6 Things Other Than Exercise That Make You Sweat!

Living in Florida with this hot summer heat, sweating is something we are all too familiar with! So, why do we sweat so much?  It’s not just from the heat and exercise!  Nope, here are 6 things that you might use every single day that cause you to sweat!  So, if you’re sick of sweating and want to remain as fresh as a flower during this brutal summer heat, I suggest you check out these six things from iVillage that make you sweat!

1.) Coffee- this delicious morning beverage is obviously hot so it raises our body temperature during the summer heat. But, that is not the main reason why this makes us sweat! Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates your nervous system, and activates your sweat glands.

So, if I were you I would stay away from drinks with large amounts like caffeine if your going to be outside for an extended period of time. This includes coffee, soda, tea, and energy drinks. Water might be the optimal choice in this situation!

2.) Sunscreen! Yes, even though sunscreen is the skin wonder during the summer, it increases your sweat release as well! Sunscreen acts like a barrier and prevents your skin from sweating.  This makes your body even hotter, so you really start to sweat.

Even though this makes you sweat, I would not skip sunscreen this summer! The sun’s damaging rays are strong this summer and you could face skin damage or skin cancer if you skip the sunscreen. My suggestion would be to find one that is oil free.

3.) Alcohol- OK, so we see all of those Jersey Shore kids having a good time drinking and tanning at the beach, but there aren’t many close ups of them sweating! Little do we know, from all they seem to drink, I bet they are sweating like crazy! Alcohol expands the blood vessels in your skin and makes you feel warm, which tells your body to start sweating. But it doesn’t actually raise your body temperature.  That’s why you’re not supposed to drink alcohol to stay warm if you’re stuck out in the cold.

My suggestion would be to stick to summer mock tails or to drink only a few drinks in order to limit your sweating, especially if you are attending an outside wedding this summer!

4.) Cigarettes- smoking cigarettes can lead to increased sweat production, in addition to the list of horrible health problems related to cigarettes. The Nicotine in cigarettes affects hormone levels, and it also raises your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.  And all those things can cause sweating.  

If you decide to quit, sweating is also a symptom of nicotine withdrawal.  But it usually goes away in less than two weeks. Also, if you quit you can save your skin from aging prematurely and also gain many other health benefits.

5.) Prescription DrugsThe most common drugs that list sweating as a side effect are blood pressure medications, antidepressants, some anti-inflammatory drugs, and some diabetes medications.

6.) PMS-Unfortunately ladies, this is something that is unavoidable! Sometimes estrogen levels can drop so low, it causes hot flashes, and it can happen at any age.  But it’s most common in women who are about to hit menopause.



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