He’s a sweet, sincere person, and shouldn’t be manipulated.

  27. Mhel says:

    David archuleta is a fantabulous artist! A real gem in the music industry. I will support him for life! I bought lots of tosod cds and all my friends loved it! It’s an incredible album!

    Jivewho? *smh*

  28. JC says:

    I will alwaaays support David. I really hope he gets signed to someone else because he deserves so much better than Jive. I know he will always make the right decisions in whatever he chooses to do though πŸ™‚ Love you David! πŸ™‚

  29. Reema says:

    David is such a pure talent , and Jive just made a big mistake and lost (am talking about a BIG loss) when the ‘dropped’ David . log in to twitter and see how much support we’re giving , and if commenting here will help then let it be . I love David and support David forever .

  30. Allie says:

    Completely turned off to the entire music industry including radio stations. Why can gays, drug addicts & weidos be accepted and successful on radio and sales – yet David who also is different in another way wasn’t acceped??? That’s hypocritical! This guy is so talented! Have turned off radios and no more sales for me. Americans are so dense!

    1. Renata Molina says:


  31. DAFan says:

    He’s one of the best singers/performers out there! He has taught us so many things and one of them is “look at the bright side” . I’m so proud of being his fan, his music is really inspiring!… his talent is a real gem ! & all i want is that more people can see it!! and be touched by this young boy who really changed our perspective about life for good! that’s all!! … DAVID FTW!

  32. nl says:

    I agree with that other poster – the best support the Mix could give @davidarchie would be to actually play songs from his new cd – and let the other stations follow suit. Really, Falling Stars on the radio and people will love it. “Look Around also” (oh well, I guess almost any song on the new cd!!) Step up to the plate-MIX!!!!

  33. jj says:

    I love David! He’s so talented and deserves nothing but the best! I have faith that he will sign with another label and show Jive and the world what he’s truly made of.

  34. Lana says:

    I love David and I will always support him.

  35. Karen says:

    Count me in as a forever fan of the Archuleta!

  36. Rotceh says:

    David is absolutely amazing! I’ve been a fan ever since Idol and he deserves to be re-signed more than anyone else. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider giving him another chance! We all love him dearly and want him to do well in his career.

  37. Shelia says:

    David is the best male singer in the world. I bought his alblum. Jive never promoted him. A lot of people didn’t know he had a new album. I think the same thing happen just like AI. Fans thought David had it won and didn’t vote. now days they are too many youtubes and why buy the album when you get it free. It’s jive’s lose and someone else’s great gain.

  38. nikki says:

    only 21 comments? david deserves better. let’s bring it back.

  39. Jay Hoffman says:

    I really enjoy David Archuleta’s singing since AI. Hope you support him as well. Thanks

  40. Hellen says:

    David James Archueta deserves a label. he is so talented, down to earth , friendly ,amazing & the cutest thing this world can offer, why doesnt someone offer him a label already ?

  41. Marcela says:

    I’m so upset with Sony and Jive right now, this industry is all about be scandalous , i can’t believe that an amazing talent like David Archuleta, with worldwide attention , receive this kind of treatement from the industry, i hope he can find someone who really cares about music. He still a great artist. 😦

  42. Cathe says:

    we love you David πŸ™‚ you are the best! Jive sucks

  43. Kennedy says:

    I don’t understand how he was even dropped in the first place….He has SO MANY devoted fans that love him<3 WHAT A SHAME. I have been supporting him since he was on Idol….

  44. Lozza says:

    I will always buy David’s music for as long as he makes it; he will come out on top in the end and his devoted fans will be there to witness it (come back to England David!).

  45. andrea says:

    πŸ˜€ david is ridiculously talented ^ ^ (as it says fonsi) te
    david love:)

  46. Hannah says:

    David is INCREDIBLE! I have been a fan of his from the start. He is ridiculously talented and a phenomenal human being. I love him to pieces. He needs to be signed! …again :/

  47. Erin says:

    David is so great and I can’t believe they dropped him… At least he will be able to find a label who supports and promotes him better! I’ll be a fan of David’s no matter what!

  48. Lola says:

    His fans feel they been scammed too many times now and this is just a nother one.

  49. Anne says:

    Love him, he is the most talented person ever. And not only that, he’s an amazing human being too.

  50. Sarah says:

    Loveeee David! been a fan since Waiting On The World to change on Idol! :] He NEEDS to be signed.

  51. Laura says:

    David is the most amazing artist out there! Although it’s awful to see him be dropped by his label, I think it will be really good for him. He can find people who will actually help him with publicity and promoting. Jive did none of that. We love you, David!

  52. Amanda says:

    David is one of my absolute favourite artists, and I think that Jive really just wasn’t doing a good job as his label. He’s fantastic and I’ll support him whatever happens. πŸ™‚

  53. Rowz says:

    Forever and always, David Archuleta fan here ❀
    David is amazing and he deserves a label that would really take care of him!!!

  54. Lizzy says:

    Kinda hard for artists to sell CDs when the label does little to get the word out – my local station received no info from Jive about any singles or even the CD. You could say 63K is great for a CD that was solely fan supported. If you can “help” him get a label hopefully it will be a better one who realizes they have more than 3 artists

  55. Marian says:

    David’s album is fantastic! It’s a great collection of well-written radio friendly songs. It was not properly promoted. David deserves way better treatment than that. He is an incredibly talented young man who will do great things in the music world. I will be there to support him.

  56. Victoria says:

    I’m such a huge fan of David, have been since Idol. He has SO much talent and potential; Jive just didn’t realize it. They weren’t invested in his success. He needs a label that will support him and get him promo.
    I will always support him, regardless of what happens, but ideally he’d get signed to a major label (that recognizes his potential) very soon. πŸ™‚

  57. TegarWiguna says:

    David gotta make an album again, i hope he can to make it, no matter happen! Cz i love him.

  58. Marimar says:

    We are in this with David.. he`s not alone! πŸ™‚ and yeah i think Jive have made a really bad decision! i mean David is so much more talented than other singers .. he can sing! and there are other “singers” that can`t… and whatever happened i think it was Jive’s fault not David’s so WE SUPPORT HIM TIL THE END πŸ˜€

  59. Shayna says:

    David is truely amazing. Down to Earth, humble, nice, sweet as can be, hot, and has a voice of an angel. He has the most amazing fans ever and most of them are fans for life. David has the total package and Jive made a grave mistake in dropping him. But, as we all know, David is only going to go further in his musical career not being chained down by Jive and getting a better record deal. Let’s make this soon, seeing as we all want a tour!!

  60. Majany says:

    I have been a fan of David for 3 years now. I’ve followed his journey since then. His music speaks to me. When I heard about this, i was confused and devastated. But I know David WILL find a MUCH BETTER record label and management ❀

  61. Julia says:

    David has inspired so many of us, I can’t imagine the music industry without him. I’ve followed his career for so long and will continue to follow it. I wish him the best and our love and support is with him.

  62. Shayna says:

    I will say I have to comment twice, seeing as I own 2 coppes of the album (best album EVER) One of them beiong signed by david himself and is put up in a safe place. David, you’re my hero:) We believe inb you. ArchAngel4life4ever:)

  63. Areej says:

    David archuleta is my role model.. And a great inspiration to alot of people including me.. I’m a huge supporter of David and will keep
    Supporting him forever !!! We’re supporting him
    From the begining and will not stop now.. Not when he needs us !!
    middle east will always support and love the archuleta !! ;^)) he’s our man ;D

  64. sdb says:

    I adore David! he is incredibly talented! and an AMAZING human being. He’s truly one of a kind! David also sings beautifully in Spanish. JIVE missed the great opportunity of promoting David in the Latin American market where I’m sure he’s going to be VERY successful. I will always support David. By the way, I’m not a teenager or a Grandmother; I’m an adult who appreciate David’s talent. He is loved and admired by people of all ages. David deserves THE BEST!

  65. kathrin says:

    yeaaah! bad decision JIVE! david is the ONE! pure talent. ❀
    we will support david no matter what.

  66. Allie says:

    Also, those who continue to download illegally instead of spending $1.99 ….well if you had bought it perhaps David’s sales wouldn’t have been so low…..

  67. Paige Wilson says:

    Look, everyone makes mistakes. I understand that. But I don’t think they understand how much talent David has. He’s amazing. But no matter what, I’ll always love him. <33

  68. Marti says:

    If an amazing talent like David Archuleta can’t make it in the pop music market, there is something dreadfully wrong with the pop music market. Pop radio needs more of singers like David with a great voice, incredible personal integrity, and gorgeous looks to boot. Jive obviously had no idea what they had or what to do with it when they had it, but another label is going to be the beneficiary of Jive’s major mistake of letting David get away.

  69. Tina says:

    I actually have 4 copies of the cd and I love it! I have faith that David will come out of this better than if Jive would have kept him.

  70. Sara says:

    David Archuleta is without doubt one of the most talented artists out there nowadays. He brings real music and amazing vocals. His album, The Other Side of Down is much better than a lot of albums that are currently well known. The problem was hardly any promotion for it. Jive simply did not promote him. It was his second pop album released 2 years after Idol and they did not give him the promotion needed. Of course his first album sold a lot since it came out during the Idol craze. Jive really dropped him way too soon. In 3 years they cut him and it is stupid really because is simply received low sales due to their lack of promotion.

    David is just getting started with his musical genius. I can see hints of it really emerging in “The Other Side of Down.” since he had a little more freedom to write the songs that he wanted. I honestly think it is a better quality CD than his first album, and his first album was really good. David still has many fans in the US and all over the world. We will always love him and can never forget how amazing he is. He needs a better record label pronto!!

  71. carmen says:

    I think Jive Records made a mistake on doing that. I support David! He’s such a great singer! I hope everything goes great and that he finds a better record label!

  72. sofia says:

    David Archuleta is verry talented and awesome guy and i support him no matter what as long as he makes music for us i’m here and stand by him forever.

  73. Lisa says:

    I have been and always will be a huge supporter of David!! Jive’s loss is some other label’s gain!!

  74. joyacht says:

    David is an amazing artist and a great person. He deserved to be successful in the music industry. I have supported him since day 1 and will keep supporting him. Good luck to him!

  75. prd9601 says:

    David Archuleta is a wonderful vocal talent and an even better person. I was confused by the non-promotion of David’s second pop offering by Jive Records after the strong sales of his initial offering and his seasonal release ‘Christmas From The Heart’. I truly believe with David’s A&R rep leaving Jive along with many others including the label president, this Sony imprint just did not know what to do with David as he does not fit well with their current roster. David was not ‘dropped’ but ‘released’. He provided Jive with the three CD’s he was contracted for. Perhaps a label such as Decca Records (Universal) would be a better fit. Best of luck to a great vocalist. Onward and upward David!

  76. Kayla says:

    David is a hard worker who loves his fans and is dedicated to what he does. We will do anything to see him happy and succeed. He is one of the most talented singers in the Industry. David deserves more than what he received through Jive and if he is given the chance he wouldn’t let any record label down.
    One of the most special things about david is his positivity and respect, which, just recently, is very clearly shown.

  77. Lori says:

    I actually don’t blame Jive. They are in business to make money. I just think it’s a shame that David’s fans didn’t support him and BUY his record. Yes, 63,000 BOUGHT it but where are the other 700,000 fans. We all know the reason he only SOLD 63,000 is because so many so-called “fans” STOLE his music instead. Illegal downloading will kill artists just like David. Stop stealing music if you want to keep hearing music.

  78. Theresa says:

    I can sit here and literally write a whole novel about how talented David is and how deserving he is of a second chance. However, I’ll give you the bridge version: David Archuleta is one of the most talented, humble, and genuine young singers in the industry today, and he in NO way deserved to be treated the way Jive treated him. He deserves to go to a label that will respect him, promote him, and embrace all that he has to offer. Any label would be so lucky to have David. Jive completely took him for granted. As a die-hard fan for the past three years, I beg, PLEASE get someone sign him! David of all people deserves this. I know he’s not the type to go around begging so us fans are going to have to do it for him. So please here us out and deepy consider giving David another chance. We will be ETERNALLY grateful and so will David. Thank you. ❀

  79. Nick says:

    I think this will turn out to be a blessing, David’s not the same artist he was when Jive first signed him and now I guess Jive can’t handle how much David has grown. He’s way better off this a label who can better support him! David’s true fans will forever follow and support him!!

  80. Kerri says:

    The only reason David’s album didn’t sell well was because Jive did not get him any radio play and did not support him at all. I don’t know why but you wouldn’t even know he had a record co. if it had not been for his album that came out. You can’t sell records if noone except his diehard internet fans knows you have one out. The way I heard it was David wanted Jive to release him from the label. I mean he wasn’t getting anything from them so isn’t he better off so he can find a record co. that will support him. He is the most talented singer I have ever heard. He doesn’t even need music to sing beautifully. Acoustic is beautiful. I will always support him and buy whatever music he puts out. He has a great fanbase but others need to know he has a record out.

  81. nabla says:

    Honest speaking, The Other Side of Down album is so much better than Crush. They both great but i love TOSOD better. Are people deaf? they need to love TOSOD!

  82. Lily says:

    I support Archie and Jive has made a huge mistake! David Archuleta is one of those true talents out there! I own the David Archuleta CD “The Other Side of Down,” and I am an Archie all that way!

  83. Regina T says:

    I love David. He is an incredible singer with a genuine and sincere personality. It’s hard to find a celebrity as down-to-earth as he is. He is so inspiring to everyone and he deserves the best πŸ™‚

  84. Jessica says:

    Jive is going to, if they haven’t already, realize the huge mistake they made. David is one of the most talented artists out there. I will forever be a fan of David and have been since the very beginning.

  85. Katie says:

    I support David through everything ❀

  86. Izabella says:

    David deserves to be signed!! hes by far the best singer out there! love him! started a twitition to get him signed

  87. Ashley says:

    Of course Jive made a mistake! I love David and will always support him! ❀

  88. Al says:

    Love David Archuleta!!! I have to have more of his music!!

  89. unoriginaldumdums says:

    iSupport DavidAchie and iLove his music. they are very great.

    To Jive: please promote him and his album more. put some effort.

  90. Archies#1fan! says:

    Jive is stupid for dropping David Archuleta! He is a truly amazing artist! I was one of the 63,000 that bought his album! Shame on Jive!

  91. Archies#1fan! says:

    Shame on you Jive! Archie is a true talent!! I was of the 63,000 that bought his album! ❀

  92. nichola says:

    david deserves all the success and recognition in the world, and jive just didn’t give him what he deserved. i will support him through anything πŸ™‚

  93. Marylee says:

    David Archuleta is the most talented artist in the industry today! ..Best of the Best! His CD is out of this world in my opinion. I will be a fan for life!

  94. michelle says:

    would love to see david getting more promo, he’s got an amazing voice, love his music and he’s a great guy, very likable πŸ˜€

  95. Marlie7 says:

    David is one of the most talented singers out there today. He’s a true gem. His voice is pure magic, and he can tear your heart out when he sings. No autotune needed by David!

  96. Marlie7 says:

    PS – I don’t think Jive deserves David. I just as soon he find a label that appreciates him.

  97. Nemo says:

    David Archuleta ROCKS…he also has an amazing voice and a great work ethic!

  98. Renata Molina says:

    To be honest i don’t believe how a guy who is 16 feels like a grown up man, saying he wants to be the King of Pop (poor little naive kid) can be more famous than someone with this voice, and we have a 20 year-old man who is funny and happy and out-going but kind of shy at the same time, down to earth and willing to help other people. This voice DOES NOT NEEDS PLAYBACK, does not needs 4 back-up singers or a lot of dancers to make everything more interesting, he could just stand there, at the Super-Bowl and sing his heart out like he does every time, with no lighting effects, no fake smoke, or little bubbles and nobody will be bored. This is when we see our society is pretty screwed up, talent is not enough to be big and famous, now you have to be arrogant and sexual and a bad person to get the attention of the female and/or male audience. This man is called David Archuleta.

  99. Amira says:

    Jive, please don’t come back running to David when we make him famous again… but for now.. we need to promote his songs!!!! The best that we as fans can do is to keep requesting and calling for David’s songs!!!!!!! No matter how many times you do it, just request!!!!!!!!

  100. lanick says:

    I love David Archuleta. He’s SOOOO TALENTED GREAT singer and an amazing person. His album The Other Side of Down is truly amazing. I’m sure he’ll be great. Good luck with the next step David, I believe in u and will keep supporting u.

  101. Maxine says:

    David is probably the most talented singer and artist of his generation, and it’s a pity his material did not get the publicity and ears it deserved. I will support him wherever he ends up, and hope that another label is smart enough to snatch him up quickly. He is an incredible talent and will only flourish with age, and he has a very devoted fanbase to support him every step of the way.

  102. Alexis says:

    If you do not sign David to a label I will cry every night because knowing he is making music is what keeps me happy.

  103. gemzone says:

    I have been and always will be a hugh supporter of David Archuleta. This young man has so much talent it is unbelievable. I have seen him in concert over 25 times. Including flying to the UK and seeing him twice there. He touches my soul like no other artist ever has. Love him and will always be there for him.

  104. Chrissy says:

    David is a GREAT singer & he didn’t deserve Jive anyway. He needs to get more promotions & he’ll definitely have A LOT more fans I promise you that. If he could find the right record label & management, he’ll be one of the most popular singers<3 I love you David, never give up on your career.

  105. Bonjob9e says:

    If jive would just let him down.. that’ll be so disgusting. David has his heart and mind in each song… and he is one of the most talented singer I’ve met. Maybe it’s just not all people recognize him… but in due time I know… He’ll claim the fame… ^_^

  106. Jessica says:

    David Archuleta is amazing! I am a huge supporter!

  107. LaLiliana says:

    Just one question. Did you guys ever play any of the singles off David’s latest cd THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN?

  108. Samantha Garcia says:

    David deserves the best. β™₯

  109. raz says:

    i’ll never be able to describe him with words. i’ve been following his career since the beginning and he is nothing but an exceptionally talanted and amazing guy. the industry will seriously miss something big if they decided to throw him under the bus.

  110. cobbyw says:

    I need more music from David Archuleta. He has one of the greatest voices I have heard in my life and his vocal styling of any song he has ever covered make me like it more than the original. His music is on heavy rotation on my ipod. I don’t know what the **** happened with “The Other Side of Down.” It is a teriffic cd and should have gotten much more play and promotion.

  111. Pascalee says:

    I love David. He is uber talented and a wonderful guy. I hope he finds a label that will actually promote him. And that shares the same vision of where David wants to go musically. Jive had no vision. No matter. I will always support him!

  112. Renata Molina says:

    I live in Mexico, they don’t sell his records where I live, so I had to order them from the USA and I paid almost a 100 dollars to get 3 of his records (David Archuleta, Christmas From The Heart and The Other Side Of Down) EVERYBODY said I was stupid for spending my Christmas money like that, that he was just another boy, that I would get over that and never get my money back. I don’t believe that, I will NEVER forget David Archuleta when nobody helps me, his music does, he has changed my life for good and he doesn’t even knows it, I don’t care if he doesn’t knows who i am, because I know who he is and that’s enugh for me, I’ve been mocked, bullied, and laughed at for loving him so much, but I can take that, because at the end of the day is all about what I believe in, not what everybody else does, and I beleieve in him, I believe that he will get a record deal, with Jive Records or with somebody else. And if he doesn’t he will keep singing, and i will follow him to the end of the world, without a doubt.

    I’m not the only one who feels this way, there are millions of girl who feel this way, we’re ArchAngels.

  113. Genevieve says:

    David is an awesome dude! He really knows music. I just don’t get why Jive would do that. It’s just a big mistake! He’s soo talented and has everything a girl wants. Just because of the sales, Jive dropped him. I’ll always be an Arch Angel.

  114. Sahara says:

    It’s not David’s fault that the album’s not selling, jive never promoted it. Tosod is a great album regardless of the number sold and David is an exceptionally talented young artist so I’m worrying about him not getting signed. But if u r really concerned then why don’t you start with playing his song on the radio!

  115. erin says:

    David is an incredible artist and person. He deserves a label that will manage his events and promote him so that the rest of the world will understand why his fans love him so much.

  116. Yvette says:

    David is a very talented person and has a heart of gold. He deserves to have a record label that supports him 100% .

  117. Anastasia says:

    It’s crazy how much I could write about David. I literally wrote a book 2 years ago lol! I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet. When I first heard David sing on idol, I just knew something amazing was lined up for him. He has literally saved lives! I’ve read stories about people who were depressed and ill, and listening to David’s angelic voice has cured them. People were suicidal and David gave them a reason to live! It sounds crazy how one 20 year old can influence people so greatly! Especially considering he was 16 the first time we saw him…some people saw him at 12 on star search! He’s so talented, and not just that but he’s a great guy! He has done so much charitable work and gotten all of us fans involved in it. Also, he’s just generally moral. He doesn’t curse or talk about people. He’s generous and a good friend. He’s so optimistic and his smile lights up a room! On this rocky road, he has so many wonderful fans that would do just about anything for him – because he truly deserves it. Buying multiple copies of his album is a start. In fact, we set up a gifting system where we bought albums for fans who couldn’t afford them! This way they didn’t illegal download them, and David got the credit. When I went and bought his debut album, Christmas From the Heart, and the Other Side of Down, I even took pictures of myself buying them because they were such memorable moments…on the release date, holding the album that would change my life…

    The Debut album helped me to go after my dreams because I knew about David’s struggles with vocal paralysis, and I knew that David wasn’t all “hollywood” which is the kind of performer that I want to be. He is and was the biggest influence and inspiration in my life and hearing him sing songs that were all his own made a difference.
    Christmas from the heart was amazing because I’ve always loved Christmas music, and David has the most beautiful, perfect voice for it! The Other side of Down was of course amazing because he co-wrote most of the songs, and they all had such great, strong messages! Each and every song is relatable and helps me make it through each day. There hasn’t been a day since October 5th, 2010 that I didn’t listen to that album. My Kind of Perfect made me cry the first time I listened to it, and I learned the piano part by ear the next day. Its the only song that’s ever been able to explain my life so PERFECTLY! and david wrote it! and sings it beautifully! I can relate it to more than one aspect of my life…the part where I’ve never had a boyfriend, much like david’s poor dating history, and I’ve wondered if there is someone out there for me or not. Maybe it’s David…maybe…lol. In a way that has recently been a huge part of my life, it has reminded me that I can find my perfect kind of life…I just have to keep searching…I have to keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down, because you have to just go with the flow til your feet are back on the ground…and things are gonna get better…haha, lyric humor!

    So this is getting really long now, but I could never say enough.

    point is…




  118. nora says:

    I love David and I am not a teenager I am a Grandmother, my Grand kids love David he is such a great role model and a great singer, Jive made a big mistake, by not promoting him like they do some of their other artists, We have followed and loved David since Idol, hope you can help!!!! Thanks Nora

  119. VJ says:

    Love ya, David! Your album is awesome! Too bad JIVE doesn’t know a good thing when they see it.

  120. lou says:

    I think that Jive made a bad mistake by letting David go! David is the most careing and giving person,the best singer out there !David brought me back to listening to music again.

  121. Katrina says:

    David will definitely be okay. Whatever happens, we should always be there supporting him 100% of the way. I still support David and I’m still a proud fan. Good luck, David! Wishing you the best of luck! πŸ™‚

  122. Matt says:

    David has to get another label quick. he deserves it. Jive didn’t do him justice. they barely promoted him. he deserves so much more than that because of his talent and passion and genuineness. help David get a new, better label!

  123. farhana says:


  124. UnicornArchie says:


  125. erikateresa says:

    Ever since the beginning, I’ve been a fan of David’s. He has so much talent, & it’s such a shame that not everyone has been able to see that. He deserves so much, and any record label would be lucky to have him under their name. His voice needs to be heard by all, and he’s deffinitely one of kind. David supporter all the way here. β™₯

  126. Anne says:

    I’m not sure all the reasons for the split, but I think it will work out great in the end. I absolutely love his new album The Other Side of Down. Looking forward to more music from David. He’s an awesome talent.

  127. Chantal Dupont says:


  128. hanharchie says:

    off Jive and WEG is the best decision that David ever made, whatever he decide to do, Archies will support him with all their heart. This is my sign

  129. rizachie says:

    it’s been three amazing years since we had david. so. those three years were great. the other side of down showed his fans a new side of himself. something ’bout love and elevator are chart toppers on music channels. and radio stations. now it’s falling stars that’s coming through.


  130. Lynnella says:

    I’m a fan of David Archuleta’s and will be for life. When his albums come out, I buy multiple copies for myself and friends and relatives. And, when his MoTab Choir DVD comes out, I will do the same. He’s the most versatile, talented singer out there, not to mention one of the best human beings on the planet. Anyone should be happy to have him on their label. I think Jive made a huge error in judgment.

  131. Alison says:

    David is incredibly talented. He deserves this, he really does.

  132. Kristina says:

    Iv’e got both of David’s albums and i think Jive should of kept him i’m not a huge fan of David but i’m a fan none the less hopefully things will look up for him he deserves that and nothing less(:

  133. Peach says:

    Loooooooooooveee David soooooooooo much! Big david supporter since AI πŸ™‚

  134. Krissy says:

    I’ll always support David. He has talent and it’s because of Jive that he isn’t nearly as noticed as he should be. I want him to get a new record label that will promote him and realize what a talented person they have. ❀

  135. HPfanRinnie says:

    David seriously deserves the best because he is one of the best. Love him and his music and will support him no matter what. Been a fan 3 years and counting! πŸ˜€

  136. Desiree Vargas says:

    I’ve been a fan of him even since I heard the song Crush.
    I support and love him even though he is not famous here in Spain and I hope he gets to keep doing music because I will support him even if I never have the chance to see him live.

  137. Bre' says:

    I’ve been a fan of David’s since he’s been on idol, and I know how much talent he possesses. Let me tell you, Jive made a BIG mistake by not only dropping him like this, but they never promoted him properly, as I’ve barely ever heard him on the radio.
    So here’s to getting David a new label that’ll treat an artist like him the right way. πŸ™‚

  138. Amy Hecht says:

    Jive did make a mistake, but you know what, it’s for the best. David is not an artist who’s going to be something he’s not. He is real, and he will never back down from his morals and beliefs. Apparently the music world of today isn’t ready for that. I think when David finds the right label that knows how to handle him, WATCH OUT!!! He is so immensely talented, and he is such a genuine person. Some people are afraid of that. So be it. His fans will always support him. I’ve been a fan since Idol…three years, and he has not ONCE backed down from what he believes in. He is what this music world needs. Not the Britneys and Justins.

    1. SherylNotCrow says:

      I totally agree Amy! Fans for life! His fans will help fill the void – it’s amazing what can be done by people who want to help carry on the spirit to bless others. πŸ™‚

  139. Claire says:

    DAVID , WE LOVE YOU . πŸ™‚

  140. Judy Rice says:

    I am a big supporter of David Archuleta. He is an amazingly talented singer and person and deserves the opportunity to showcase his music with a label that actually cares about their artists and doesn’t try to make them into something they’re not.

  141. Jas says:

    I think David was too much for Jive, he’s really talented and different from all of the other “teen pop stars” and Jive didn’t now how to work with that..but no matter, I’ll always support him… he’s more than a singer to me, he is my role model.

  142. Karen says:

    He’s the best singer and person in this world. He deserves nothing but the best =)

  143. Paige says:

    David has so much potential, so much talent, and such a kind heart! He deserves the best and signing to a new label could get him some new fans! I honestly think its all about the promotion, and he wasn’t getting enough of it. If his first album was platinum, why didn’t he get enough promotion for this one? David deserves the best and his fans adore him.

  144. lindy schultz says:

    wow… theyre loss of losing this amazing talent:/ grrrr… hes just… amazing

  145. Brittany says:

    OMG David Archuleta is so talented and people are crazy for not loving him!!! I went to two of his concerts and both times he was absolutely AMAZING!!!! He needs a new label one that will do its job properly!!!

  146. Beth Norton says:

    I’ve followed David since his Idol days, and since then, he’s shown that he’s a real superstar. Jive didn’t know his potential, and I believe they had no idea how to promote him. Us fans know what David is capable of, and we’ll be behind him no matter what. But, just a note to radio stations, could you actually play some of David’s music? I never hear it! And to record labels: promote the heck out David. Let everyone know what he can do.

  147. Emmie says:

    First of all, Jive Records, you all suck. Sorry to be so blunt. I just want them to know they lost one of the most talented and humble artists on this planet. I’d never expect in a million years to care so much about someone I’ve never met before, but it happened. I will always support david no matter what happens! but dropping someone this talented is just plain stupid. I hope they have fun trying to find someone as great as David Archuleta. He really deserves so much more than he gets and I hope someone will come along and treat him right. πŸ™‚

  148. LaLiliana says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? It’s a simple question.

  149. karen lopez says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing singer and also an amazing person!! Jive’s made a BIG mistakein dropping him., but he has a lot of support.

  150. nl says:

    I realize that this article is simply a way to draw fans to this site and get hits, however as I said before, lets see The Mix actually start playing @davidarchie songs on their station during times when they might actually be heard? hmm? How about The Mix doing something for @davidarchie?

  151. krystal trinkley says:

    i have been a fan of david since his audition on american idol. Jive u have made a HUGE mistake letting go such an amazing singer and songwriter!!!

  152. Titide says:

    I saw a really good question. I bet you guys never played his music and now you want to get him another label? I think he’ll be just fine.

  153. catherine says:

    David knows what he wants and, thank goodness, no label is going to change him. I am such a huge fan of his music, but I am a bigger fan of his beautiful character and personality. He’s a shining star. One of these days, Jive will understand that.

  154. Trish says:

    I love David.
    Jive is stupid but I don’t know if it was the album sales that made them and David part ways. His 3 album contract with them was up and either they or David or both decided not to renew it. I mean, it was their fault that no one knew David had an album out. They were responsible for picking a song and getting it played and they did nothing. They’ve done very little for David since the debut of Crush. David has done his tours all on his own, did his tour with Demi because Disney invited him and did his Christmas album on his own with hardly any help or promotion. He set up his tour with his management and that’s how it sold as much as it did. With The Other Side Of Down, jive sent him on a bunch of dumb radio appearances that ate up precious time without any reward. They didn’t even make deals with the stations to play his single even when he was doing appearances for them. Then they threw out singles with no add date or push for airplay. Just total incompetence. David is better off with a different label. I just hope he finds a good one.

    1. shahiraramli says:

      trish, i love ur comment.
      that part which is his support. πŸ™‚

  155. Lexi says:

    I wish him the best. Hope he can get another record because he really touched my life.

  156. Kati says:

    The fact that this kid isn’t bigger than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift astounds me. Just LISTEN to his album. He’s one of the few people in the business who actually makes good, meaningful, REAL music. And the fact that his label did NOTHING to promote him, and that his INCREDIBLE album only sold 63,000 copies is RIDICULOUS. No one I know even KNEW he had a new album out, and forgot about him. Which isn’t his fault. He can’t do it on his own, that’s why he has a LABEL. He needs a new label who will actually care and support him.

    1. Sarah says:

      I know! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Taylor Swift fan, but you are so right about not knowing about him! I had no idea who he was until December 2010. I had never even heard of him! As soon as I heard his music, I was hooked. He just needs to be promoted more.

  157. Kayleigh says:


  158. Karina says:

    My inspiration is david archuleta!!! i need him to keep going so i could fufill my dreams!!!!!

  159. Kathy says:

    David is amazing. Period. It stinks for Jive to have dropped someone like him. It’s their loss once he becomes more bigger than ever before in the future. :] I wish David all the best in the world. He deserves it. ❀

  160. Kelly Sharp says:

    David Archuleta has an amazing voice and is a great person. Jive has definitely lost the best person that they’ll ever get. The reason why David didn’t sell many albums is simple: Jive does almost NOTHING to promote him. If they ever tweet something about David, it’s extremely surprising. Now that David isn’t with them anymore I’m sure he’ll find a new label that will treat him better. He deserves it.

  161. Jen says:

    Wishing David the best. ❀

  162. Wilson Quek says:

    I guess Jive doesn’t know a good thing when they see one, grave mistake there.

    I wish David the best as he has made a huge impact in my life, and to Jive, well, you suck.

  163. nanaweize says:

    I’m one of Davids older fans and I think he is great. He is not only has an incredible voice but is also a great example to our youth of today.
    I will always be a David Archuleta fan…I’m in it for life…just sayin!

  164. jessica says:

    I just hope and pray the right label will come along and give him the attention he deserves. he works so hard, it’s time for him to get noticed.

  165. Michele says:

    David is amazing and super talented, if you don’t see that there’s something wrong with you. I will always support David and his music NO MATTER WHAT. His music is a gift and helps me through each day. I don’t know where I’d be without him! David deserves better! Jive made one big stupid mistake dropping him! Their loss!

  166. bella says:

    I hope David can find a good fit with a new label. He’s far too talented to let slip away. I’m sure the right label would reap the benefits of properly supporting such an amazing singer and human being. πŸ™‚

  167. Brigitta says:

    I love David as a singer. I believe this kid. He knows what he’s doing, to create good music. And he’s on it now. He keeps moving forward. I just wanna say thank you to David, to inspiring me in music. I learn how to play piano seriously, because of David. David, thanks for such being a good inspiration for people around you, to make a good difference in music. You know, real music never gets old. So I hope, David gets better management in future, because good music is important.

  168. Ashley says:

    Love David and I hope he finds a label that appreciates the talent he has.

  169. LS says:

    David FTW! He’s destined for great things and such talent can’t be wasted.

  170. Sara says:

    David SHOULD have a record label… he is an extremely talented singer! I absolutely fell in love with his voice during his Idol days. That being said, I was not entirely pleased with the music on his albums. I think that JIVE led David in the wrong direction. David’s voice is perfect for soaring ballads similar to ones that Josh Groban does. Why were his albums full of medium-paced OK songs that did not show off his talent? David, stay true to yourself and sing songs that truly come from your heart. Don’t let JIVE try to tell you how to “sell” a record. If JIVE cannot figure out how to market you, some one else can!

  171. mariaaa says:

    david archuleta is beyondddd amazing! jive records made a HUGEEE mistake. just saying.

  172. x__nathy__x says:

    I’ll always support you, David. No matter what! β™₯

  173. Lexee says:

    This is just a new beginning. David and Jive didn’t fit together and I’m good with that because I know, with David’s talent, he’ll find a better record company.

    No matter what happens though, I’ll always be there for David as a fan and supporter.

  174. Anne H says:

    Palm to Heart_

    David’s being released from Jive might not be such a bad thing. The entire industry knows David Archuleta has a virtual unmatched intrument in his voice. And I’m sure his talents will be called upon.

    We all know that Jive never appeared to give David the backing he deserved. For those at the top it’s about the almighty dollar not utilization. Those at the top seem to think we, the buyers, should be spending our dollars on CDs rather than on bread and meat, gas and shoes, even toilet tissue. America and indeed the world has had to make some tough choices when it comes to our dollars. Most of us decided to care for our families before we engaged in leisure.

    For whatever reason David was removed from the Jive roster, I’m sure it was God’s plan. David is God’s Property. He was blessed with a remarkable voice, a voice that is still developing, and his talents will always be in demand.

    Birds never fly sitting in the comfort of their nest. It is when they spread their wings and fly that they learn to soar.

    _Palm to Heart

  175. Mia says:

    I love David Archuleta and his music!! His latest album “The Other Side of Down” was very underrated. He co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs. It is a very upbeat album with some great songs on it: Something bout Love, Falling Stars, Complain, Parachutes & Airplanes are some of my favorites. If you haven’t purchased this album, please go out and get it because it is a treat!!

  176. Indira Kirana says:

    David’s the best! We’ll support him. πŸ™‚

  177. Stephanie says:

    Good luck David! We’re all rooting for you!

  178. shahiraramli says:

    dear JIVE RECORDS,
    i myself had seen his amazing talent. seriously he has a beautiful great voice. besides,he’s also a nice kind boy.
    you can’t do like this just because his ‘the other side of down’ album selling is may not see his incredible now,but i’m REALLY sure that you’ll see it one day!
    to me,in my opinion,he(archuleta) has a very bright future.and i think it would be a big loss for your company to drop him under your record company.i hope you can think about my comment.
    he really has good values in himself. it’s not about just me who cares about him,it’s everybody who cares about’s everybody who loves him.and it’s all about everybody who wants the best all for him.
    thank you.

  179. yumi says:

    Dear Jive, a talent like David should be supported all the way. He should NEVER EVER be let go. It’s going to be your loss if you drop him from the label.

  180. Jane says:

    I wish David the best. I love his music and so impressed with him. He is an amazing person with an amazing voice. I will always be a friend and fan of his forever. Love him forever, and please keep your music coming. I love TOSOD. I play it at work all the time and at home. Love it….

  181. nora says:

    Jive says that david only sold 63,000 copies of The Other Side Of Down but, I dont’t think that includes sales outside of the USA, He was really popular in the Asian countries. I don’t believe jive anymore. Does anybody know if this is correct?

  182. Ly says:

    I have all his CDs and his memoir, though they’re not available in my country but I tried my best to get help from the American fans, and they were so nice to have gifted me. There are no artists that have touched me to deeply with their voice and music and personalities like the way David does. He’s such a charming person, both inside and out, the greatest role model for everyone to look up to, even for other artists. Now it’s a big shock for me that he has left Jive Records. And I leave my comment here to wish all the best things for him, wish he will continue his career with a better label and managers. Wish he will come back soon with more awesome singles and albums. I just can’t live without his music :).

  183. Krist says:

    David is amazingly talented and has a great group of fans! Jive made a huge mistake by dropping him! If his album was given a chance it could have been amazing!

  184. vina jane frac says:

    ..such a big mistake…jive records dropped david!!!! what the hell.. such a loser… i love david so much… guys, let’s support david!!!!!!!!

  185. mei says:

    david is sooooooo amazing… he deserves teh very in everything…hope for the best!!..<3

  186. belΓ©n says:

    I love him so much. I will always support him β™₯ no matter what.
    He’s a genuine artist and a beautiful human being. Really soon things are gonna get better. β™₯

  187. mei says:

    david is sooooooo amazing… he deserves the very best in everything…good luck david..!!..<3

  188. Song says:

    I bought a deluxe cd and a fan edition packaged cd (2). This album is so good and just needs some promo. It’s something I and my kids can listen to without worrying about swear words or inappropriate messages.

  189. danielle says:

    i love david, he is awesome!!

  190. Kim says:

    It is a shame it ended in such a way. But, I have a feeling this is not the end. I got to thinking and realized that David loves what he does and will make it happen. But even if it doesn’t right now it will someday. I know the Lord is with him and “Things Are Gonna Get Better” πŸ™‚

  191. Enzo0714 says:

    David Archuleta has been my role model and he is the reason why I want to pursue my dreams. I was inspired by his dreams, his personality, and of course, his great voice!!!

  192. Angelica says:

    Jive records made a HUGE mistake in dropping David from their roster! He’s pure talent! He’s real! I’ve been a fan since I first heard him sing on American Idol! He may not sell CDs as much as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, but to me he’s REAL talent and he’s my favorite singer and I am going to support him no matter what.

  193. Sam says:

    I just don’t even know what to say. I am super disappointed, angry, and frustrated with Jive Records. I used adore them so much when I was little, having all my favorite artists signed to them. When David was signed to them after Idol, I thought they were a perfect match and would dominate sales, award shows, radio, etc. and then comes the lack of promotion Jive displayed, not just to David but half of their roster. They might as well drop everyone! An artist can’t expect to sell album by themselves! They need the label’s help and to do their job! It was not right at all for Jive to drop David because of their incompetency. I love David Archuleta so much. His music gets me through so much. Honestly, if he were to not make any more albums, that would be such a waste of talent. When I first heard the rumors he was dropped, it felt like the life had been sucked right out of me and I just pray someone will give him a chance, let him record, and promote him and do something Jive never did once for him. David will be a shining star and this future record label will make millions guaranteed.

  194. Grace says:

    David is an amazing singer, musician,person, and other things he is awesome and we think Jive Records made a big mistake ’cause he makes true music… so, he will have better oportunities and Jive will regret about this desition (:

  195. Jasmine Abelgas says:

    a great talent such as David Archuleta doesn’t need WEG especially that horrible, horrible ex-manager of David’s whose name is Melinda and he especially doesn’t need Jive. the people who handled him are making a BIG mistake. just wait and see, somebody is gonna take Archie in and make him a big star, which he clearly deserves. David Archuleta inspires so many people and it’s such a shame that he’s not given much credit for it. David, don’t worry, I love your debut album, TOSOD, Christmas from the Heart, your book, Chords of Strength and every little thing you’ve accomplished so far in your 3 years in the industry. YOU ARE MY HERO, ARCHIE πŸ™‚

  196. Sally says:

    David Archuleta has a great talent, and I hope his new label realize how great to have David Archuleta in their label πŸ˜€

  197. Karina says:

    I think that David deserves away better than Jive. They didnt work hard to promote him…. It was up to us Archies. I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA! πŸ˜€ He is headed only to the right direction and I have faith in him! WE SUPPORT ARCHIE!!!

  198. Kath says:

    Our society is upside down and inside out!! A talent like David Archuleta should never be tossed aside to promote those who have to sing with autotune..sing about sex, drugs, and violence. If our society is ever going to get credibility back from the rest of the world we have to strengthen our moral fiber. It is almost non-exisitent in America.

    In walks David Archuleta…the most beautiful singer and person on the planet….and no one knows how to market him…because he does not fit into what we are currently promoting??? What!!! Get a backbone…blaze a trail and lets let good music be heard again!! Gosh maybe, just maybe the Music Industry would find the perfect fix for their ailing …dying …business. David has not only the most beautiful voice I have ever heard…but he has a heart that is so caring and giving to all people. I know that another label will snatch David…as there is no one that is the complete package like our David!!


    I ALSO THINK THAT YOUR RADIO STATION SHOULD SEND OUT AN REQUEST TO ALL OTHER RADIO STATIONS AND ASK THEM ALL TO PLAY DAVID’S ” THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN THIS WEEKEND” THAT’S WHAT YOU COULD REALLY DO TO HELP DAVID!! i FOUND IT REALLY PUZZLING THAT DAVID AND BEEN #1 on charts in the Phillipines and other Asia countries. Why…the DJ’s actually play his music and the people who hear it love it!! What a novel idea.!! If people are going to buy it…they have to hear it!!

    Are the DJ’s here going to play his music??

  199. klarizze diaz says:

    David we all love you!!! No matter what happen you have our backs!! We will support you and we wish you all the best! But please don’t leave us! ;( We love you! πŸ˜‰

  200. Susie says:

    David has always been so “short changed”. Why??? His vocal abilities are so beyond what is currently recognized as “talent”. Patience is a virtue. He was getting no where with Jive anyway.
    Their loss, our gain!

  201. Jas says:

    David is certainly the BEST artist πŸ™‚ i love him so much .. he’s an inspiration to all .. i hope that Jive records will realize that David is a great lost to them πŸ™‚

  202. Faye says:

    David is the best in every sense of the word. He has touched so many people in such a positive way…we,his fans love him and will stand by him. He can sing the socks off anyone out there. I believe he needs to sing songs for a more mature audience instead of teenie boppers. LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!!!!

  203. Aishnz says:

    David is an incredible artist who has a voice (and heart) of gold, and creates music that can move mountains. The Other Side of Down is such an AMAZING album. The songs are so meaningful, relatable and just genius. Whenever I listen to his music, I just leave all my worries behind me.
    Jive definitely made a grave mistake by ignoring the brilliance that David is, and they didn’t make an effort to promote him. David’s music is the music that the world needs to hear nowadays. David should be in a record label that supports him and his music endlessly; a label that promotes him so that everyone can see the greatness that he is, and a label that gives him the recognition that he deserves.
    David has really made a difference in my life and many others’. He has reached out to people around the world through his music. David deserves the best! And I’ll be his fan forever.

  204. Karla says:

    David deserves the best. nothing but the best. he’s my hero, and and excellent musician, but also an excellent person. he does so much good for everybody who will accept it. I support David forever.

  205. Jeremy says:

    David Archuleta is amazingly talented. I have no doubt that with the right backing from a label that truly supports him as an artist, he could achieve real success.

  206. June says:

    Please play David’s songs… and then get your friends in the radio station business to also play his songs. Now that is how you can help David.

  207. keyos says:

    so, Jive Records, you wanna blame archie ?? OMG !! you’re so naive !! he has a great voice, (but you never promoted him greatly) !! he has just 4 Music Video so far. he deserves more than 4 music videos, then now, you wanna blame him ?? you’re so naive.

    to david archie, we’ll still be with you.

  208. Judy says:

    David is such a huge talent and an amazing person. The world needs to hear his music and Jive definitely dropped the ball by not promoting him.

  209. Shahrul Afiq says:

    David i hope u will rock everyone there and David i luv your song brother πŸ™‚

  210. Eunice Narvadez says:


  211. colette says:

    Dear David,
    We are here always ready to support you no matter what happens, just stay strong and keep in mind that God is always there.
    We never know what will turn out in our future, but just stay positive…we’re here for you…..your fans….forever :))

  212. jl says:

    if i am ever wealthy enough to have my own record co. I will sign David up in a heart beat. It’s your lost Jive! All the best to you David and you will always have my support.

  213. Jennifer says:

    Jive is the reason David didn’t sell as many records this time around. They didn’t give him the promo he deserved. I hope David will team up with a label that will understand him better and allow him to express his creativity as an artist. I love David! and I wish him the best πŸ™‚ ❀

  214. M. Elliott says:

    I am a big fan of David Archuleta and I think he is really talented. I hope that he signs with a label that would nuture his talent and know the best way to promote him. Best wishes to David!

  215. Ayra Villanueva says:

    I will support David no matter what.

  216. Sarah says:

    I am a new fan of David’s. To tell you the truth, he is the first pop singer that I have ever liked! I don’t just like his music, I LOVE it! I love that he is true to himself and his fans. I love that he cares about the well being of others. I love that he stays true to his faith (I would like it a lot more if he was Catholic, but I can’t change that. Haha!). I love that he cares about his family, friends, and fans. I love that he is grounded. Lastly, I love that he can actually sing! Many pop singers now a days sound awful live. David (from what I’ve heard from youtube) sounds pretty much the same live as on his cd! I really want to him live! David is one of the best people in the performance indistry (as a person and as a singer). Like I said, I am a new fan, that is only because I had never heard of him before! Now i he is one of my favorite artists! David just needs tobe promoted more. As soon as people start hearing about him, they will love him! Keep it up, David!

    1. Sarah says:

      Opps! I meant “I really want to see him live.”

  217. JZ says:

    I love David Archuleta. There’s no bigger fan than me. I wish him all the best and pray he is signed soon. We need a TOUR so badly. David withdrawals are not pretty. 😦 There is no one like David Live!!! BTW. I’m glad his is no longer with Jive. They didn’t do him justice.

  218. kristoff panda says:

    David is far better than any other young Artist in this Generation, He needs A record Label that would truly believe in him and in his talent no matter what.

  219. Helen Lukens says:

    David needs better marketing and a new label because my family and I need more David. We can hardly wait for his next CD.

  220. Wanda says:

    While I’m sad that David no longer has a record label, I can’t help but feel a sigh of relief knowing that he is no longer with Jive. He’s worked his tail off for the last 3 years and he deserves so much more than what Jive was willing to give. I can only hope that he finds a label that appreciates him…not only for his musical talents, but for the amazing person that he is.

  221. Adeline Tang says:

    David’s beautiful voice is a gift from God to us. Don’t waste it.

  222. Naomi says:

    I guess jive just didn’t know how to appreciate a rare talent like David. I hope David gets a better record label that knows what a gem he really is

  223. Linda says:

    David is extremely talented!

  224. BellaGoGetter says:

    Hey, do you play David’s new CD or did you play his debut one? Hope so or are you trying to get hits on your site because of the outpour of love for our David. I hope your a fan also. Cream rises to the top and David will prevail, his fans love him too much, he is our drug.

  225. Tina says:

    David is an amazing talent and an amazing person. His last album is one of my favorite albums that I’ve ever owned. It’s a shame that not more people know about it!

    He needs a label that knows how to market him and promote him.

  226. Hong says:

    Wishing David the best! Don’t stop singing David! I’m sure there will be other label that will sign you! you are amazing! I will always be here to support ya! I own like three copies of ” The other side of down” πŸ˜› I love it! I have been gaving copies away to my friend to! Hope you the best!

  227. maricheli says:

    I LOVE YOU DAVID! soy de latinoamerica y amo tu mΓΊsica espero que llegue tu CD a mi ciudad πŸ™‚
    TE AMO!!

  228. Gretchen says:

    David deserves much better than Jive. David has an incredible voice and made an incredible album, but Jive failed to promote it. Which obviously resulted in the low sales. David needs a label that will support and promote him the way he should be. It really is Jive’s loss.

  229. Larissa says:

    Whichever record label picks up David Archuleta and is willing to fully understand his musical direction, talent and maturity will be lucky and will go a LONG WAY. David has way dedicated fans who will support him and continue to buy his music for themselves and others.

  230. Jazz says:

    David Archuleta is one of the very few in the music industry who has REAL talent and it’s such a shame that this would happen to someone who deserves recognition. What does the music industry look/sound like right now? They’re all a bunch of CRAP. lots of nonsense songs being overplayed on the radio. It’s sad. Seems Jive did NOTHING to support him. If it weren’t for the fans, nothing would’ve happened to his album. His fans LOVE him and they (we) are actually happy that he is not with them anymore. He deserves a BETTER label; one who will believe in him, his fans, and most especially his wonderful talent, and one who will know what/who they have when they have it.

  231. Kitty says:

    I know that David will find better people so that his magic can continue to be spread. BUt I hope he knows that no matter what, his fans will always be there for him.

  232. Schaz says:

    David Archuleta will not giving up that easily. It’ll just take encouragement, determination, hard work and a positive attitude. He can and WILL succeed in all that he put your mind to. Sometimes, the right thing for him, may not be right for someone else. Do whats best for him, & don’t let anyone tell David otherwise. JIVE, you guys just made a BIGGEST mistake! To David Archuleta, let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile #WeSupportArchie πŸ™‚

  233. Andrea Lai says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL OF THIS HAPPENED. David is such a talented artist and performer. He really deserves the best. He’s been an inspiration to SO many of his fans. We will keep supporting him, no matter what happens. Jive made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE. I am so incredibly proud of David and all that he has achieved. It is truly remarkable to see how much he has grown as a person and as an artist throughout these years. I’m excited to see what the future holds, because things are definitely gonna get better. He has gone so far and isn’t stopping now. Seeing all this support for David makes me feel teary; at how much each and every one of his fans love him so much and support him tremendously. David is here to stay and will continue to make his mark on musical history (:

  234. Ayn Veloso says:

    David Archuleta is AMAZING. I hope he can get a Record Label that sees that! He is so talented and he deserves better! We love you David!!!

  235. tim says:

    David is an amazing talent- and any label would be lucky to have him.. Other SIde of Down would have sold bunches if Jive would have promoted it. ANy records company would be lucky to have him.

  236. Alessa says:

    David is one of the most talented artists out there. Jive will regret their decision.

  237. Faeez says:

    David!All the best and we’re always behind you!

  238. Utahmom says:

    David is amazingly talented. It’s Jive’s own fault for the low sales of his latest album. People won’t buy something they don’t know exists.

  239. Mb says:

    David truly has a unique and soulful voice. One of the best live voices I have ever heard.
    I hope he will find a label that will cultivate his rare talent rather than try to push him into a box to make a quick buck.
    He is a rare gem in the music industry and I will always be a fan!!!

  240. js says:

    Oh!! Anything that David does I will buy!! I love his voice so much!! I know there are greater things for him to come!!

  241. Jelai says:

    David is a great artist. He must stay in the industry.

  242. Sangey says:

    David, he’s such an amazing person. I can’t begin to write down all the reasons why I love him and follow him, there’s just too many things to say about him. He’s changed my life so much, he makes me want to become a better person. Never did I lose hope in him. I want the greatest for him, because he truly deserves the greatest. In the past 3 days, my life had became more amazing each day. I can’t imagine life without David and his love and appreciation for music. He gave me a soul for music. I’m so thankful for him. David Archuleta, he’s taught me many many things, and one of them is to never give up. I know he will never give music up. It’s what he’s destined to do. ❀ We're always going to support him. And we look forward to what the future holds in store for him.

  243. Sangey says:

    omgosh! i meant 3 years, not 3 days. I’m sorry.

  244. Chelsea Otholt says:

    David is a one of a kind artist and person. He uses his gift of singing to benefit others. Hes one of the very few artists who truely cares about his fans. To me its Jive’s loss, but maybe its a blessing in disguise for David, and he’ll find a label that truely deserves him. πŸ™‚

  245. Micki says:

    I’m one of David’s most ardent supporters — yes, I bought all three of his CDs and his book! Jive, you will see one day the mistake you made! Why couldn’t you have tried a little harder to promote TOSOD? It’s a great album! Well, I have faith in David, and I’m sure better and better things are around the corner for him.

  246. Trina says:

    David is a fantastic singer. His music is excellent. Why would Jive drop such a fantastic entertainer? He is so much better than all the current artists on the radio today.His songs are great! I love all 3 of his CD’s. Plus he is just an amazing person and so nice. I wish David the best and hope he finds another record label soon and that will be many more albums and tours from him.

  247. Izabellaxo says:

    he is the most amazing singer in the world. my favorite πŸ™‚ he deserves better anyways.. cant wait for what his future brings ❀

  248. JJ says:

    David is truly one in a million, just love his voice!!

  249. sheira swift says:

    wishing all the best david<3…

  250. Jean says:

    David is such an amazing and gifted artist, any label would be lucky to sign David. He deserves people that will give him full support and promote him in the proper way. Talents like David are so rare, the world needs more of him, he should be heard. He truly changes peoples lives for the better….yes, he is that good, that incredibly talented and that genuine. I will be a lifetime supporter, love him and thank him for all he has given his fans.

  251. Archie says:

    I can’t understand how they could let go a talent like his. He is just beyond amazing and beyond talented. He is a great musician, lyricist, singer, etc. I own a copy of The Other Side Of Down and it is a really good album. It’s just that how can they expect him to sell that good if they did zero promo to his first single and that’s why it didn’t chart that well and then they didn’t even bother to give him a second single. That’s horrible of them.. He is so underrated and he is pure genius. I am so pissed off….. I can’t even – . – **** Jive Records. Hopefully, he will find a better label who can actually appreciate his talent.

  252. Michelle says:

    What get’s me angry about Jive dropping David is that it’s THEIR FAULT that David didn’t sell more albums… They didn’t even promote him. Like what the HECK!!!!? David deserves better then stupid Jive >:l

  253. Andre says:

    David! The Other Side of Down is a great album; and I think that by showing who you really are through your music, you’re a true artist!

    You have an amazing voice, vibe, and a cool personality. I can’t believe Jive had to drop you. They should’ve promoted you if they wanted better sales. It’s sad to hear that you were the only one doing the promoting alone.

    I’m praying for a better future for you and a better career and record-label!

    Wishing the best for you! DON’T GIVE UP! πŸ˜‰

  254. Brandy says:

    David Archuleta is one of the few young singers today who doesn’t need autotune or crazy outfits or back-up dancers to “enhance” his performances. He is “pure talent”. Music is in his heart and soul! Jive really dropped the ball on this one! David deserves better. His fans are behind him no matter what, and will continue to support him whereever he chooses to go with his music!

  255. Amanda says:

    Plain and simple, David Archuleta has changed my life. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and I mean, how could you NOT be after hearing his angelic voice? I have honestly developed such a passion for music through him. He has also brought me to meet my closest friends. This boy deserves great things. PLEASE, and I do not like to beg, do something to get this kid signed.

  256. Marie says:

    I’d love more Archie songs!

  257. Alex Archuleta says:


  258. Alex Archuleta says:


  259. Dale says:

    DAVID, We’re here for you.

  260. Becca says:

    David Archuleta has one of those voices that you can never forget… He is certain to be a classic of this time, no matter what is happening right now. I know that I personally will be behind every thing he ever does, and I’m definitely not the only one! David’s fans are, in one word, DEDICATED. A record label who invests in him will be greatly rewarded in the future.

  261. Julia Drabczyk says:

    David inspires me every single day. He’s taught me that life is always worth living. He’s put all my thoughts into songs. Maybe his first record was more popular, but in my opinion, his second record was perfection. Every single song makes me feel so much better. You can tell he really put his soul into that album, and every little sound was perfect. I hope David finds a record label that treats him better.

  262. sabila says:

    we love D, no matter what happen we’ll always with you. :))))))

  263. Nicole says:

    I have been a fan of David Archuleta, since Idol. I have all his music. I also have his book. I will always support him. I am glad he is not with Jive now. Jive did nothing to promote his last album. Most people, with the exception of the fans that follow him, didn’t even know he had an album out. I will be a fan for life. I know David will be fine.

  264. Anmol says:


  265. Elizabeth says:

    David is an amazing talent who deserves to have his wonderful voice heard!

  266. chaneliscool says:

    David have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard in my life! He deserves nothing but the best! Us fans don’t only like David cause of his voice but also his genuine heart. He has changed our lives in soooo many ways. Jive made the biggest mistake of dropping him. He deserves a new recording company, the ones that will support him all the way like how us fans support him. I love David and I’ll support whatever his decision is.

  267. Ally says:

    David is the best singer I’ve heard so far. he is really really talented. what jive did to him is certainly very wrong. Jive didn’t even spent a cent to promote him. No wonder his album didn’t sell. he is truly amazing and he needs a better record label, a label which would actually believe in him and his talent.

  268. SBA says:

    We will always support David!

  269. isabel moskowitz says:

    David is an inspiration. He is beautiful inside and out.

  270. Lyns says:

    Wishing David the best, he sure deserves nothing but ❀ Love you David!!!!

  271. Sam says:

    David deserves everything. He has a big heart, he has vision and faith. He is the best out there but no one except us fans knows that. Now we know that Jive is careless and just can’t understand what true talent is. SO PLEASE, ANY LABEL THAT KNOWS HOW TO WORK WITH TALENTED ARTISTS, PLEASE SIGN DAVID AS YOUR CLIENT.

  272. flor says:

    people from Jive Records : You are crazy. He is awsome, a great singer and a great person, he doesnt deserve that

  273. Tracy says:

    David is absolutely aamazing. Not only is he SO talented and has the most amazing voice in the WORLD but he is such a good and kind hearted person that has inspired millions of people and touched this world with his good and kind heart. He deserves a record label to keep sharing his music with.

  274. Andy says:

    David Archuleta as a person is great. He’s sweet, he has a great personality and he’s a calm kid. But his voice. His voice is something extraordinary! He’s been trying hard to get where he is and I just wanted to say that David will always have my support and I hope he gets into another record company, If not He’ll be fine we’ll figure something out for him. If we support him he’ll have alot of Record labels on his back πŸ˜€ lol LOVE YOU ARCHIE ❀

  275. geraldine says:

    DAVID ARCHULETA is one of the MOST TALENTED SNGER in hollywood. he should not be treated this way.

  276. Saleisha Tan says:

    Davids Music has Helped Me Through Some Real Tough Times In My Life! His Music Is My Therapy. He Is Such An Amazing Singer And He Deserves a Better Label!

  277. camille says:

    i LOVE DAVID so much! HE’S ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED SINGER living in this world. he should not be treated this way.

  278. HannaArchie says:

    David so awesome, kind and I think he is the best… always support him

  279. Lyka says:

    David is one of the best artists out there!!! Archies support him no matter what. And we know David will be successful, he inspires people and he’s a good role model. This is just the beginning, and we will see more of him!

  280. Joans says:


  281. Elena Schmitt says:

    For any record company to drop David is unbelievable. His voice is a thousand times better than what is heard on the radio. It speaks volumes as to the ignorance of Jive’s execs. They refused to promote him, so no one knew he even had a new album out. They can blame the lack of success for his latest CD on themselves.Let’s hope he can find a label worthy of his talent.

  282. Luz_Lazo says:

    dearest david, sorry about the news of Jive Records but what I wanted to say I’ll always be with you through thick and thin and I wanted to thank you very much for your music is always with her and Archie are the best I love you and me gives a lot of sadness, but I know God has great plans and blessings to you, God bless you David will always be with you:)

  283. Erin says:

    David is amazing and I can’t wait for him to get another management!!!!

  284. Ellie says:

    David deserves all the best! He has done so much for his fans and he never lets us down. He is a true role model and an inspiration. I have learned so much from him (a fan since 2008). What has Jive done for David? NOTHING! They didn’t promote him AT ALL and that’s the reason why not many copies were sold. Hearing David dropped by Jive just broke my heart. But, IT’S THEIR LOSS. I hope he’ll find a better record label that actually treats him better, unlike Jive. I wish him all the best ❀

  285. ChenLing says:

    David should go to DefJam and get signed there. πŸ™‚ He deserves the best. And let the wholeeeeeeee world know how great he is<3 *hugs hugs hugs*

  286. kathy holmes says:

    david archuleta is truly talented and should be given an outlet for his talent. He is a talented artist who is a breath of fresh air amid all the garbage.

  287. Daphne says:

    David Archuleta is just amazing. He is a great singer. Jive made the wrong decision. They definitely lost an amazing person. I SUPPORT AND LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA! And I want him to make an album again. His voice is just amazing! For me and other fans out there, DAVID ARCHULETA IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

  288. Hope you guys don’t regret what you have done..

  289. Stephanie says:

    David is one of the most amazing, talented people in the industry. He has SO much passion for music and he is the sweetest, most genuine person. He is a true gift and if Jive can’t realize that, then it’s best he moves on and finds a label that does. I am confident that this is just a tiny bump in his career and that things are going to get better! πŸ™‚

  290. sasa says:

    he MUST get another record! his voice is TRULLY amazing ! i support him

  291. Claire says:

    It’s not about the number of TOSOD album was sold. It’s about David Archuleta, his talent and his positive personality! A lot of people supports not only because of his looks, his attitude but his MUSIC inspires and changes people! A lot of fans there doesn’t have money maybe to buy the album but they support and looking forward to have the album. We’ll still support him all the way! I’m an ARCHIE fan forever!

  292. Kevin Clinton says:

    David Archuleta, the first person who touched my heart by his voice and his songs. He was amazingly help me to be a better person. He taught me to not hate somebody and not to complain. He has a great aura, great at everything. He makes words are not enough to explain bout himself. He is naturally AWESOME!!
    Even he was already dropped out from Jive, but I know there will be a label which wants to be David’s sponsor to make an album. Because he has showed to all of us bout his talent. He has proven it to the world πŸ˜€

  293. nl says:

    It has been interesting to see the non-promotion by Jive of The Other Side of Down and David Archuleta. It is funny because someone on some blog said that to have someone as unique and talented and such an amazing on-stage performer like @davidarchie is a marketing company’s dream. Unique sells. But Jive just wanted to find some type of current box to put him in. There real stars over musical history have great charisma. Think Elvis. They have unique voices. Think Jim Morrison of the Doors. Think Freddie Mercury. Again, think Elvis. unique voices with a unique tone that get to you when they sing. Charisma can’t be created. Promotion and razzle/dazzle can create buzz but true charisma is something that is inate and can’t be gained by a “swagger coach”. Archuleta has charisma. Total control of every audience. Every eye on him. It is very interesting to see in person. Every dj is charmed and Archuleta isn’t trying to charm.

  294. Stacy says:

    As much as I love David’s first album, The Other Side of Down absolutely blows it out of the water in terms of quality. Every song on it is so beautiful, not to mention meaningful. I’ve had it since it came out in October, and I still listen to it constantly. It’s entirely the fault of Jive’s almost non-existent promotion efforts that it didn’t sell better. He’s well rid of them, and I hope that it’s not long before he finds a label home that suits him better.

  295. jazzy says:

    David has pure talent i dont see why people arent buying his album.

  296. shine says:

    david is amazing person to be dropped

  297. Potpot says:

    I’m counting my voice for supporting David Archuleta. I do believe that he’d find a better record label. MCA is better than Jive. Look at all their artists. they’re all better because they don’t get lack to them. they always support their artists. do lots of advertising, etc. They are more known that Jive.

  298. Rosa says:

    I have been a huge fan of David ever since watching his audition during season 7 of American Idol. With his personality, and dedication in all that he does he has become an amazing role model. His music has also touched the lives of many, and helped to create amazing friendships with fans around the world. He is very talented, and it’s upsetting to hear about him being dropped from Jive. I really hope that David will be given the opportunity to sign to a different label!

  299. awmon says:

    David Archuleta: Awsome artist. Awsome person. He seserves the best. In time, he will come out as the real winner that he already is. Consider me signed!

  300. Brooke says:

    David’s amazing. The Other Side Of Down is amazing. The End.

  301. HomeyArchie says:


  302. Bret McCoy says:

    David Archuleta’s Facebook page has over 1.4 million subscribers. His first album went platinum. This second album was plagued with delays. How about cut the guy some slack? David is platinum in my book. I’ll buy every CD and will attend every local performance. Jive made a big mistake here.

  303. Gaby says:

    I am sad to hear he was dropped. IMO he is an amazing artist and I hope he does well because I think he’s extremely talented and his voice is simply amazing.

    We love you, David!

  304. Weiyan says:

    David is awesome.

  305. Zulaikha says:

    We’d always be here for David. πŸ™‚

  306. Enzo says:

    Come on, don’t let one of the best pop voices go to waste!

  307. Lindsay says:

    David deserves the BEST! He is the BEST!

    I don’t know what I’d do without his voice. 😦 He keeps me motivated.

  308. N.I.T. says:

    David archuleta is my inspiration. he keeps inspiring me with his kind, love, n genuine heart. he’s very talented,
    he doesn’t deserve this!.
    and TOSOD album is a briliant album, all songs in TOSOD album are inspiring me, keeps me strong to face this life that not always easy.
    many people can be inspired with this album (TOSOD) than many other album out there that only has a stupid love song.
    i love david archuleta, i’m sure that he’ll find a better label in the future n has a briliant career πŸ™‚

  309. Sarah says:

    Its not always were at the top. Sometimes we need to be down also. Its just some people wanted to see other people to be always at the top while they don’t think that you can’t be always number one. David is a positive person. He knows what he’s doing. So many labels were interested to him and he’s very talented. I know that he could conquer all this struggles on his life and gotta be stunning someday. Holding those things that made him strong… That’s all LET’S SUPPORT DAVID ARCHULETA… ARCHULOVESSSSSSS “Things Are Gonna Get Better”

  310. Cianelle says:

    The most amazing person I’ve ever known…DAVID ARCHULETA!!! ❀

  311. Kristy says:

    David is only the most talented singer/songwriter I know. He has a voice that has touched the heart and soul of millions despite all this album sells drama. He sings for good causes and he will continue singing no matter what (as he said in his book). David’s music has impacted my life (and so many other’s) on so many levels that I cannot bear to think about what would happen if David does not get signed. I believe strongly that he is dedicated to what he does and no one should discourage him from it.

  312. Angeli says:

    David Archuleta is the BEST! πŸ™‚

  313. SherylNotCrow says:

    David has one of those amazing voices and souls that, after you listen and experience his singing, you know he’ll help the music industry and world be a better place. Whatever label has the courage to take on such a dynamic, unconventional artist will truly be blessed….even beyond the money (imagine!).

  314. aldrin says:

    David Archuleta has changed many lives. It’s not the number of album sales that counts , it’s the number of lives he has changed. His voice deserves to be heard from all the corners of the world coz he will continue to change it for the better. David, we’ve got your back no matter what, we’ re all here for you

  315. Ranya says:

    David is amazing(:
    And for jive to do that isn’t right, they have lost HUGEEE BIIGGGG TALENT, right there ❀
    He's songs just mean the world to me, and to all the archuleta Fans out there. So I'm sorry, but jive your the loser here. Because DAVID ARCHULETAA is simply amazing.

  316. rowena says:

    go david.we love you… leave jive and go to BM records…. jive sucksss

  317. kikokiko2233 says:

    i hope david doesn’t stop making music : /
    please please please please let him get signed by another record label who actually cares about promoting daviddd

  318. Sal says:

    Have been supporting David since his American Idol days. Always will. He is a natural talent. God given talent. That’s all. All the best David.

  319. meganloves2lol says:

    i’ve been a fan of david since ai. i’ve seen him live 6 times and met him three times. he’s such a real person. he’s for sure one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet, jive, you’ve made suchhh a big mistake. why don’t take a look at david singing i’ll be accapella from the mall of america. i bet if you take a look at that you’ll be kicking yourself for dropping david. i’d see if david didn’t have a great voice or something. but he’s got raw tallent! i always liked music, but it never touched me until david. the first time i heard david live, it was just him and the keybaord. my mouth actually feel open and i just starred. he knew he was good on cd, but this was somethign i had never heard before. that’s tallent, when you can sing just with a keyboard and sound that good! what sucks is that the only reason david’s cd didn’t sell so mnay records is that he writes what he feels. he’s not gviving into what the world wants. he’s singing songs that postive and songs anyone can listen to. it’s a real shame that a guy does exactly what God wants him to and he gets dropped. and then all those singers who give into society and sing nasty songs have top charting songs! jive, take a look at all the fans david has! he’s loved and supported by soooo mnay people! i can’t wait till david gets a new label, who’s ok with the direction he’s going and promotes him! THEN he’ll beigger then ever before! you just watch!

  320. Marisa says:

    Love him, hope he never stops making music cause I can’t imagine my life without it! Love and support him forever, he’s beyond talented! Keeping my fingers crossed he’ll find a label that truly appreciates him and his talent!He deserves the best!

  321. Raida says:

    I think David Archuleta is the best singer ever.. I love him so much and always support him.. I think Jive records shouldn’t do that to him.. He’s a great singer… Jive records makes a HUGE mistakes… I willing to buy 100 copies of TOSOD if i have to πŸ™‚

  322. Shanice says:

    David Archuleta is the most GENUINE and AMAZING HEARTED person I’ve ever seen. He deserves to get a record deal more than anyone out there.

  323. Aynie says:

    David is amazing! he’s an awesome singer..
    he need a new label soon…
    *Jive made a BIG mistake!

  324. EvaArchie says:


  325. Ariff says:

    David is a true natural talent and it will be a shame for him to not to make amzing musics!!! Please help him get signed by a record label!!! There’s more in David that we all know about..

  326. Robert says:

    David is an amazing vocalist and will certainly have no problems continuing his career in music. Jive really dropped the ball in their promoting him and the direction they took him musically. Hopefully his next label will allow him to do what he does best and pair him with producers that will actually compliment his style as opposed to the forced musicality of his previous work. He should have been bigger than Beiber, as Archuleta can actually sing.

  327. Tiera says:

    I have been supporting David Archuleta since the time he auditioned on American Idol and now. He is such a great singer all his songs touch my heart:) I look up to David Archuleta and he has such a great singing voice . His voice sounds like a beautiful angel:) David Archuleta is such a great person:)

  328. Carissa says:

    i have loved david from the very beginning since his days on american idol. he has the most pure voice, and God has seriously given him something special. i will continue to support him through everything — through thick and thin. any label would be stupid not to pick him up. with the right publicity, like paula said: he is destined for superstardom. david is such a beautiful person, inside and out. archie fans, keep supporting him! and david, keep your head up! We all love you πŸ™‚

  329. RG says:

    David needs to make more music ’cause he has changed and is still changing many people’s lives mine has changed ’cause of his music! GET DAVID A RECORDING LABEL! HE DESERVES TO STILL MAKE MUSIC!!!!!

  330. Migs says:

    David you can do it you are the best and you inspire me.BTW ilike all the songs in your album and your super cute and talented I LOVE YOU!!!

  331. Kristie says:

    David Archuleta is one of my favorite musicians–I’m listening to Falling Stars on repeat right now! He’s amazing. ❀

  332. Ethel says:

    Jive lost a star with the voice of an angel. David is truly awesome and we’ll support him as long as we hear music. God bless David Archuleta! πŸ˜€

  333. Melissa Suba says:

    David is really amazing and talented person. πŸ™‚ SO GO! DAVID. WE (ARCH ANGELS) are always here for you. :)) We’re ALWAYS BELIEVING IN YOU DAVID ARCHULETA!!!

  334. UnstableFreak101 says:

    Please please please please help our dear david get signed!! 😦 he has really changed my life, because of him, i see life in a different perspective now. He is also ultra talented, i mean, cmon, just take a look at david’s rendition of Imagine back in the idol days and you’d definitely agree with me πŸ™‚

    please help david get signed onto a record label that will support his decisions as an artist, and promote his new stuff. i dont know what i’m going to do without david, so please help πŸ™‚

  335. violet4ever says:

    I love David’s voice – such an amazing texture and so expressive. And on top of that, he is a wonderful human being and makes everyone around him happy. I’ve bought and gifted all of his albums and I listen to David’s music more than anything else. He’s a great talent and super versatile. And he’s great in live concert. A real artist, not a voice out of electronic box. I listen to his music every single day.

  336. kikilala123 says:

    dear miz1051,
    please help david get signed, he’s really talented, any record label who wouldn’t sign david would be out of their minds. tell your friends from the record industry that theres a hot talented attractive young man out there that needs a record label at the moment πŸ™‚

  337. veyfaa says:

    David deserves to be in a better record label πŸ™‚ You go, David. We always support you.

  338. Naomi says:

    I guess that’s all JIve cares about – album sales. Well, then it’s a good thing that David’s not with Jive any more because that’s not what David is doing music for. I hope David finds a label that appreciates BOTH his heart and talent.

  339. tuneteri says:

    David’s music feeds my heart & soul. For that reason I will always be a fan.

  340. michelle says:

    what label have you got in mind anyways??? πŸ˜›

  341. WeSupportArchie says:

    I actually bought David’s latest album TOSOD! I can honestly say that the songs there are AMAZING! This guy has a lot of talent in music. He’s got amazing voice! He has skills in song-writing! His skills in playing musical instruments are phenomenal! He’s Adorable And Good-looking! He’s young! He’s inspirational and is a really good role-model! He is EVERYTHING that could make up a perfect recording artiste! His latest album is not selling well because of Jive’s own poor marketing! David is very talented musically And I don’t want to lose him from the music industry. He needs a record label that can allow him to sing his Songs and to market him fully! I believe with that, he will be a huge success! The problem here is that not many really know who David is! Just by allowing him to be himself and to make his own music is the key to his success! And make him appear in more music events and allow him to sing more pleasee! People will instantly fall for him not only as a person but as a singer! David Archuleta is a rare talent! His music actually touches other people’s lives because when he sings, he means it and he sings it with passion! He’s very hard-working and his music is Pure and Genuine! And he is so very one of a kind as a person too! With Amazing Personality! Best of luck to David and hopefully he will get signed by a more dedicated, responsible and respectful label! Respect his Decisions and Choices please! I will always support David Archuleta and hope to buy his new album soon! THANK YOU!

    1. Virginia H. says:

      One word to that: AMEN! πŸ™‚

  342. david'saweosome says:

    seriously…give him another chance!

  343. Carla says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing talent. He can actually sing his heart out. We support Archie!!!

  344. LauraArchie says:

    no David doesnt deserve to be treated like that,that’s not fair! blame it on Jive’s promo ! he’s really a true talent. he hasnt made any mistakes for you to ‘drop’ him!oh my God how i hate this word

  345. Schatz says:

    I did buy David’s album The Other Side of Down. I’ve been a big fan of his since his American Idol Days and I’m not afraid to say that I will continue being his fan.
    If the actual reason why Jive dropped David from their rosters is because of the underperformed album sales, then they’re probably making a huge mistake.
    Music is a form of art, and a way for artists to express themselves. In other words, it is important for Jive to note that The Other Side of Down was a way for David to express his feelings to everyone. Some of his songs are really motivating such as “Things Are Gonna Get Better” and “Complain”. David is a very talented musician, and a rare find. He is humble, determined and a good role model to many youths from around the world.
    By stripping him of a record label, he would not possibly be able to make more music, and influence more people. There are countless of reasons why Jive should not give him up, but then again there are also countless of reasons why he should look for another record label.
    I just hope that David would be able to find another record label that supports him.
    All in all, I will continue supporting him no matter what and I must say, I’ll be looking forward to his future albums and performances.

  346. Carol from Georgia says:

    I own David Archuleta’s OSOD and all of his music released and to be honest even his leaked stuff. I want everything he puts out. David is the good in music today. He is my positive to all the negative that is put out there and played by most of radio now a days. The time is perfect for a label to support David and if it was me I would thank Jive for letting him go, snatch him up, get him in the recording room and have him record the number one hit of the year. David has the VOICE, he just needs the right song and the perfect Label to support him. My question to all the great label company’s out there is: “Who wants the challenge of showing JIVE the error of their ways. Who wants to be the hero of the Archuleta fans? David’s fans knows you are out there. Show your self and give us back our music that we love.” Thank you .

  347. Atika Nur M. says:

    we, arch angels are always support our beloved David. We will never stop support him. GO DAVID….!!!!

  348. believer0101 says:

    as you can tell from my name, yes im a belieber xD but im not here to yack about justin now.
    I was somehow completely devastated when i heard the news that david archuleta had been dropped by his label, like WTF.
    David Archuleta is one of the most talented person i’ve ever heard. I bought his album “The Other Side Of Down” and i completely LOVED it, it really sounded like HIM. not some fake superstar or smth.
    what i’m trying to say is that David deserves better than Jive. He deserves a label who will promote him, and allows him to do the music he wishes to, i mean look how tosod turned out, FANTASTIC. i’m sure people who havent heard of david would have enjoyed it.
    so PLEASSEEEEEE, give david another chance! please find him another record label, and a better one! πŸ˜€ thank you mix1051 πŸ™‚

  349. hell0g0rge0us says:

    Thanks for supporting David this way, guys! πŸ™‚

  350. serenity_mist says:

    Hi everyone:-)

    Please don’t drop David. Kindly give him a chance. Anyway, what matters is not how many copies were sold but it’s on how many hearts his God-given voice touched. The lives he touched and the smile he puts on the face of people. Music isn’t about numbers and money…it’s about expressing oneself and helping bring the best of a person. Music is useless if it doesn’t let you realize something that truly matters…

  351. ana says:

    David is such a talented and awesome individual. I always buy something that related to David not because I’m a crazy fan but because I believe in this man. He never did something negative in order to get people’s attention or just to get publicity. He always sets a good example like being humble,helping those who are in need,supporting other singers,being sweet, being nice etc. I will always support him and will continue to spend money just for him because he worths every penny in my pocket. He is such a young charming man with angelic voice and one of a kind attitude

  352. Elysian says:

    In an auto-tuned world, where anyone can be made to sound decent, David is the real deal: a rare talent in a sea of mediocrity. I respect him not only for his incomparable voice, but also for his integrity and compassion. Any label would be lucky to add him to their roster, and a smart label will do just that! I know that David’s future will be bright and I look forward to the day that he achieves the level of success that is commensurate with his talent.

  353. Iheartachie09 says:

    OMG. PLEASE GIVE DAVID ANOTHER CHANCE! He is so freakin’ awesome!

  354. Vicky says:

    David is awesome! I wish him the best of luck in the future.

  355. dondee says:

    Filipinos loves David. GOD is with you,GO

  356. Miichie Archuleta says:

    I hope someday Jive and WEG will regret what they have done to David. . .

  357. I love music says:

    I would love for David to find a label that truely “gets him” and is actually willing to promote him. His fans are diverse and he can sing any genre. He puts together an album that all his fans can appreciate. David’s voice is pure in tone, he sings with intense emotion and has a character of gold. Music is his life, always has been, he not in it for the money, he just wants to sing.

  358. GAIL ILAGAN says:


  359. melina says:

    David realmente tiene un gran potencial, ademas es muy buena persona, tiene ungran corazon algo mejor ya vendra para el πŸ™‚ me encanta como es y su musica tambien!!

  360. ana says:

    david if your own countrymen couldn’t support you, other countries such as asian countries and latin countries will definitely support you,open arms

  361. Lydia HeartsArchie says:

    ii bought TOSOD .
    and , it’s amazing !

    th reson for TOSOD not selling well – Jive’s poor marketing .
    why blame David for this ?
    he’s so talented , inspiring & is somebody fans would die for (okay . ii’m exaggerating) xD

    No matter what decision David makes , Archangels will always stand by him ! (:

  362. DomoKUN :D says:

    mix1021, please help david get signed by another record label. i dont want him to stop music 😦 PLEASE. his music has always helped me when im going through a tough time. JIve and WEG will regret what they have done. PLEASSEEEEE!!! and quicklyyyy πŸ™‚

  363. Marion Garcia says:

    Mr. David James Archuleta deserves a better recording label and management team. That’s all.

  364. Madz says:

    This guy is breath of fresh air. Good music is what we need to day. HE IS WORTH IT!

  365. Julie says:

    He should sign to J records.Gavin Degraw’s label.Gavin should his manager.

  366. Nina says:

    David Archuleta deserves a better label.
    David is freaking awesome!

  367. xtelarchangel says:

    Come on people! Give David another chance! He’s the best ever.

  368. Melina says:

    We need David! And he needs a Record Label ! We all love him to death! You made a big mistake!
    We love David Archuleta ❀

  369. Miichie Archuleta says:

    Jive and WEG was filled by heartless people !!!
    they never appreciate David’s efforts !!!
    poor David πŸ˜₯

  370. Garrett In Knoxville says:

    David is immensely talented. 63,000 copies of a sophomore album in the current sad state of the music industry is nothing to sniff at. David plays the piano beautifully, sings like an angel and is simply one of the nicest people (let alone celebrities) I’ve ever met. David isn’t the typical AI cast off. He’s the real deal. Jive/Sony made a HUGE mistake.

  371. CD says:

    I really enjoy David’s music and sincerely think jive made a terrible desicion. SUPPORT

  372. Reeann says:

    David Archuleta is good singer. Not only a good singer but also a good man. He’s also beautiful inside and out. He loves his fans and is really down to earth.:) Music is his passion and I believe that he is not really after the money he receives. He just want to show his talents and inspire other people. He have been a HUGE inspiration to me. He actually served as one of my role models. He deserves to be successful.:) I will always support him.:)

  373. Shen says:

    He wasn’t promoted properly.. duh! It’s their fault.

  374. Indonesian Archies says:

    Jive Records is a craziest thing in this world. David is an amazing singer. He deserves to get a better manager and a better label. It doesn’t matter what they did to Archie. We all Arch-Angels will always support him FOREVER and ALWAYS. Love u Archie. You are my kind of perfect

  375. Andrew says:

    Let me get this straight, Jive kept kept a girlfriend beating, untalented loser like Chris Brown on their roster and dropped someone as kind, talented and gentle as David Archuleta? Sony/BMG TRULY doesn’t have a clue. FYI, Sony/BMG (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week) is a joke. They’ve screwed over, just to name a few, George Michael, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Wheatus and countless other musicians with talent. So, now they pick on a sweet teenager who only sold 63,000 copies of his sophomore album. News Flash, it’s not 1998 anymore. No one is selling what they used to. I think Arcade Fire winning album of the year is a pretty clear indication that over-bloated and obviously out of touch corporate record labels will go the way of the dinosaur if they don’t wake up and realize that there’s this thing called the internet that they could be using to promote all their artists better, not just poor David Archuleta. I think it’s a pretty cowardly move to drop someone who’s debut went platinum and basically blame them for their record label’s totally clueless promotions department who probably do nothing but go to power lunches and talk about bullshit that has NOTHING to do with music whatsoever.

  376. hgank says:

    well, i dunno which is wrong ? but no matter what, we as david’s fans should supporting him because i cant imagine what will happen if i cant hear david’s voice in the future

  377. hgank says:

    for David, please don’t stop singing !

  378. yuliarchuleta says:

    dear jive, you have made big mistake.. Whats wrong with david? You shocked me with this news huh.. David is perfect, you decided it too fast!

  379. zia says:


  380. jhez says:

    david archuleta all the way.

  381. Sharmaine says:


  382. Lily Archuleta says:

    David Archuleta’s talent is one of those that
    you havento fight to find. I’ve been a David Archuleta fan since the beginning and I’ve bought all three of his albums and everything in between! Whenever David makes an appearance or takes a cute picture or anything it makes my day that much better. David not having a record label would be a crime! So that is why I’m commenting on this! Even if David does not get a new record label I will be an Archie forever! ❀

  383. Anna<3sArchie says:

    David you are one of the real ones out there! Keep on singing! ❀

  384. Carolyn says:

    David Archuleta deserves a record label! When I found out the news I was truly devastated! Jive has really made a HUGE mistake! I will be an Archie forever no matter what!

  385. batchel_hp says:

    David is surely one of the best in the music industry. He has real, natural talent.

  386. ArchiesBaby!! <3 says:

    David deserves another chance! Thank you for helping! Jive has no idea what they’ve done!!

  387. princess says:

    We will support him all the way!!!!!!! Go GO GO

  388. joshua says:

    He deserves to have a new management and he will be successful than ever before! He inspired all of his fans. He’s a good artist.

  389. Lucas says:

    Nooo. David you have our support. You’re an amazing person & an incredible singer. We are not going to let you alone. We all love U

  390. Nikki says:

    David is so talented, so very humble. Jive doesn’t promoting him well that’s why he only got that 63,000 copies!! david doesn’t deserve that!

  391. Stephanie says:

    David Archuleta is a true talent who can sing live as well as in the studio. His voice is far better than a lot of the singers making music today. When an Archie song comes on the radio, it is like a breath of fresh air. David has a great voice, and a sound that stands out. David needs to be snapped up by a smart label that recognizes his talent and knows how to promote a talented artist. .

  392. Justin From Philippines says:

    I Support David Archuleta no matter what! And it always be FOREVER!!! and hope that HE able to find a true and loyal Record Label! Hate Jive Record! they never forget the Big mistake that they done to David! David! your’e the best singer most talented person! Please don’t let them to control and break down your Dreams. and our dream! and please! don’t leave the Music Industry! We Love you so much! A Real Supporters here! A Loyal Fan! And you don’t have to deserve it! No way David! you don’t have to experience this SHIT! But we know “the Archies” you gonna make it RIGHT! just be yourself and don’t be negative it’s just a Challenge for you! ! !

    Truly Yours! Justin Valencia

  393. archiefan96 says:

    dayumnn, why is it that im always the last to know about stuff?
    please help david to get signed again, he deserves a second chance!! he is super duper talented, so talent is not an issue. plus, david’s the most talented guy i’ve ever seen, so your arguement is invalid. πŸ˜‰

  394. Cindy says:

    I would buy anything David Archuleta recorded. He’s an incredible singer and an outstanding person!

  395. Nicole says:

    First of all I don’t think Jive knew how to promote him. What type of cd do you put out when you have the ability to sing anything? I do think David is talented and Jive just didn’t know how to promote him. They wanted to classify him as a pop singer, but he is not only that. He is able to sing different genres, and how many artists can do that? I have personally wanted him to put out a R&B album. I have never really liked that type of music, but it’s in his voice. That is his niche to me. He is at his best when he is doing his impromtu, finger snapping, soulful singing. He can sing with or without music…how many can truly carry a tune without the loud music or anticts to distract from the fact they can’t sing good live?
    Also, I know that sex sells, but maybe it’s time for some real music with substance? Music use to be about love…not sex…there IS a difference! What happened? lol! The point is….if Jive or other labels would put out music that was not dirty people would stil buy. Because, people BUY WHAT THEY HEAR ON THE RADIO OR TV!! Whatever is perceived to be cool or popular is what is bought. It’s all about the image and how the media and label portray someone. It’s time for a change in the industry, and David is the one to do it, if Jive would continue to try!!

  396. Louise says:


  397. ArchAngelGynxie says:

    They clearly do not see David’s real potential. What kind of record label would leave their artist in mid-air?

    Did they sign him immediately after AI? Yes they did. I clearly see now that they signed David because of the thousands and thousands of votes that season had for the finale. Without a doubt, they saw that he had a potential back then. Actually, he still has the spark, it never went away. They just do not see it.

    I don’t know how they could leave an artist such as David like that! We know that they’ll never find an artist just like him.

    Not only does he have a God-given talent that would make the heavens open up, not only does he have the most optimistic point of view of just about anything in the industry, not only is he one of the only true and humble musicians there is that is willing to take a risk to show their real taste in music, not only is he one of the few who cares about his fans as much as he does and takes time to do vlogs eventhough he thinks he’s never good at it, not only is a role model to his younger siblings but also to his fans, not only is he willing to help and take time offs when somebody anywhere needs a helping hand…

    I could give you thousands of “not-only’s” and hundreds of reasons why David Archuleta needs a record label that would see his real potential not only because of the sales but because of the loyalty he gives to his music and to his fans. David needs a record label that will support him all the way.

    #WeSupportArchie. Forever and always. We’ll be at his side no matter what.

    Please bear in mind that his fans are loyal to him the way he is loyal to his faith and we love him the way he loves music.

  398. Luucas says:

    Poor David, He is the best person I ever know, even I don’t meet him. I obviouslly know he is incredible ‘nd All your fans Love Him. DAVID THE THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER!

  399. Eliana says:

    Vamos David!!! Tus fans te queremos mucho y ya llegarΓ‘n tiempos mejores!!!! β™₯

  400. justin says:

    i bought 4 copies of TOSOD!! .. that shows my love and support to david!. its jive’s lost not david’s . i hope david could find a new label who would really give him much attention and appreciation to his talent. let’s all pray for david. its the best thing that we could do for him. the filipino people love and support you so much David!! God Bless . :)))

  401. Andrea c says:

    love David and his music and will always be one of his supporting fans. ‘The Other Side Of Down’ is such an incredible CD. Love every song on it. I look for a bright future for David. His gift is just too great to be held back. He has a lot of writing and singing to do. And I’ll be there when ever and where ever he is.

  402. Lin says:

    David Archuleta is a wonderful artist. His songs actually have meanings to it, good meanings; something which (a lot of) music lacks nowadays. Just listen to “things are gonna get better” for example. That song has given me hope and it has inspired me, and I’m sure it has touched other people too. I just wish other people would be able to listen to his music and become inspired too. But If he doesn’t have a record, that wouldn’t be possible. I want David Archuleta to continue producing music as it is what he loves, and he has pure talent for it. He inspires many people, including me, and I just wish his music would be spread to people all around the world.

  403. GRSNY says:

    David is one of the very few artists out there today with real talent. His beautiful voice is a gift to us all. I hope Mix105.1 plays him all the time and encourages other stations to do the same. PROMOTE!!!!

  404. Lhuna says:

    how stupid jive records, jive records do not know whether he has lost the asset size, if he does not know how many people love David Archuleta

  405. Cc says:

    Taylor Swift song “Mean” for Jive!
    you’ll regret what you did to Archie!
    btw, I’ll always support Archie!

  406. alyssa says:

    David is such a great guy and an awesome artist. I’m sure he would be able to rise up from this challenge and start anew πŸ™‚

  407. Rachael says:

    David is one of the most talented, sweet, amazing people in the music industry and it would break my heart, and many other fans hearts as well, if he ever stopped making music. Jive is stuped for droping him, yet he diserves so much better. They didn’t give him and his music the appropriate amount of attention or promotion it diserves. It’s THEIR fault it didn’t sell well, not DAVID’S fault, the album was great…. And i DID buy it, and I didn’t buy it illegaly. If any record company turns down this kid they are missing out. And to David: I love you, we love you and we only want the best for you. We are all exited to see what the future brings. You are an amazing behond amazing person and only the best will come your way. Us, your fans, will support you all of the way through. <333 And jive is dumb for dumping you like that…You diserve so much better and I believe you will get it. <333 God bless you. (:

  408. iLoveDavid says:

    We, Archuleta fans, especially Filipino fans loves David James Mayorga Archuleta so much! We love music just because of him. He became our inspiration. When we’re sad, we’re just listening to his songs then we’ll be fine. His songs gave us also the strength to do things, for us to do our homeworks, works, chores and etc. His songs can make us happy. Actually,all of us cried when we heard about this news. We don’t know what to do, but we listen to David’s song THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER, and we all know that we must not COMPLAIN. He really inspires us with his angelic voice and songs, that’s why we’re one of the top pupils in school. We really want to ask questions. Why did you do this? Did he do something bad? Argh! But, thank you guys for giving him a chance to work with you. We’re still hoping that you’ll give him another chance. Can you? Please. God bless!

  409. Hannah says:

    David Archuleta by far was my favorite in season 7 . His voice is incredible and far better then most singers today that have record deals . Please give David another record deal hes amazing and all his fans want more music from him .

  410. Sharon (Gmax4) says:

    I first have to say how very proud I am of David. He is one extremely “classy” young man. I am 64 years old, have lived through many music icons. However, I have to say that NONE of them has impressed me like David. David just has a purity and glow about him that is most contagious. It is reflected in everything that he sings and everything that he does. Seeing him perform in person is an experience that is just mesmerizing. His music and his heart work together always to get the audience to feel the power of his songs. People connect to every word he sings or speaks. One cannot take their eyes off him. When he flashes that beautiful smile (which is always) you can really feel his genuine soul and spirit. He is clearly a musical genius . He has a God Given talent that he uses and never abuses. His songs …and messages uplift, and encourage others in such a positive way. He has a strong faith…but never speaks about it or tries to change anyone. He accepts all people and never has a bad word to say about anyone. He continually promotes other people in the Music business…but finds it very difficult to promote himself. He is not about fame or money…he is only about singing and sharing love and hope with everyone that he meets. He reaches out to chariities of all kinds and gives so unselfishly to these causes. This is a very important part of who David is. I have followed many musical performers over the years…but never ever have I been motivated to be more like them. Never ever have I felt that I could not go a day without hearing their music. This has happened to me because of David.

    David is the best singer I have ever followed …and I have followed many many. He certainly is a beam of sunshine in a darkened world. Our world needs David. Fans in Asia actually play his music on the radio and his songs have become #1 hits. I cannot understand why DJ”S in America will not even play David’s album and beautifiul songs.

    I am elated that David can be released of his committments to Jive now and go out and create his beautiful music “his way.”
    David will never fit into the mold that others may want to put him into. He also has the “strength of character” to know what his values are and the courage to stand up for what he wants to do. He is a leader….and someone who should be praised for his courage to know his heart and to follow it. He leads…not by preaching to others…but by being an example of goodness and positivity. David has music running through his veins 24/7. His talent and his heart will never be denied. We need to hear this young man and change what people have been programmed to accept as music. David is a real musical artist that needs no gimmicks to connect with the audience. All David needs is his beautiful voice, heart…and his engaging endearing smile. He is just an unbelievable talent and person.
    I am proud to be his fan and will support him always!

    David will go far in his life and career…no matter what road blocks are put in front of him. He has his priorities and values in order and is well respected for being true to them. He is not afraid to work hard for something that he wants. Creating 3 albums and writing a book…in addition to tons of touring bodes well for his work ethic. He has an army of supporters who value really great music and integrity. His genuine happy spirit and goodness is so refreshing. David is only 20 has done so much for music and charities already…and he has only just begun!!

    I apologize for rambling …but have alot to say about this amazing young man.

  411. Luucas says:

    Poor David, He is the best person I ever know, even I don’t meet him. I obviouslly know he is incredible β€˜nd All your fans Love Him. DAVID THE THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER!

  412. Sandy Warner says:

    David is not alone in the fact that he has experienced what may appear to be an end to his music career There have been many mega starts that went through things like this early in their careers who then went on to bigger and better things. David has a gift that will be used. He has uber talent and has a huge fan base. When the right label comes along, they will benefit greatly from picking him up. Until then, I am still supporting David and his music. I can see only great things happening in his future. It will not matter what direction he goes in his music, I will buy whatever he puts out there. Though there is a lot of garbage out there that is making money and fame, talent (David) will still prevail. My money is on the music that has quality and substance. David is all of that.

  413. pouncer84 says:

    I’m happy David is no longer with Jive. What exactly did they do for him? NOTHING! Jive never promoted David during his 2+ years with them. They used Idol’s hype do the promoting. With TOSOD, they let AOL have his songs unprotected for a week where every tom, dick, & harry could steal David’s music. Everytime an illegal download site was turned in to Jive, they never did anything to take it down.
    David is finally free to make the music he wants to make and hopefully he’ll be with people that “get” him as an artist/person. And I hope they are creative in their promotion.
    I will support David in whatever he chooses to do for him. Whatever he decides will be the right decision.

  414. Virginia H. says:

    Please help David Archuleta get signed again! He’s such an inspiration and we love him! He’s such a talent artist and it’s the illegal downloads’ fault any of this happened! This should not have happened. But please help him get another record label! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

  415. Paola says:

    David archulea is amazing and he has the best fans ever and jive made a huge mistake because he has a pure amazing voice πŸ™‚

  416. Annabell says:

    David is talented and Jive and WEG will regret abou this!! I support David Archuleta!

  417. Tammie says:

    Give David another chance!!! I was one of those people that bought his CD!

  418. Jing Tan says:

    Malaysian Archies Love David!

  419. Nellie says:

    Absolutely I support David. God bless him! Hopeful for his future as he is too.

  420. Rachel says:

    I love David! I will support you as long as I live!

  421. Kia Angelie says:

    I Love DAVID ARCHULETA !! He’s a great young man for music…people love his music, his personality, people loves everything about him!! He’s also a man of values, he never wanted to sing just to earn money, he wants to sing because he wants to inspire and singing is really his hobby!

  422. WeSupportArchie says:

    David Archuleta has got IT! If Jive wants to drop him then fine! We don’t need Jive! I’ve been an Archie since the beginning a don’t plan to stop! David will get another record deal and if I have to I will do anything I can to get him one! WE SUPPORT ARCHIE! ❀

  423. jhom dee says:

    david archuleta is a graet singer!,,jive record had made a huge mistake!,,,give him one more chance!,,,i will support david archuleta forever!

  424. jhom dee says:

    david archuleta is a great singer!,,jive record had made a huge mistake!,,,give him one more chance!,,,i will support david archuleta forever!

  425. TrudyFOD says:

    I am not worried about David Archuleta. We all go through changes in our careers/jobs…and David is such a talented singer/songwriter that I know another label will be snatching him up in no time. I “trust the Archuleta” … David will move on and still make LOTS more music in his future. I also appreciate JIVE and David’s previous management for all they’ve done for David…JIVE was there for David to start his musical career after Idol…so David will move on and be just fine. And David has lots of fans that will be supporting him in whatever decisions he makes. We love you David!

  426. Bernice says:


  427. DavidArchies#1fan! says:

    Please give David another chance! He is truly talented! I will not rest till he gets a new label! Archies pleeaaaseee comment on this!

  428. Daniel says:

    Go David! I’m one of the 1 million who bought DA, the 270k who bought CFTH and one of the 67k who bought TOSOD, I will always be behind his back!

  429. lilyarchuleta says:

    When I heard the news about David I was so upset! Then I found this site and it gave me hope that David can get another record label! Not only does David have an amaaaazing voice but his heart is also warm and kind. He has shown this with his recent trip to India. πŸ™‚ If anyone deserves a record label it’s David! I’ll always support and love him no matter what! ❀

  430. Shelia says:

    David is so talented. Some one else will be glad to have him. He has the best male voice in the world. The best personality. He has a lots of fan.

  431. Mona says:

    David is an amazing talent. I own all of his 3 albums and love all of them especially TOSOD. He’s unbelievable Live and a wonderful human being. He is music and I will always be a Fan.

  432. A FAN says:

    Seriously, Jive? What are you thinking?…

    Dropped those great young vocalists, not only David that I know but also other greats who have signature voices such as Allison Iraheta, but choose to keep some low-qualified performers? Now we all realize what’s you’re only looking for is the money makers, not the artists. …Bravo! …Impressive!… What a hit label’s perspective! So please, be satisfied while being a part to
    lead this decreasing industry to its falling. No more good music because those potential greats out there cannot make you money! That’s fine!! Next ten years we may all listen to rubbishes on the radio… So thank you very much Jive! Thank you for showing your sincerely love in music and supporting the true talents not the one who can only dance, or rap, or autotune, but CAN’T sing! Well done! Be proud! Be swallowed in the main stream of music industry nowaday and done nothing in order to help making it better! Great job! Provide us more rubbishes! Can’t wait to hear how horrible the singles you will release next! Hope you get enough your proudly cash!

    (In case you may doubt, honestly, I’m upset… but not upset because only I’m a fan of David, you’ll get me by my words, if you still have some music maker’s souls… not money maker’s.)

  433. Lovnangels says:

    We fans have been frustrated for a long time with Jive’s support of David Archuleta so this is great news! David needs a label that understands his uniqueness and incredible talent! We support David!!

  434. amanda says:

    David is an EPIC musical talent…I will always support him!!

  435. andreza says:

    David is an amazing singer. I have his 3 Cds, and I just love his music. Now I’m very sad…but I hope he finds a good label. A label thas want to promote him and his music. He has a lot of fans. A truly fans and I will support him !!!!!

  436. Mary P says:

    I have been a huge fan of David’s since American Idol. I have bought all his albums and his wonderful book. His voice is so amazing. I love all his songs and will support him for the rest of my life. In my opinion David’s music is the best in the industry and his talent is over the top. We love you David James Archuleta.

  437. kat says:

    david is amazing. it’s the record label that messed up. they’ll regret it. David will move on though and do more amazing things. He’s gotten further than he ever thought he would, and that platinum album is SUCH an accomplishment. I own all three of his albums, in CD form- not just online downloads ! with david’s next album, they [whoever the new label people are] need to promote GOOD RADIO SONGS. true david fans might like certain david songs, but to get new fans they need to promote songs like zero gravity, not a little too not over you or whatever. something bout love was good but i never heard it on radios near me… he needs better promotion!

  438. rebekah says:

    I love David Archuleta! Such an amazing singer and person!!

  439. Leah says:

    David Archuleta has a gift, and listening to him sing brings joy to the listener. Not only are fans satisfied, but David enjoys singing from his soul more than anything. He always puts his fans above all, and keeps in touch with them while he values their opinions. Dropping him from the label was a huge mistake.

  440. MrsOreos says:

    I have heard alot of singers in my 50 years of life, but none have compared to David Archuleta. When he sings, I feel what he is singing! His voice is so good he can bring me to tears and give me the chills to the toes! That says alot in this day and age of music! During the past 3 years I have bought all 3 of David’s CD’s, LOVED all three of them Better yet, I have seen David sing live 5 times! I am having massive cravings to see him sing live again, because he is one of the best live performers that I have seen. His voice is always spot on, he sings with feeling and energy, and can’t help adore his smile! Not only is David a super talented person, but he is also a wonderful person and does great things for others. I know that David will move on to big and better things in the future. I believe in him and will always be his fan for life! Keep on smiling David!!!!

  441. ashley says:

    i love david archuleta and im sure all his fans do so we’ll support him all the way no matter what happens !!! and i hope he would find a label that would be willing to promote him !! love u david ❀

  442. ashley says:

    we love david and will support him .. and if jive records dropped david or watever its ur loss !!!!! david is a great talented guy that has pure heart !!! ❀

  443. Nicole says:

    Jive Records/Sony BMG have done it again….they’ve let another great artist go. David Archuleta is one of the most talented young artists to come along in years and any record label should be able to see that. David’s fans will always support him!

  444. Tina says:

    This is truly sad for all good and talented singers such as David. I hope he gets signed up with a better record label. Just keep on singing David and your fans will support you. I bought your CD last Christmas and really think it’s a good one.

  445. Lessha says:

    David is one of the best singers out there today. The Other Side of Down was an amazing album!! Jive did not support it in any way shape or form. David would not do things there way and so they washed there hands of it. So many people don’t even know that David has a new album out. How sad is that? David is an incredible live singer he brings people to tears he just grabs you with his emotion he puts into the song. I will always be a devoted fan no matter what happens. Once David makes a fan they are a fan for life they will not be going anywhere.

  446. Katie Tekulve says:

    I have been a fan of Mr. David Archuleta for almost 3 years.

    He re-lit a fire in me for music and the work that goes behind it, and now I am in the second year of my major, and I am in a music business class. This was ridiculous. I tweeted Jive(, they are having problems with other artists such as Allison Iraheta; they dropped her in September of last year, and Ciara is getting sick and tired of Jive.

    Record companies are starting to die off. I know this because of my class. I truly and honestly believe that David could save the industry if someone was behind him business wise. Like REEEEEALLLLLLLLY behind him. We need a company that actually CARES about music and not the royalties that they get, because if you do the music first and front, the royalties will come.

    And heck. Until David gets a manager from a management company, I’ll help temporarily if someone wants to tell David.
    I’m his age. lol

    I might ask my professor to meet with him so I can ask him about this matter and maybe he could help. I’m not sure if he knows of David Archuleta or not, but he soon will! He knows people in the industry. Please pray for me ask I ask him to help if I get a meeting with him.

  447. Katie Tekulve says:

    And another thing…I’m not sure what everyone on here believes, but pray for David. David has an idea where he is going with this, and just ask God to guide him. πŸ™‚

  448. LauraArchie says:

    blame it on Jive’s promos!David we’re here for you.thank you for being optimistic,go ahead we always keep suppoting you

  449. jean Pett says:

    I’m glad that I bought 15 of the 63000 copies. I could buy more, but who gets the money? I love Daivd’s singing. I hope he can show Jive how good he really is. They may have to eat Pie.

  450. Maria says:

    Hello! What you guys are doing to help David is great. He will appreciate it. I hope he will find the best label for him.

  451. Dagny says:

    The way you could REALLY help David is to PLAY HIS MUSIC!! When people hear his music, they like it and they buy it. It’s great to pass this on to your friends in the record industry because he does have the very loyal fanbase that an artist needs and a new label would appreciate. But put your money where your mouth is and commit to play David and his future label’s music for them AND YOUR LISTENERS

  452. LoverofMusic says:

    I know that this whole let’s get David a label on this site is for hits and why now. Why wasn’t his songs played on your station. I think all that has been said about David is shown on in the comments. I too love this guy and his voice. TOSOD album is fantastic and well worth the purchase as is anything that David records. It’s amazing to me that less talent or no talent wthout the aid of Autotune can make it big today in music. I for one would want to expose my children to artist’s that can actually sing live. Today as long as a song has a good beat it sells no matter what the vocals sound like. David doesn”t need help in finding a label he is that good.vocally and I know because I have heard him sing live in concert. As far as Jive is concerned they look at David and tried to make a JB out of him and that is not who he is musically. So I am happy he was released since they never promoted him after Crush. I will continue to purchase any music that he records and will go to any tours to get the chance to hear him again. No matter what genre of song he sings it is outstanding. Luv you David!

  453. Noam says:

    I bought The Other Side Of Down CD and i enjoy each song in it!
    We (the fans) are still here to support David and his music, and we sure think there’s so much more for David to bring in the future.
    I do appreciate all you have done for David, and i just wish you could understand what a bad decision you took.
    We all love David and believe in him, too bad you can’t see it.

  454. ray says:

    i am for david,and i do belive that david dropped them,other wise the would not have said released,,but let go ,good for david

  455. Taryn says:

    I got my copies of all 3 of his albums legally and will happy buy the next one he makes as well! πŸ™‚

  456. wahida says:

    OMGOSH!!!!Jive,you will regret bcause dropped DAVID ARCHULETA!THE MOST AMAZING SINGER IN THE EARTH !!!!!
    David,Arch angels will always support you whatever you choose !!

  457. alma says:

    I bought all of David’s albums and love every one of them. The problem with the industry is that they play the same artists to death. Even if I enjoy the song at first, I end up despising it within 3 months because of the overplay. My iPod has been a lifesaver many a times.

  458. Mary says:

    he deserves to be promoted more with that talent of his

  459. ri says:

    i will never understand how the majority of artists on the radio have huge success when they don’t have half the talent of David. that’s why i stopped listening to the radio.

  460. Leslie says:

    David has the most loyal fans, which is evidence of the enormously talented, hard-working, honest and genuine artist he is. Hopefully he will be able to find an upstanding record label who will recognize and value his talents, support him and promote him in a way Jive did not. All our support to David…it will all work out!

  461. connie says:

    David is a marvelous singer, i will support him all the way… wwe fans do love him so much!!!

  462. Sparkles2 says:

    David is the best talent that has come along since Elvis. He is a great singer, humble, has excellent work ethics, and loves his fans. We love him back. Jive has never given David the support he needed to succeed in this hard music business. I have bought all David’s albums and plan to continue to support him.

  463. Charlotte says:

    I am a very proud and devoted fan of David’s and always will be. He deserves so much more than the hand Jive had dealt to him with the last album. They barely gave it any support and it’s an amazing album that deserves to be heard. I am constantly praying that David will find a label and management who WILL support him and help him grow in the way he deserves to. Thank you, mix 105, for showing your support. We more people like you who will stand behind the REAL artists in this industry.

  464. Susie says:

    David’s music (David) has changed my life! – for the good!

  465. Sara says:

    David is so talented, and wonderful, how jive dropped him, I’ll never know. he’s an amazing singer/musician and all around great person. I’ve supported him from the start and will continue to support him to the end. I hope there is a record label out there that will appriceate him and his music. TOSOD is amazing, and it should sell more! Stay stong david<3

  466. Irrelevant says:

    I think he is one of the most talented artists in the business, period. And given his age, his potential is unlimited. Hoping he finds the label that provides him with the variables needed to fulfill that potential. This guy is just getting started.

  467. blake says:

    David is so talented. I constantly have his songs playing and they mean so much. he doesn’t have to talk about sex in his songs like most artists do and his songs are meaningful. he must get re-signed. he’s one of the few artists who are actually wicked talented.

  468. Rachelle Sumner says:

    I loved his latest CD and know I will continue to buy whatever he puts out there because I know it will be quality work. Plus you just can’t beat his voice! πŸ™‚

  469. jeani/ut says:

    David is my favorite singer of all time and I’ve lived 68 years now.
    I love all of his CDs and his book. He can sing anything and make it better than the original, from pop to classic. He’s not like any other singer out there right now. That’s good isn’t it?

  470. Shanny in Australia says:

    There are a lot of people out there who consider themselves a fan of David’s from AI days but they don’t know David even has a new album out. Perhaps just a speck of promotion might alert those fans to the fact that there is an album to buy and then sales will go up. Every review I have read for TOSOD has said this album is better than his first. So if his first could go platinum then surely this one could do much better than it has.

  471. ashley says:

    david has an amazingly beautiful and powerful voice .. and he deserves more credit !!

  472. ambber says:

    In all my 62 yrs. of life, David is the only artist I’ve supported because of his music and because of the person he is.He is an amazing talent.

  473. ashley says:

    in my opinion david has the best voice i have ever heard .. iv’e never heard any singer that can sing with passion and this much emotion !!

  474. Hecansing says:

    David has so much talent, and so many fans. Someone needs to recognize that & work with him to bring his music to the public. He is not a bubblegum teenage rock star, but rather someone who is choosing to make an impact on the world through his music.

    David, you lead, and we will follow.

  475. jas5689 says:

    david works so hard to make his fans so happy. he should get a record label. He has a beauitful voice.

  476. Millicent Williams says:

    David Archuleta is the best young artist out there today. I’ll tell you why HE CAN SING!! I can’t believe Jive records would give up on such a fabulous talent. David Archuleta is the REAL DEAL!!
    The Other Side of Down is a FANTASTIC ALBUM the songs were great songs. The singing on each of them was Marvelous. Come on JIVE RECORDS give David another chance you will never find another amazing talent like him. He’s such a great person to work with I can see that about him please give him another chance.

  477. ashley says:

    i guess ur jst deff cant u hear his freakin adorable voice hes freakin talented . how can u do that to him .. i wish him the best of luck ❀ ya david

  478. Becca says:

    David in an interview said he fought to get his songs on the album. They tried to stifle him. David isn’t a pushover and I feel, it was David who decided not to return with Jive. Their worlds collided too much. He just tweeted he is really excited about the opportunities that open for him. So stay tune for more about DavidArchuleta, he ain’t going away, sorry haters

  479. Becca says:

    oh How about playing his music?? Lots of this was because PD refuse to play his music. You all played in this role too. Wow, I wish there was this support when he just released his album. there is more Promo from Jive about releasing him then there ever was from them. how do you like that?! JiveMusic is dying anyway, Ciara wants out to, Jeff Fenster jumped ship, A/R manager. so something is not right.

  480. nicole says:

    David is the best singer ever!!!!
    jive regret. david time will come sooner than we expect.
    just have to wait a bit.
    David ArchuletaΒ΄s TIME is coming OMG πŸ™‚

  481. Gaby says:

    I love David Archuleta!!!!
    Give him another change!!!! He is the best!

  482. bebereader says:

    David Archuleta = GOLDMINE, with the right label and mgmt.

  483. Bjclawley says:

    David Archuleta is the best male singer around. JIVE this is the biggest mistake I believe you have made if in fact you made it. Maybe David wanted to leave YOU. Not sure, but David will fufill his dream. Some very SMART record company will see what a fantastic singer and person David is and pick him up and maybe even PROMOTE him. What a concept !!! David can out sing any singer out there today I am not a teenager either, I have been around awhile and I have never been touched the way I have been by this young man.
    David, God will bless you for your stand and your values. Success isn’t always measured by what JIVE or anyone else tells you. YOU are a success. We love you and will support you always.
    Bettyjane L

  484. Nita says:

    I will always support David Archuleta no matter what. I love TOSOD and I bought multiple copies as a gift for friends and families. The album is outstanding. Looking forward to his new beginning with new label and management that will give him full support. I love David for his strong moral character and I love his music. He is one of the best artist and live performer I have ever heard and seen in a long time. Go David we love you.

  485. Wyona says:

    I have followed David for three years and have never followed another artist like I have David. That is because he is such a great singer and person. I don’t understand how or why a person who has his talent gets dropped form a record deal. I don’t believe that Jive tried to promote him as they should have. David has the greatest voice out there right now. Take any one out there and let them sing with just music or without music and not all the fanfare and they can’t compare to David. But for his fans you should legally buy his music and call the radio station to play his music. He deserves it. You are in our prayers, David

  486. Nancy says:

    I will not purchase any music by any artist Jive has. They will not get another penny of my money…sorry to those artist but this is how strongly I feel about them doing this to David. Crystal B. and Kris who won last year had better enjoy their time with Jive because they will drop you in a minute and also they won’t promote you after that first album…just mark my words.

  487. nl says:

    Let’s actually hear some @davidarchie on the MIX.

  488. Chris S. says:

    David Archuleta is one of the most talented vocalists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. He’s amazing now, and there is no telling just how far he will exploit the potential of his gift in the future. David needs a record label that understands what his reasons for doing music are, and take his remarkable instrument and show the masses what singing from the heart is truly about.

  489. Mike says:

    Someone sign David Archuleta please! Such an awesome talent!

    Jive’s loss is another label’s gain!

  490. lilyarchuleta says:

    David is a great talent and if Jive thinks they can just drop him like that theyre wrong. I wont buy another album from Jive after this! I used
    to support them but now I see they are really just interested in the money and if one
    album doesnt sell well enough they’ll drop you like you’re 1000 degrees! I really would like to get David another record deal! So all Archies please comment on this!

  491. Katheryn says:

    Jive is a label in turmoil. I’m not sure how long they will remain a going concern, so I’m glad David Archuleta is getting out now. The ones who mentored and supported him are no longer with Jive, and nobody else there stepped up to the plate to properly promote The Other Side of Down. The reason it didn’t sell more copies is because practically no one knew it even existed. I’m looking forward to the day David is signed with a classier label that recognizes a musical genius when they see one, and who will nurture and support that talent.

  492. Maeve says:

    Please let David get a new record deal! I really enjoy listening to his music. I’ve been an Archie since te beginning and I’ve bought all three of his albums! If anyone deserves this he does! ❀

  493. Casey says:

    I really hope this site can get 63,000 comments because I’d truly love to see David get a new record deal! David Archuleta has truly great voice! I’m an Archie and I always will stand by and support David! I know I’m not the only one like this too! David Archuleta has the ability to capture hearts everywhere! He certainly stole mine! ❀

  494. peter says:

    Jive you are such an ???? you will regret this!! “????”

  495. ScrewJive says:

    David is an amazing artist! If Jive can’t grasp that they better go see a doctor because they’ve lost their minds! I love David and he deserves to have a record deal more than a lot of people! I will never buy other album by Jive again! I’m sorry to any artist that is with Jive I just can’t look at the little Jive symbol in the corner and feel anything but hate. David Archuleta deserves so much more than this! Shame on you Jive! We support Archie! ❀

  496. jive.messed.up.bad says:

    David, I love you and I will support you no matter what happens! David Archuleta has a great talent! He has a smile that could light a whole city and a a heart that could warm a million poor families homes. Jive messed up bad and I hope they realize what they’ve done! All Archies please comment on this!! ❀

  497. potluck8 says:

    I bought Davids’ TOSOD and I just love it! David is such a special young man and has such a remarkable talent.His music is something I am not ashamed to play in my house,unlike some of those other so called pop stars. .

  498. Mandy says:

    I think David is one of the most gifted young artists out there these days. Not only is he gifted, he’s also an absolutely amazing person who’s trying to make a difference in this world. There is no doubt the Other Side of Down is an outstanding album, it’s wonderful how positive it is. In all honesty, I’m not surprised not many copies were sold. I mean, his first album was released right after Idol so a lot of people knew about it and got the album. The Other Side of Down, however, wasn’t even properly promoted so unless you’re a fan of David and you follow his career, you probably didn’t even know he had a new album out. Or maybe you did but you’re not a huge fan of him or anything and you don’t really like buying albums because I don’t know, you think it’s a waste of money so you just downloaded it, you know, illegally.

  499. Debbie Gloria says:

    So this is the way jive records works. A talented, young , sweet
    respectful artist ( David Archuleta) makes money for you on his first and second album and the third not so much. His contract is not renewed because of this? I thought Jive Records new more about music. I guess all they know and care about are the big bucks! Jive you will need a second chance some day!!

  500. Debbie Gloria says:

    I already commented but doesn’t Jive or any other label acknowledge Christmas albums.

  501. Y U SO STUPID JIVE says:

    David Archuleta is a very very talented singer. If you do not hire him, you are making a mistake. But if you hire and then drop him *coughJIVEcough* then you are making a bigger mistake. David is one of the best singers out there and I will always support him.

  502. Catarina says:

    I bought TOSOD and I love it. I love how every single song on it has a message within it. It’s definitely an amazing album and I don’t know why it hasn’t sold the much Jive was expecting. But still, I don’t think that’s a reason for dropping David. Music isn’t about making money, it’s about inspiring and touching people’s souls. And that’s something David can achieve when he sings. He sure has a gift from God. Sadly Jive doesn’t see it. The only thing I have to say is, they’re the one’s who lose. David is incredible talented and I’m sure there are plenty of labels wanting to work with him. I’m sure he’ll find one that respects his values and support him and his music. We just have to be patient and things will get better for him. I’m positive. The world will recognize his talent! πŸ™‚

  503. China80 says:

    I love your station and I am a regular listener, but I was a bit disappointed when I called several times and asked why David’s music was not played – I got NO clear answers. I realize radio stations don’t want fans to burden them with song requests, but if we don’t call how is our favorite artist ever going to get air time?

    David Archuleta is an amazing young man with a God given talent that Jive didn’t know what to do with. I will ALWAYS support David artistically and with all the charities he stands behind. The artists of todays generation, young and old could learn something from this young man who is wise beyond his years.

  504. Carolyn says:

    David Archuleta is one of the few young talents in the industry who just loves music, his fans, and performing. He’s completely without guile, and his pure joy comes across when he sings. In my opinion, The Other Side of Down is an AWESOME record. I listen to it ten time as much as I listen to the first record. I know that I’ll be an Archuleta fan for life, and I’ll travel wherever he goes to see him live. He’s completely changed my life, and I’ll continue to support him through whatever means necessary.

  505. Susana Tamez says:

    David is amazingly talented. If Jive can’t see that I’m sure other smart record labels WILL. I think this is just an obstacle that David has to face in order to get to much bigger and better things. No matter what, David will ALWAYS have thousands of fans supporting him.

    As David says himself, “Things are gonna get better.” ❀

  506. Joel says:

    David Archuleta is one of my favorite male vocalists-pure talent. No doubt that God has his giftings and hand of favour all over him. He will be continually blessed-he’s qualified above what the music industry offers because of the purity in his heart. He will be fine!

  507. Stew says:

    We have two possibilities here… either the people at Jive are deaf, or they have no souls. If TOSOD didn’t sell it had nothing to do with David’s ability. If they decided to release David then that’s their mistake. David deserves a record label who actually believes in him!

  508. Stephanie says:

    I am immensly, indescribly disappointed by this. I have been following and supporting David since his Idol days, and my heart is competly broken by this fiasco. Jive has made a HUGE mistake….I will be removing all support for them anyway and will be encouraging everyone I know to do the same. I will not support any artists they are signed with. I will defollow them on twitter and unlike them on facebook. I will do whatever it takes to get the message across in David’s favor. His fans are loyal and VERY supportive……they will rue the day.

  509. RD says:

    What a sham! For Jive to release one of the most talented singers in the entertainment business without even promoting his albums or singles much at all is pretty ridiculous. It’s possible that David/Jive wasn’t a good fit from the beginning. Who knows; only time will tell. Jive Records must be in trouble these days for them to not have the time to nurture and market this talented and wonderful human being that is David Archuleta. I pray that a record label will give David a chance to be himself, and therefore, help David to grow and flourish as a singer/performer. If so, he WILL be successful in this industry.

  510. Ali says:

    Unfortunately, Jive only wants to promote artists that sing about sex, drugs and other vulgar things. So when an amazing, sweet young man like David Archuleta comes in and makes a very heart-felt album about staying positive in life with The Other Side Of Down, they no longer feel the need to promote him. They blame David for poor album sales, but I blame Jive. No one, except his true fans new that he has a new album out. People have absolutely no clue, because Jive gave him no promotion at all. David is a rare gem in this type of industry, and people need to be aware of that and support him. We don’t need to hear lyrics about “brushing your teeth with a bottle of jack” or “licking someone’s lollipop”. It’s ridiculous, he needs to be given more promotion. Jive really missed the mark with David. I know David will be much better off with another Label, but now we need to find one first. If anyone has respect for an amazing, sweet, talented, genuine, down-to-earth-person, than you need to leave a comment, because David needs to be heard. All I can say is, please please help David, he needs as much support as possible right now! I love you David, and your album is amazing, no matter if you sell 63,000 copies or 5 million copies.

  511. Laurie says:

    David Archuleta is a wonderful, talented young man. I love his music and most of all the kind of person he is. I am excited to see what the future holds for David. It does not depend on Jive, but on David. He will do what is best for his life and for his career, I am confident of that. Whoever gets the opportunity to work with David or carries him on their label will be the ones who benefit from all of this.

  512. Renee says:

    We love you, David. We’ll support you all the way. Jive just lost the most talented guy on their label.

  513. Hannah says:

    David is so down to earth, nice, and cares about his fans soooooo much and I just can’t believe this happend 😦 SCREW jive and i just don’t understand why they dropped him. He put soooooo much time in making albums and they just drop him it’s RETARDED. ARCHULETA has REAL talent. Every David fan is soooooo pissed off including me this makes NO sence at all. I just can’t explain how mad I am right now. David doesn’t deserve this AT ALL. I don’t think anyone this good does. He’s the BEST idol runner up and jive just decides to drop him how MESSED UP. David put a LOT of time into his day to record and now this happens. Another reccord lable will pick up this AMAZING person and jive will wish they never would have done that. SCREW JIVE and u don’t know what u have done. Every Archuleta fan HATES jive now. Any other artist out there DO NOT sign to juve cuz they will drop you. JIVE I HATE U and so does every David Archuleta fan just so u know 😦 SCREW JIVE

  514. michael says:

    Jive please sign david back. There are not many singers like him in the industry that make music that touch our hearts and make us feel good inside. Good people like him need a helping hand sometimes please sign him back.

  515. Jive= Not so smart says:

    Jive has screwed up. David is one of the best things that has EVER happened to music. He is hansum, sweet, and pretty much AMAZING.!! Seriously no one is perfect. Oh well, David is not gonna be put out to be something hes not. He is not going to be a Justin Beiber. He is an original person. That is what Jive is expecting.. not David. I hope and pray the best for David. I love and support him all the way! TEAM ARCHIE! (;

  516. Chuck says:

    David is one of the only artist in the industry that are TALENTED, humble, handsome, and all the good things that exist in the world. πŸ™‚ So, I hope in the future you will feel regret, because God has an amazing plan for David, and that plan doesn’t belong with you.

  517. Justin Pope says:

    David Archuleta is pure talent and deserves to be signed so that he can tour to all his fans and live out his dreams.

  518. Skiie Mitchell says:

    I’ve been a fan of David Archuleta’s ever since I saw his audition in 2008. I’ve supported him since then & I don’t plan on stopping. He has amazing talent. He’s actually real unlike some artist, he cares for his fans, he cares about everyone for that matter. He’s respectful, sweet, & caring. Just listen to his music, it’ll speak for itself. Jive Records is going to regret dropping David, biggest mistake they’ll ever make. He’s an amazing artist that deserves to do what he loves. He’s touched so many people with his music, more people than you would ever expect. He’s amazing, & his music is just…powerful.

    Also I just wanted to say thanks for doing this for David. It’s really awesome knowing that there are people out there that actually want to help David get a record deal. (:

  519. ERICKA says:


  520. Bella says:

    I bought all 3 of David’s albums and they were all fantastic! I really enjoyTOSOD because he co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs. That has made it even more special to me. If you haven’t bought this great album, please go out and get it because it is very upbeat and positive!

  521. Kat says:

    David is awesome. Jive shouldn’t have dropped him just because of the album sales because that only shows them how greedy they are. And after all, it’s not really about how many has been sold. It’s all about how many people David has inspired all the way.

  522. Bella says:

    Forgot to add: MIX 105.1 it would be great if you played songs from TOSOD like “Something bout Love”, “Elevator” & “Falling Stars”. Also, play “Crush” it is still one of my favorite songs!

  523. rimarchuleta says:

    How can I show my support to him??? Well, in my opinion, the 2nd album of him is more fun than the 1st. I also more loved it!! But, I still cant believe that TOSOD album only sold 63,000 copies.

    And I feel so proud can be the one who had it..!!

  524. Danielle says:

    David Archuleta is amazing! He is so talented, and his songs are all truly from the heart. I love every song of his. The Other Side of Down was a great album, the songs were catchy and warm. I wish he had been promoted more! David cares about his fans so much, so I think it’s time for his fans to care about him and help him get a label back. πŸ™‚

  525. Elizabeth says:

    David Archuleta inspires many people through his music and his voice is powerfully uplifiting. There are not too many other musicians/celebrities who handle themselves the way David does in the entertainment industry. He is humble and gracious, and his lyrics hold messages of unbelieveable positivity that the world is depserately in need of. I am certain that all of his fans will support him, whichever direction he chooses to go in. Hopefully there will be another record label in David’s future that will truly recognize all of these admirable qualities.

  526. Mary-Rose says:

    David is positive about this and so am I πŸ™‚ I will be a fan of him no matter what. I believe in him and things are gonna get better right? Everything happens for a purpose. I hope a better label will handle him. We NEED his music! And he should be promoted right, he’s a GREAT singer, he sings NOT for money but to share his gift. I have a copy of TOSOD and I’m proud of it. We Support Archie!!!! ❀

  527. Shaby Archuleta says:

    I know someday Jive will regret about this. David is a very sweet, talented musician who is always be our hero!! I can’t say anything much but when David is getting more success without Jive, Jive will never have a second chance. Jive made us disappointed and next is your turn!!

  528. Mallory says:

    David is an amazing person. He has to much talent and is just such a great person in general as well. It is rare to find a singer, or any celebrity for that matter, who you can respect both for their career and for their personal life. Our society needs more people like David for people to look up to and have as a role model because there aren’t that many good ones out there. I will love and support David no matter what record label he is on or how his career turns out. I will continue to buy all of his cds and go to any shows I can because they are better than most others out there and such a good person deserves good support by good people.

  529. David Fan says:

    David can outsing mostly everybody on the radio today yet he rarely got the chance to showcase his voice except for on tour. His story changed so many lives, mine included. Give the guy a chance….his voice is truly something else.

  530. Bailey says:

    David Archuleta deserves this. He has a truly great talent! Jive has no idea what they’ve done. They will regret the day 2-18-11 forever! </3

  531. LilyArchuleta says:

    David’s talent goes far beyond what Jive can even comprehend! If I have to I will comment all 36,000 myself for Archie! ❀

  532. Arlene Bourgeois says:

    I certainly did purchase David’s album “The Other Side of
    Down” as well as his previous 2 albums and I will buy anything he does because I love to hear him sing. I really feel Jive Records has made a huge mistake by dropping him. David Archuleta is a phenomenal singer and I hope he stays around for a long time.

  533. Hailey says:

    you have made the HUGEST mistake of getting rid of David!!!! he is the best artist out there and you got rid of him!!! you should be ashamed for not even bothering to keep him let alone promote him.

  534. Veronica says:

    I have never been a huge fan of anyone until a 16 year old David Archuleta sang right to my heart. He made me love music again. I have been to 3 of his concerts and have gifted all 3 of his albums to nieces and nephews. I will support David for as long as I live. He is truly gifted musically by God. Sings with such pure emotion. No one sings better than Archie.

  535. Maegan says:

    look i know people dont want his songs and its not popular i get it but David is his own person and the people who love his music will buy from him no matter what cause hes inspires everyone who’s a fan we actually need more role models like him and you got pretty lucky but u didn’t promote him at all! Honestly i think u give your big stars more credit than u give David sure u make the fans happy but what about David? he got to write his own songs he’s trying his best for u and everyone he cant impress everyone u know? He got talent and soul and u threw it away! jive i loved u to death until u did this now u lost a fan i hope whatever makes David happy and who’s willing to give him a chance and promote him like u would ur big stars gets him cause he deserves better

  536. Alec says:

    I won’t blame anyone for what is happening right now, though I am very frustrated with Jive and WEG, there really is no point in all of it. What I’ll just do is trust David and have his outlook on the things that’s going on right now and that is to be postive David reassured us, his fans, that he’s excited for what the future will bring and you know what, we should too. He has a plan, I know it. And God has a much greater plan for him. I love David and I will keep loving him until my hair turns gray.

  537. Soleil says:

    I love David Archuleta and his music. I can’t live without them….

  538. archangel11 says:

    i love David and he deserves more than what he got. he really is an amazing singer with a gorgeous tone of voice and humble personality. couldn’t ask for more. hope a label or anyone would notice his natural beauty and talent.

  539. Widia says:

    Oh you will never know if you never hear the 2nd album of David Archuleta called “The Other Side of Down”. I was like Oh, in this album he’s really SINGING so perfectly! I mean his voice really so touch me when i listen to “My Kind of Perfect” from his 2nd album. It’s so confortable to my ear also my heart! So, why you don’t try to listen his 2nd album although just once. I’m sure you will never regret and you will be love his 2nd album just like me. πŸ™‚

  540. djafan says:

    David was born to sing and his home is the stage.

  541. Melodie says:

    please help david get signed again, mix1051. he deserves a second chance, and his talent is unbelievable.. πŸ™‚

  542. nazalea says:

    David is amazing! top quality voice, goodlooking, amazing personality, and he’s everything you can ask for!

  543. cleofe says:

    I want to take a second to let you all know how I feel about it. I’m excited for David and more proud of him than I’ve ever been. While it might appear that this could be devastating, I have a gut feeling he will be just fine. He is one of the most vocally talented individuals I have ever met in my life. But more than that, he is simply one of the most incredible human beings I have ever spent time with. It has been fun to see him venture out and try different things and chase the world that has been in front of him.

  544. Colwin says:

    Universal Records, please adopt David!

  545. john kevin says:

    well this can be considered an all out support to david, he did great in idol, he HAS 3 SONGS from his TOSOD album That is in top 10 songs in any radios here in Philippines, and also most requested songs in the radio. we can even hear his song for like 3 times a day, coz everybody is requesting it.and he proves that more than enough to deserve his label back.. come on! he’s a great singer how can that be not deserving huh?
    and on top of that most of Mcdonalds here plays his song so you guys gotta give him a chance coz he himself is more than enough to be back on track.!

  546. Ghulam Murtaza says:

    David was, and continues to be a living breathing inspiration…His rendition of “Imagine” made America fall in love with him instantly, He is a genuinely amazing guy, full of so much hope and promise!
    He is beautiful inside and out!

    I think Jive wasnt harnessing David’s amazing talents and personality, they werent promoting him at all, fans requested his songs, but were denied by radiostations…

    We love David, and feel he deserves better! Fans all over the world love him, Crush is still played in my college, and I live in Pakistan… All the best to David, He will shine through and I Love him and Support him!!!!!

  547. Mudassir Hameed says:

    we love you!!!

  548. DA Fan from Hong Kong =] says:

    I love David’s music. His voice always makes me feel happy. =]
    I’ve got a copy of TOSOD for sure! This is the first CD I’ve owned. The songs are so positive and I love them all!
    David is a great singer. I will always support David no matter what .=D

  549. cookiemonster says:

    David is an amazing singer and an amazing person. He wasnt advertised enough and properly so he should be given another shot! We need someone like him in the music industry. This guy can really sing, LIVE. Some people who are more popular than him, cant even sing live please!

  550. DAVID'S FAN BOY ;) says:


  551. Ayushee says:

    He is awesome.
    I don’t want to seem patronizing, but you have made a huge mistake. Please consider publicizing him more?
    Whatever the case, have faith in him! I was not a fan of him before but The Other Side Of Down is the greatest album I have ever heard. It is much more important and meaningful than other music of today, and I’m only fourteen and I know this. Please, take him back. I’m begging for your sake, cause no matter what, he’ll come out on top. His heart is in the right place.

  552. Isha says:

    It was a really bad decision to drop him off the label. He has so much potential, and he has a beautiful personality. What more could you want from a singer? His voice is amazing and he is very talented. Jive Records should have promoted his album more, it can’t be David’s fault that he sold so little copies!

  553. LilyArchuleta says:

    I know us Archies can do this! Let’s comment 36,000 times! Yes we can!

  554. Feli says:

    david is great singerr πŸ™‚

  555. isupportarchie4eva says:

    David Archuleta is one of those true talents you really have to fight to find. I don’t care if his last album didn’t sell well! Maybe Jive should learn how to actually promote an album! Thanks for trying to help guys. We must get 36,000 comments!! ❀

  556. PeaceLoveandArchie says:

    I supported David Archuleta all through American Idol. I supported David Archuleta all through his first single and first album. I supported David Archuleta through his Christmas album. I supported David Archuleta through The Other Side of Down! Am am NOT about to stop now! Who’s with me Archies? ❀

  557. NeverChangeArchie says:

    We can do this! I really want more than anything for David Archuleta to get a new record label! So please comment Archies! ❀

  558. iwillneverforgetyouarchie says:

    Jive has made a terrible mistake letting David go. He has an amazing voice. I have supported him since the beginning and will support him till the end. Jive should have done the same, but they are only interested in the money. Sure, TOSOD didn’t sell that well, but one bad album and they drop him? For any other rising star looking for a record label I would suggest anywhere but Jive because they will drop you the second you aren’t rolling in the money. I own a copy of his latest album! ❀

  559. LilyArchuleta says:

    David, I love you. Never change. I was a little depressed about what happened but he tweeted and said thanks to all his fans and that this is the way he wants his career to go now so I feel better. But just because his tweets are reassuring doesn’t mean that he’s actually happy. I swear if Jive made David unhappy I will tear them apart. #WeSupportArchie!

  560. LilyArchuleta says:

    I totally support David! I know he wouldn’t want us to be mad at WEG and Jive, but it is so hard after what they did to him. For David’s sake I will not rant about it, but I would like to talk about David. If anyone deserves a record label, it’s him. He has an amazing voice and has managed to capture the hearts of millions of people no matter their gender or age. David does not stop at singing, he has also helped many people through charity organizations. Jive doesn’t realize what they’ve lost yet but when David has it all, they will, and I’ll laugh because I was ALWAYS there for him. We support Archie! ❀

  561. LilyArchuleta says:

    David, I know somehow you will continue to
    make music. I am commenting on this because I believe mix radio will help you. Please Archies comment! ❀

  562. LilyArchuleta says:

    David, I love you! I will never stop loving you even if you never make another song. I know you will though! You will get a record label again! I believe in you. ❀

  563. hanna says:

    I think David deserves a way better recording that Jive Record.. He’s so amazing… pure talent, cute, kind.. why must good people was treated badly?? 😦

  564. MaryAnn says:

    The Other Side of Down is a good album–much better than David’s first pop CD. There was only push from the label on the first single, Something Bout Love, which wasn’t bad, but I wish they’d chosen Stomping the Roses or Look Around, which are much stronger songs, as the single to push. Overall though, it’s a very good album.

  565. MaryAnn says:

    This is a nice thing for 105.1 to do. Good picture of David there. Does this station play his songs?? That’s the way to help him. Frankly, it’s as much the radio station’s fault (not this station but all of the CHR stations) as the fans. If the listeners don’t hear the songs, they don’t buy the CD.

    1. Nancy says:

      No, this station did not and does not play his music so that proves my point……Jive did not want anyone to play it

  566. UKLovesArchie says:

    David is an amazingly talented artist, who has not been supported properly! Jive did close to nothing to promote david, so obviously the album was not going to do as well as it could have.
    David has the potential to be an even bigger, world-wide superstar! All that he needs is a great, supportive label and great manager that can do their best for him and his career. I have faith in David, and i know he will make the right decisions and have an amazing continuous career.

  567. Jessie says:

    David has actual real talent! Most of the singers these days can’t really sing! But David can outsing anybody. I have enjoyed every single one if his songs on all of his albums. I just don’t see how he was dropped by Jive. They have made a big mistake. Not only is he talented though, he is so genuine, and kind to everybody around him. I is one of the best examples of service. And I think he has taught us all a lesson on that. Give David another chance!

  568. LilyArchuleta says:

    Please give David a record deal! He deserves it!
    爱爱 爱爱
    爱 爱 爱 爱
    爱 爱 爱
    爱 爱
    爱 爱
    We LOVE Archie! ❀

  569. LilyArchuleta says:

    I am an Archie! I’ve been an Archie since the beginning and I was one of the 63,000 to buy his album! I love David and I always will! ❀

  570. ai lyn says:

    His music- recorded or not yet recorded- should totally be heard by the masses before they decide whether to support him or not. his music wasn’t given that chance. He’s a REAL musician and artist and sooooo good and full of soul that I can’t just enjoy him for myself, his music needs to be shared and heard. here’s to a new label!

  571. AmandaAArchie says:

    I Deffinity Bought This AWESOME Album Just Like I Did The Two Others Before This One. As a Matter Of Fact; I Pre-Ordered All Of Those Great Albums Before They Even Came Out ! I Got The Fan Edition w/ The Pictures, Bracelts & Everything. & I Always Will Buy His Music When It Comes Out & Go To His Fantastic Concerts, ALWAYS !! β™₯

  572. Daniela says:

    I have loved this bright talent since his first auditions to American Idol! I am totally addicted to his voice, his music and his beautiful messages through music. “The Other Side of Down” is the best CD ever and tops the first one. David needs to make more CDs because he has a lot to give and I cannot think of days to come without listening to his beautiful voice!

  573. D.J. Akimoto says:

    Thank you MIX 105.1 for your support in David Archuleta. He is truly an amazing singer. He is the only artist that I follow and have been his fan since he was discovered on American Idol. I am truly disappointed that he was removed from Jive’s roster but I strongly believe that David will overcome and SHINE as we have never seen before. With your help, David should be signed to another record label soon.

  574. delina says:

    I’ve been a fan from the beginning and always will be. David is an amazing talent. He’s got the whole package. He should not have been dropped!! I’m confident he will be able to still share his music in the inspriational way he always has. We love you, David.

  575. ben says:

    Hold on tight David! No way you don’t deserve a record deal with people believing in you!!

  576. nora says:

    I wonder why most of the radio stations would not play his music even though we requested them all the time, I can see one station, but so many? What did Jive have to do with that, I don’t know. His cd got great reviews from music critics, better than his first. He is a great talent.

    1. Nancy says:

      I heard Jive told the radio stations not to play his music. One of there other artists called the radio stations and ask why they weren’t playing their music also and they told her that Jive told them not to. David did not conform to what Jive wanted…..they wanted him to be like all the other artists out there, and he had a different vision for himself as an artist so Jive told him fine have it your way and we will not support you with this cd…which mean’t no radio play either. They dropped him because he basically would not do things their way. Also, if you don’t get promotion and radio play you aren’t going to sell any cds. I am surprised he sold as many as he did. He worked his ass off for Jive and look what they did for him. He is better off to find another record label more suited to the type of music he wants to make…Jive isn’t that label. They promote Chris Brown the woman beater and get his new single played but they can’t support sweet honest David Archuleta with the most beautiful voice in the world. That is crazy!!!

  577. Mary says:

    Thank you MIX 105.1 for your support! I don’t think this situation is bad for David’s career, at least not in the long run. Their lack of promotion and their attempts to change his image didn’t help David at all. Anyway….in my opinion it’s their loss! And he deserves better than that!
    I’ll support David no matter what he chooses to do next. He knows how much we love him. Everything’s gonna be more than alright!

  578. LilyArchuleta says:

    David Archuleta is one of those people that are truly a great talent. When I found out Jive dropped him I was genuinely surprised! When I told my best friend she said, “OMFG WHY WOULD THEY DROP HIM??? ITS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPARD!” I think that’s pretty much well said. So help help David get his Shepard back! Please? We support Archie! ❀

  579. bonnie says:

    As an “older” Archie fan, I have enjoyed all three albums and think David only gets better and better with experience. I hope to see and hear him for a long time to come. He is one of the best new talents out there at this time.

  580. Tracy says:

    David Archuleta is one of the best person I have ever met. He’s so wonderful and it’s a shame not many people appreciates what he gives. I can’t wait to see what’s in the near future for him.

  581. Gemma says:

    I was beyond gutted when i heard he was dropped from Jive. I love that you’ve decided to try and help him along a little bit too. David deserves alot more recognition than he’s getting just now, i just hope things turn out amazing for him!

  582. Shelia says:

    I bought David’s CD. I loved the music. He was not promoted. He went around in the summer for free trying to his self. They never scheduled him any concerts, ads, or tours. But why for some to buy the music when its free to watch on youtube.
    I tried calling the radio stations to play the songs. He is the best male singer in the world.
    I am a women and love makeup. If a company creates something new if I know it I will buy it ,but if I don’t know it I want. But I will see it some where. So I buy and try it.
    David has a lots of fans world wide. He will make some one in the music industry a very happy person to sign him. Thank you

  583. LilyArchuleta says:

    Common Archies! We are slacking off! We can comment more than this! WE SUPPORT ARCHIE!

  584. canadianarchie says:

    I’m disappointed in Jive…. David Archuleta represented Jive in a different light, he’s an inspiration to the youth, he’s a humanitarian, his charity work… not to mention his amazing uplifting music… David Archuleta is GENUINE!!! A gem!!

  585. Samantha says:

    David don’t you worry honey, you are blessed with such amazing talent, you will get a new record label in no time! Just keep your head up, and you will make it to The Other Side Of Down πŸ˜‰ I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!

  586. TOfan says:

    It’s great that you guys are doing this but I bet other labels are falling over themselves trying to be the next one lucky enough to sign the uber-talented David Archuleta. And 67,000 in sales is pretty impressive for an album that received zero publicity, which is a shame because it’s such a great record, soulful pop at its best.

  587. LilyArchuleta says:

    I am really trying to spread the word via twitter. We must make it to 36,000 comments!

  588. UnicornArchie says:

    I love love love love love love love David Archuleta! πŸ˜€

  589. Nani says:

    It’s shocking to see how Jive would drop such an incredible artist just because of sales figures. His music is truly an inspiration to all, other than his charms and clean record. Jive’s failure in promoting David A is why The Other Side of Down did not sell very well and not David’s fault. I know a lot of us are disappointed by Jive’s decision, especially the fans and probably some regular music lovers who just simply prefer his music to lighten up their day than other artists’. Surely with the right promotion strategy, he would rise and… score a Grammy. Or two. Who knows? πŸ™‚

  590. Inma says:

    People likes David for his talent, his good (great!) work, his voice, his songs… but he deserves all this support for his big heart, he is humble and people admires him for this.
    In addition, he has fans all over the world, even in countries where he is not known, like Portugal, Spain, U.K., Italy, Germany…
    People spend money (a lot of money) buying online his CD’s and book… so when David is recognized in these countries, Jive will repent, I think…

  591. Scott says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing artist and even more amazing person. He deserves a record label that is going to support him and what HE wants for his career. David has real ,natural talent and a large fiercly devoted fanbase of people of ALL ages . Female and male ! He is an inspiration to so many and I am looking forward to a great future! I know I will be there every step of the way!

  592. LilyArchuleta says:

    Jive has made a HUGE mistake! David will get another record label and then Jive will be sorry! I own TOSOD and all the rest of his albums! I actually purchased TOSOD twice! David really deserves a record label! Please help! We support Archie!

  593. Perez says:

    Go David!

  594. Glen Archie says:

    David, remember that ARCHIENOYS are always here for you!!! keep on rockin’ our precious angel!!! m/

  595. Precious says:

    Please help david. He doesn’t deserved to dropped 😦 He’s such a talented boy. I think, They just don’t know what’s the real meaning of music. Please help david!

  596. wahida says:

    I’m sure that Jive had done their biggest mistake bcause dropped David !!!I’m sure that David’ll get way way way better label than Jive !!thank you MIX 105.1 for your support to DAVID ARCHULETA !!MOST AMAZING SINGER !

  597. Chrissy<3 says:

    David is an fantastic singer! I still can’t get over the fact Jive would do such a horrible thing lik this!! Let’s prove them wrong!!!!!!!<3

  598. i love david says:

    we love david… what an inspiration he is to all of us. i love his voice his music eveyrthing about him

  599. Betty says:

    JIVE you are making the biggest mistake, but then again David thinks it is the right way to go, so maybe this split was his idea.. I hope so. I will never listen to any music that comes from you. I have dropped you off of twitter and will not buy any music that you produce. PRODUCE oh that is a concept. Maybe if you would have actually produced his album it would have sold more. It is wonderful. His voice is beyond any “PopStar” out there. He can sing rings around them. He has values and beliefs that go against all the trash songs that are popular.
    David will be fine. He is the most positive person I have ever seen. He didn’t expect to get this far and I believe it is only the beginning. Some record company will see the value in David. He is a Gem. God Bless you always David.

  600. archangel says:

    David is the greatest and his music must live on. Give him a deal

  601. davidluver says:

    I honestly have never heard a more beautiful voice than David Archuleta’s. He will be just fine. Jive didn’t know what to do with him. They wanted him to be some kind of teen pop idol, but David is so much more than that. I’m glad he told them where to go with his latest album and did it his way. I believe this has made him stronger to manage this challenging road ahead. I’ll be right here supporting this fine artist and gem of a human being!

  602. Marylee says:

    Would like to express my appreciation & dedication, once again, for this super talented young man. I have never been touched by another artist as I have by David & his music, not to mention his giving spirit. He has a way of taking us along with him wherever he goes when he sings to us..such a rare gift..a GEM!

  603. Shelia says:

    David is the best male singer in world. I bought his CD and love his music. He will be a big assest to a recording artist. He can sing anything. He Has fans all over the world.

  604. Ari says:

    MIX – Here’s a great idea for you: Play David’s current single “Falling Stars” (at least we think it’s the current single, although Jive never officially submitted ANY of the songs from this current album to radio). Play it a few times a day and ask us listeners to let you know what we think. Tell people to come here to this website and support David if they like the song. It would be interesting to see the reaction.

    Talented artists should be supported by radio stations and their labels. Too bad David was not (see example of Jive’s lack of effort above) That is the reason this great album did not sell well. I hope he gets a new, and even more important, BETTER record label than Jive.

  605. meme says:

    What David’s fans are saying and what the media is not reporting that Jive failed miserably at promoting it.

    David is a real and genuine artist, not a manufactured celebrity. I expect to hear more from him and praying for concerts in the near future, David live is an experience.

  606. meganloves2lol says:

    i’d really like jive to go look at this video! watch that! and tell me he doesn’t have a good voice! now who wouldn’t wanna sign him!? we love you david! and we’ll stand by you forever!!

    1. ArchiesLettuceGirl says:

      omg I watched it and it was amaaazzinnggg. thanks for the link. πŸ™‚

  607. Gabriel says:

    When I hear “Crush” for the first time in the radio, back in 2008, I just heard a song that marked my life forever! I searched on the internet about David Archuleta and just found my Idol. He is my idol yet, and it will be forever!!! He is undoubtley the most real and humble artist that ever existed! With his huge heart he made records as his debut album “David Archuleta”, “Christmas from the Hert” and “The Other Side of Down”. I believe that his music can change the world, and there are not so many artists that can do that, at least the way that David does it! The problem of his low sales is probably becaus he is not that known all over the world. But how can an artist be known all over the world if his label doesn’t promotes him??? He never said: “Hey girls, you’re hot”, or “I’m the best”, or even “You have to buy my record”. Most people think that the best artists are those that say that kind of things! But they’re wrong! David is big and never said anything like that. He is big because of his talent, his voice, his heart, and his happiness. He never gives up… he’s allways searching for the other side of down. Now put your brain working at least one time and search on the internet about the one that can inspire and change an entire generation: DAVID ARCHULETA!
    PS.: I am with you David! We are with you! πŸ˜€

  608. Amanda says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing natural talent! There aren’t many people who can get up on stage with just a piano and sing as beautifully as he does!! He needs a label and management that will appreciate what a fantastic artist he is! For those of you who haven’t bought David’s “The Other Side of Down” cd, you should go out and get it. It is like a breath of fresh air!

  609. Madison says:

    David is SO SWEET! he is freaking talented!! only one vocal chord, and he sounds like none other!! i mean are you kidding me?! He is VERY VERY talented, and has plenty of fans who can definitely support him! He has such a great voice and it should still be playing on CD’s and on the radio! WE LOVE YOU DAVID!!!

  610. happykitt1 says:

    Jive made a BIG mistake!! Archie is probably better off without those idiots, it’s their fault The other side of down didn’t sell, everybody who heard it fell in love with it. Jive wasn’t able to bring out the best in David, they didn’t treat him like family and it doesn’t affect him in anyway cuz the way I see it another record company will come in and pick him up and he will become more succesful than ever, and just so you know us Arch Angels will always atand by you!!

  611. Kathleen says:

    Dear Jive Records, I just wanna congratulate you for losing a great singer whose voice is like an angel, David Archuleta. What the heck did you do to David? He’s great, awesome, and has a billion of fans in the whole world. That really shows how amazing he is. I’m sure he’ll get a better record label. Let’s support Archie everyone.

  612. pinnacle says:

    Nice gesture, but I believe David will have no problem finding the right fit for him, probably with an indie label where he can do what feels right to him.

  613. pabuckie says:

    David Archuleta is the best LIVE performer I’ve ever seen. His songs are positive, uplifting, meaningful. Listening to his voice takes you on an unexpected emotional journey. His music I FEEL I don’t just listen to. David you’re the most passionate singer I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. I feel blessed because of it.

  614. Chickee says:

    Whatever record label is lucky enough to contract with David will be very lucky indeed! He has natural talent, staying power, a voice unlike any other, and if you have never been to a DA concert, it is just not to be believed; he’s that good.

  615. katie says:

    Jive really messed up letting David go. David is just so talented that I think he will be signed by another label if he wants to.

  616. vickie says:

    I am a huge fan of David Archuleta and am confident that the right decision was made to leave Jive. David is a one of a kind artist that refuses to compromise his beliefs and principals to sell records. I admire him for that. He deserves a label that will support him and encourage him to follow his heart. I am with him on this journey.

  617. Mary says:

    David Archuleta has the best voice. He is also incredibly sweet, talented and professional. I love his music.

  618. Anne H says:

    Palm to Heart_

    @Nancy: Thank you so much for your comment concerning David Archuleta’s music and radio play. Some people are a bit more naive than I am, so that when I kept saying David was in a ‘dog eat dog’, cutthroat business, they may not have believed me. Or to what extent record labels might go with an artist. They never believed a label would do to its artist, what Jive did to David. Owing that it would cut their flow of money. However, money plays not part when it comes to ‘being under my thumb.’ Labels have always treated artists like pieces of chattel. And along comes David James Archuleta. David seemed to be even more of a Mormon than other Mormon celebrities. However, David was still a teenager when he reached stardom.Just your average teen with a love of religion and a love of music. So how do you as a record label meld the two.

    We fans of David’s knew that something was up from the start. Jive never really promoted David. David was constantly on the raod doing tours but getting little or no air play. That crap by Britney was being played 4 & 5 times and hour. Meanwhile “Crush” (a top song of the decade) was being played maybe once every two to four hours, if that.

    Not only was Jive not promoting David on air it even had his song ALTNOY pulled from a voting sites. Heaven knows what else they did.

    But David Archuleta has something that Jive doesn’t have. David has a loving and generous heart and he has God behind him, and God don’t like ugly.

    David will be just fine. Now he can do those things he always wanted to do musically and personally, and be secure in them. David has an instrument that is virtually unmatched in the world of music. And the best part, it’s still getting better. David’s voice is projected to reach full tone around 22 or 23. WOW!!! I can hardly wait.

    Fanatics, who has David Archuleta’s back?

    _Palm to Heart

  619. KaitlenK says:

    I wonder if Jive used up all of their money to resurrect Chris Brown’s career. It is amazing how hard uber talented people with impeccable character have to work to get noticed in this Industry. Yet, those with far less talent, and many problems get promoted every place you look! Autotune , trash lyrics, gimmicks, no scruples is what it takes to make it in the Music Industry these days.
    It is really such a sad commentary about our society. No wonder the Music Industry and labels are hurting big time. Music is a thing of the is all about “flash without substance”!

    David is a gift that keeps on giving…and I will follow David, as I know he will always be singing and sharing his heart! What a guy!

    David is like a “diamond” in the rough….and they toss his aside without a second look. For shame

  620. T says:

    As much as I appreciate you trying to help David out, this little thing here isn’t going to work! And don’t try to pretend that it can. First off, you’re asking for a RIDICULOUS amount of signatures! 63,000 signatures! Even though 63,000 people bought the album, 63,000 people aren’t going to read this article and want to write something about David. It’s just not going to happen. This is basically like a giant tease for us fans. Almost like a way of making fun of us cause I’m sure you know as well as I do that this isn’t going to do a darn thing for David. So enjoy reading all of our begging comments, because that was probably your intention all along. Just to get a good laugh out of us “crazy” fans.

    If you really want to help David, then PLAY HIS MUSIC ON YOUR STATION! That’s what will promote him! That’s what will get people listening! Give radio listeners who aren’t David fans a chance to hear “Something ‘Bout Love” or “Elevator” and let them see (or hear) how great he his! Then people will want to buy his album and ultimately he should get signed again. Don’t get our hopes up and make us think a crap load of signatures on your website is going to help get him noticed. Put the time and effort that you spent writing this article and coming up with this silly concept into playing his songs and promoting him on your station. That would be the best thing you could do for David.

  621. LilyArchuleta says:

    Alright we only have 627 comments! If not even a quarter of David’s twitter followers would comment once we’d have more than enough! Maybe he should tweet about this site. We support Archie! ❀

  622. Lucas says:

    It really just sucks, not the fact that David was dropped, that sucks too, its just that hes one of the absolute BEST artists I have ever heard in my entire life, and hes being treated like hes nothing. He should be at the absolute top.

  623. LilyArchuleta says:

    I could talk for hours about David’s amazing personality and voice, but I’m not going to because anyone who is reading this right now is obviously a big David fan and if very familiar with him. So long story short! Please help David get a record deal again! We support Archie! ❀

  624. adam says:

    Jive is a joke, they did NOTHING to support this great young artist.

  625. LilyArchuleta says:

    Jive may have just made the biggest mistake of their lives! David Archuleta has an amazing talent! They will be sorry when David is selling at the top of the charts and is more happy with his career than ever. David needs a company that can actually promote him! Ask some radio stations to play one of his songs once a day for a week and it’ll be a hit! Even though I strongly dislike Jive I do not hate Melinda because after talking with her on twitter I know she still loves David despite not working with him anymore. ❀ Anyways please help David get a new record deal! PEACE, LOVE, AND ARCHIE! ❀ We support Archie!!

  626. LilyArchuleta says:

    I will not rest until David gets a record deal!! He deserves one more than almost everyone out there! Jive will regret the day 2-18-11 for the rest of their lives! They will remember it as the day they let David slip through their fingers. I’m thinking we should get Peace, Love, and Archie trending on twitter! Who’s with me? We support Archie! ❀

  627. Jessica vazquez says:

    David Archuleta is the greatest and most talented singer in the history of music… Jive records is making a huge mistake… his other side of down cd is the best. I listen to it everyday and when I’m feeling down it’s the only thing that cheers me up… #WeSupportArchie

  628. Portia says:

    I support David no matter what. I truly beleive that Jive made a HUGE mistake in letting him go. He is so talented and I don’t think he was given enough promotion for his album. The main people that bought it were the hard-core Archie fans. It is so unfair to let him go over something that he has no control over. He is one of the most talented, good hearted people I have ever had the joy of listening to and watching throughout the years. He is in my prayers πŸ™‚

  629. vanessa says:

    dropping David is the biggest mistake jive has ever done! David is such a great singer! If poor album sales is the reason they drop him, they should have done their job promoting archie! they’ll regret what they’ve done, David is better of without them he’ll sure find a new and a better record label!!!! >.<

    God bless you David!

  630. HUNNZY says:

    IF mIX105.1 thinks David should be re-signed then why dont you play his songs!!!!!! I have requested daily and cant get Davids musis played! So MIX 105.1 play his music and show your support!!!!! How can an artist grow without there music being heard!! JUST SAYNG!!! PLEASE play SBL and ELEVATOR!!! Even Crush????? Thanks for your support!!!

  631. sukanya says:

    JIVE has really made the biggest mistake in their live .David is such a gre8 performer .He usually motivates other through his song.Well David will soon find another record label .We all love you David…………

  632. Denise says:

    I really believe that David is very talented and his songs carry much more meaning than many other pop songs out there. I love all his albums and his voice can always motivate me. Even now, listening to TOSOD makes me believe things are gonna get better and David and all Archies will make it to the other side of down. πŸ™‚

  633. why archuleta says:

    go..ARCHIE….we are love you…
    and i believe you can to be strong….

  634. Aidah says:

    Jive or not, I will support David until the end. Even after saying that, though, it’s obvious that David needs a record label to help with the production of his music. He deserves the best, that one of a kind.

  635. Hiba says:

    DA is amzaing as a person n when it comes to singing he’s incerdible! jive records is losing a great voice! they should realise it now otherwise it would be too late.

  636. johnson says:

    How do you know David is disappointed at parting ways from Jive? Because he said he felt it should be the way (due to differing ideas). Jive tried to make him someone he’s not and David needs a label that understands him as a person and his amazing musical gift as a musician. Especially Jive is known as a label that doesn’t spend money for promoting their artists if you are not Britney, Usher or Pink. Even they are proud of selling music of big name singers without much promotion. They lost so much money last year and have gone through structural changes in management and some executives left the company to other competitors. I won’t be surprised if Jive is sold or merged with other labels in the near future.

  637. Carol from Georgia says:

  638. Nicole says:

    Considering David’s album came out at a time when Jive was going through transitions and so was David by having no management…..the low sales say more about Jive and NO promotion than they do about David. Jive should’ve realized that and tried again with David. All though I’m not so sure this isn’t a good thing for David….the reason David’s fans are so supportive and loyal to him is because of HIM, of the person that he is…NOTHING to do with the person Jive wants him to be. We aren’t Beliebers or anything like that….David isn’t looking to be a “popstar.” We need a label to support the David we love and allow him to be him.

  639. potpot says:

    It was JIve’s fault. They lacked on promoting his album! always!

  640. ArchiesLettuceGirl says:

    I love David Archuleta! He deserves a record label! His voice is fantastic and he does it all with one vocal chord too! He has helped many people through charity organizations and it’s time us Archies help him! Archies comment on this pleeaassseeee! We support Archie! PEACE, LOVE, AND ARCHIE! ❀

  641. Ally says:

    I love you David!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jive just made the biggest mistakes of their lives.

  642. chris wilson says:

    come on you can do it and get through

  643. big fan says:

    he deaserves a record label

  644. Mhae says:

    David definitely deserves a record deal!!!
    He is such an amazing singer & songwriter and person!
    I’ve been supporting ever since he auditioned on AI. I believe
    he has so many bright things in the future.

  645. 91TTY says:

    DAVID HAS TALENTS!! Jive will regret because they lost one of the greatest singer ever! he’s one of the best performer,he sings from the deepest of his heart…he REALLY loves music…he shouldn’t be treated like this….he deserves for a great Label company who can accept him with the way he is ;___;

  646. Amanda says:

    Jive made a huge mistake, when they let David go. But I feel that David deserves so much better than those idiots at Jive. I really love that guy, and it breaks my heart to see that tosod didn’t sell that well. I live in Sweden, but I’ve bought all the cd’s, cause I want to support him. And if we can collect 63 000 comments, wouldn’t that be so great, to show him how much we love him!

  647. Renee says:

    Jive made a big mistake. The only reason the album did not sale was because it was not promoted well. David keeps getting better. We saw him with the AI tour and when toured with Demi (only to see David).

  648. Mike says:

    They were stupid to drop David. Hopefully David will get a company that will support his talent.

  649. Breanne says:

    David is a great talent. The only reason I went to the Demi concert and AI concert.

  650. Judy . says:

    . Jive records made a big mistake letting David go. He is a very talented songwriter, singer. His songs are sung from his heart and they are so much better than other performers out there. He is a very decent boy and amazing person and his music is beautiful and can be listened to by good kids A grandmother’s perspective! He deserves a better record label than Jive

  651. Mariam says:

    I Support Archie and I have been supporting him since idol and I will keep supporting him FOREVER!!

  652. Mariam says:

    Archie is one of the best and IS the best young artist that doesn’t and hasn’t had alcohol or drugs or sex and he won’t plan on till he’s married but the part with drugs and alcohol he’ll never he’s so pure and goodhearted

  653. rosemary says:

    Jive did not support david at all… probably a lot of people did not support or buy his cds because he’s a good person with moral and good values and a lot of people does not have that kind a perspective in life and a lot of them are kinda offended….or jealous of david.

  654. taylor says:

    I love david and I will buy all his cds… he needs to produce more albums… he’s the best singer….

  655. nora says:

    If your station was so supported of David, why don’t you show it by playing some of his music, like Falling Stars, Something ‘Bout Love or Crush? ARCHIE FANS YOU CAN SUPPORT DAVID BY GOING OUT TO BUY ANOTHER COPY OF TOSOD, I did this on Saturday, you can too

  656. Hidayah Rahman says:

    I’ve been a fan of David since he stepped foot on American Idol and I’ll never stop supporting him. He is one of the most amazing artists/idols ever. He has a soulful voice to match his attitude. He is humble, grounded and his music is his. He is mature and wise at such a young age. He is optimistic and there is no moment that you don’t see him smile. He puts everything before himself and he cares so much about the world. David Archuleta inspires me. I look up to him a lot and I’ll be here rooting for him no matter what happens together with all the Archie fans all over the world. With a label or not, his fans will always be faithful to David because we believe in him :).

  657. cindi says:

    Our little city of Alpine Utah loves David! We don’t care which record label he signs up with- We will buy anything he records. We have been to several concerts and have his CD’s. His music uplifts and inspires. He has an amazing voice and is an incredible person. He could sing jingle bells and we would love it. We wish him well and are confident that good things will happen to him in his life.

  658. cutter12 says:

    I’m not worried about David. He has way too much talent to just fade away. I’m sure he’ll find a company that will fit him better and he’ll make music for many years to come.

  659. Izzati M.Ali says:

    my all support is for david…i bought all his CDs and COS…


  660. Sharmaine says:

    I was really disappointed not with David but with Jive Records.For if they really think of business, they shouldn’t release David for, for sure, David would make money for many years to come. David is really incredibly talented. I believe that there’ll be some FANTASTIC record label whom will get David and make money. I pray and support David. Talented humble artists are worth the support of the people around. πŸ™‚

  661. ArchiesLettuceGirl says:

    David Archuleta is truly a talented guy. He can sing like you couldn’t imagine. He really deserves a record label. Please help him out. πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™‚

  662. ArchiesLettuceGirl says:

    I will comment on this a million times if I have to. Archies we’re slacking off! We can do this! Peace, Love, and Archie! ❀

  663. Kathy says:

    1st of all why would David want to go back to jive…they suck as a label…they never got David…never…he’ll find a better way to go. FYI just heard Jason Castro’s new single on our home town Christian Pop Station. it was great…maybe that’s where David should be. I’m just sayin.

  664. TimothyH2O says:

    I can’t believe anyone would drop SUCH an amazing talent! David is one of the greatest singers of all time, and he is so genuine and has such BIG heart. There are so many good things about him. Which is why not only is he my most favorite male artist, but he is probably the most amazing person I’ve ever met! It’s sad that the industry is ultimately business, which is about cost and profits. To waste such a rare talent is truly saddening. I really, really hope that he’ll get signed by another record label like Interscope, very soon. And get a management team that knows how to PROMOTE him!

  665. idoldance says:

    Jive should’ve at least given him another chance! Like putting out a new single and have him do PROMOS and see what the public’s reaction would be like, and THEN make such a rubbish decision. There’s many songs on The Other Side Of Down that are so much better than what they’ve picked to be the first single. And seeing how there was hardly any promos, I’m not surprised the response hasn’t been that well. A LOT of people still don’t know this album exists, not like they don’t like it. Jive has always been my FAVORITE RECORD LABEL for having 2 of my favorite artists of all time, until now. I am so disappointed. I will not buy any other artists’ records from Jive other than Britney and Justin Timberlake from now on.

  666. Anne H says:

    Palm to Heart_

    Jive made a mistake in not promoting David, but not in severing their partnership. David is happy about the split and so am I.

    David has given his fan a new vlog in which he talks about the split from Jive and WEG. The log has been transcribed as well. I don’t know how to be prouder of David. This message makes me reaffirm everything I saw and knew about this young man. David is no pushover. He is a dynamo for sure.

    David had decisions to make about where he wanted his life to go and he made them. He took that all important ‘first step’. And he is just as proud of us.

    Remember how David went on his own volition to AI auditions; and that Dean didn’t think he was ready. Well he has gone on his own volition again, and again God has his back. David James Archuleta is not straddling the fence or running lukewarm. David is moving on sure of where he wants to go.

    I kind’a felt going to India would have a profound impact on David. Gosh! I just love the MAN he is becoming. No, THE MAN HE IS.

    We should have a prayer moment Friday for David, thanking God & asking Him to bless His servant, and the decisions he makes. If you guys want to do the prayer Tweet it. David desires our strength right now.

    _Palm to Heart

  667. David Becken says:

    David Archuleta is a prize. Part of this is the fault of his ‘fans’. He has over a million fb friends, and is heralded everywhere he goes in the world, yet only 68,000 of us bought his disc? (I have previously heard 86k) What the heck? His so-called fans need to put up the bucks, in order for him to survive. I would buy his albums even if I hated his music, just to support him. The music is great, so where are the sales? Pony up people! Previous reports said he fought with his label to get this last album to be how he wanted it, so much was riding on it. His fans have failed him.

  668. Anne H says:

    Palm to Heart_

    @David Becken: Please don’t place this at the feet of sales & fans. I would suspect that lots of artists had slumping sales, afterall we’re just climbing out of a recession. More than that, David has one of the most diverse fan clubs out there, young and old. And what a difference age makes. While the mature fans are more settled and understand more about how important it is to support David and only David, the younger fans don’t. They support David, Britney, Justin, TI, and so many others; and they request and buy them. While someone like me, I give 100% off my support to David and only David. I don’t request others, I don’t buy others, I don’t even watch AI where one could easily find themself rooting for the next AI and therefore splitting their efforts for David. I read the tweets and messages all the time of DJA fans for Beiber & others. I read one in here the other day. It said, “I won’t buy any Jive artists except for Britney and Timberlake”, I think it was. I was so angry. If you support David, then support him 100%. David is a 100% person, he gives his all to us, and I wan’t to give him all that I can 100%.

    Back on track though, some people have to put food on their table and stuff. I’m sure David would never ask any of his fans to sacrifice their needs for his music.

    Jive could not change David, and I’m sure David got tired of them trying. Jive never really supported David (and I truly blame Cowell and Seacrest for that) They didn’t ask radio to play him and they didn’t send his music to other countries and they even had him pulled off music polls like Musictone. The split was amicable, and I’m glad David is no longer with Jive. WE, HIS FANS AND HIS GOD, ARE HIS BEST PROMOTERS.
    David has a vision and he’s following it. He has told us about music, so we get it, and we support him in whatever direction he chooses.
    _Palm to Heart

    1. Douglas says:

      I have to completely agree with you. I hardly heard Davids music on the radio..I knew something was up with that. David A. is one special guy. He can sing anything. Wish the best for David….:)

  669. Leslie says:

    I have bought all of David’s CD’s and listen to them all the time. He is my favorite singer of all time, ever! Talent like his doesn’t come along very often and a true blue personality like his doesn’t come along very often either. There is so much to be admired in David Archuleta, he has courage and amazing maturity for one so young, that he makes me try to be a better person. Will support him always, and will always buy and listen to his music.

  670. Archie says:

    It was Jive’s fault! They didn’t support David. They lack of promotions. All they think is business.

    They should have given him a second chance. Not all the time, a person will always be on top.

    Anyhow, I’ll always be here to support David no matter what. He’s a good person inside and out. He’s indeed a good role model. He has the greatest fans in the world; young and old.

  671. Diena F says:

    I am a David Archuleta’s huge fan since he appeared on American Idol Season 7. I really admire the beauty of his voice and his humility. Sometimes I got to cry because his voice is too beautiful to listen. He’s really talented and deserving of a new record label. Just forget Jive, they really have made a big mistake. And for your information, David’s single “Something ’bout Love” had been a champion on many radio charts in Indonesia. Well, the song is easy-listening and really motivates us to not give up easily in any case, especially love.

    On the album “The Other Side of Down”, David wrote 10 from 12 songs. And in my humble opinion, all the songs are not bad and I really liked “Good Place” and “Falling Stars”. A lot of my friends who had not liked or didn’t know who-David-is become David’s fans too and they like many songs on his new album.

    Like it says on the amazon reviews:
    “if you are tired of albums where every song sounds the same, then this is the album for you. If you are tired of music which is depressing and sleazy and long for something uplifting and joyful, then this is the album for you. If you are tired of talentless singers, then this is the album for you.”

    So there’s no reason for me to not support David forever πŸ™‚

  672. David is a really talented singer. I bet His next record label will not regret to sign him.

  673. karen says:

    Who ever picks up David is gonna have a gold mine. He is a talented singer with a wonderful voice. He just needs to find his niche. Jive is more into promoting freaks. With a little promoting by Jive and his Management Company you would have seen greater sales. There were many factors that went into the low sales. David is well liked, just look at the request for him on TV programs, Capital 4th, Skating for the Heart (2 years) New Years Eve etc….. Good luck to David may the best company win cause you are a real prize. By the way I am well into my 40’s and have followed David since he landed on AI. He is a true ROLE MODEL for young people of today!

  674. Charles says:

    David is a great, great singer. Eventually, he is going to strike it big. It will be Jive’s loss.

  675. Friski says:

    Oh come on!! David doesn’t deserve to be dropped!! He is a great singer! He is talented and inspire many people. Everyone loves him! Please.. Jive, you made very big mistake.

  676. Paula says:

    I cannot understand this whole thing. Around Christmas I could not find David Archuleta’s the other side of Down anywhere. All the stores were sold out. Seems like many wanted the CD, but the CD was not available in stores. Bad advertising by Jive this is clear. I think the CD had fabulous songs by this brilliant singer with the amazing voice instrument. I cannot understand any of this. I know David A. will find another label and continue to bring wonderful music to his fans who are by the millions by the way. We love you David !!!!!! ❀

  677. Paula says:

    The song he sang in spanish is breathtaking!!!! I have tears in my eyes every time I hear David Archuleta sing anything. His voice is one in a million. My goodness this young man can really get to the heart of a listener. It is God given talent that does not come around often in a lifetime of entertainers. Blessings David I love you and so do your fans. Thank you God for David Archuleta! ❀ Genius singer

  678. Nichole says:

    Please sign him on! He’s a real talent!

  679. R.D.P. says:

    To be honest, he’s not really an ‘outstanding’ singer – I was really, really surprised that he’d made it to the 2nd slot on American Idol years ago. There’s no denying that his personality is spectacular, and that’s taken him far, but his singing prowess… Youtube him singing How Great Thou Art; it’s bland, it’s plain… it’s nothing I wouldn’t hear my ward singing. He’s got a choir voice, not a solo artist’s vocals.

    So I think that this drop was meant to be, and will be a good experience for him. Let him grow a little more, develop his skills, and learn a thing or two about life and living and then let him bring his words and new talents to a new label that will appreciate him.

    I just hope that he sees this as a blessing in disguise rather than a slap in the face.

  680. maxie2go says:

    Palm to Heart_

    ANGELS, please don’t a barrage of replies to the post by R.D.P. David has told us and the world why he and Jive parted ways. David is happy and we’re happy for him.

    David is not some fly by night singer who just started singing the week before AI, we all know his back story. So, please don’t give credence to the poster R.D.P.

    Thank You Angels!

    _Palm to Heart

    1. SherylNotCrow says:

      My posting after yours is meant as a response to your comments! πŸ™‚

  681. SherylNotCrow says:

    Thank you for posting what I believe to be SO accurate and a VERY common belief among not only David’s fans, but the music industry and critics alike. David’s talent, as I reflect, is like none other. His technical ability and style and his amazing sense of character and humility will always inspire me and bring joy to my life. I wish the best for David and his career!

  682. junjun says:


  683. David Becker says:

    I guess people don’t know good music. slap in the face by Jive Records. Ya know those artists like Weezer and a lot of other bands who songs don’t get on the radio but people like them anyways. David Archuleta is one of those artists so I guess you made a big mistake. oh well your loss not his.

  684. jenelyn says:

    I love David Archuleta,I Hope He will continue doing music even if he’s not with his old record management…HE’S A VERY GOOD ROLE MODEL AND A VERY GOOD SINGER…

  685. Eunice Linda says:

    i love Archie’s Songs… Don’t let Archie drop pleaseeeee…!! πŸ˜₯

  686. June says:

    David has a beautiful voice and I love his albums and his songs. Big mistake by Jive – Truly gifted singers don’t stand a chance in today’s world of flashy shows that make anyone famous (who cannot sing) as long as costume, make-up, dance, and lights are far out! I will remain a loyal supporter to a really gifted performer – David Archuleta.

  687. Millicent Williams says:

    David Archuleta is one the best singers around. That’s why he is all over singing the National Anthem. Everytime I go to youtube he’s singing it. FABULOUS SINGER!!!!

  688. Dimple says:

    He has the best singing voice to come from American Idol. He never got a fair shake. I notice that many Houston, Texas Stations do not promote him. I guess because he doesn’t have some type of gimmick or body covered with piercings and tattoos, they don’t think he is sellable . I am disappointed in the American Idol team – if he had been on the show this last season it would have been a different story – i think the current judges will help the artist – Simon – could care less, Where was Paula? Randy is a has been oF WHAT? and the other judges can’t drink water out of a cup – so where was he going to get the mentoring a shy, innocent, naive boy needed. I just hope we don’t loose him in the rush for new talent because he deserves to make a wonderful living doing what he loves and does so well. There has got to be a promotor out there that can see this and will run at the chance to market the wonderful David – but his 15 minutes of fame can disappear quickly – like my Momma said “absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder – it makes it wander”. Get out here David!

  689. andrew says:

    the only thing i can say i that why letting down someone who is as talented as david! is money really what make this world go round? He is simply AMAZING! i think that he deserves a better label! like an ELEVATOR, it goes up, and down…we should just go with the flow! for sure, hell come back to the top in no time! Good luck david in your upcoming concert here in the Philippines! cant wait to see you here!

  690. Samantha says:

    getting rid of David is the worst decisions you will ever make!!!!! i love David and personally i think he has one of the best voices in the music industry to date!

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