Carly Rae Jepsen’s ascension up the charts with her smash hit Call Me Maybe has been a thrill to watch. Boosted by her Justin Bieber “endorsement”, her career shows no signs of slowing down. After her Heineken All Access performance at MIX, Scott McKenzie had the chance to chat with her about her musical heroes, the incredible momentum of her career, the songs she’s currently rocking on her iPod, and her recent appearance on Ellen.

When asked about meeting one’s heroes, Carly let slip her very own personal musical hero, saying, “I think every person deserves the chance to meet their heroes. So John Mayer, anytime you would like to meet, I’m okay with that.”

And with the rise of her career she’s even finding artists that she has admired who are now fans of hers, including Ashley Tisdale. “I met her at Justin’s birthday and she comes up to me and she started like, kind of, you know screaming a little bit. She’s like, ‘Oh my gosh it’s you,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh it’s you!’ So we had an instant kind of girl crush on one another and took a picture and it was nice.”

Currently Carly is one VERY busy girl, hitting several different cities a day promoting the single Call Me Maybe. But wouldn’t a little time off be nice? Carly told Scott, “I think you get into this, like, rhythm of the go, go, go and there is an adrenalin involved. And it IS exhausting. But the idea of waking up tomorrow and being like, ‘Carly, you know what, go back home to Vancouver, don’t worry about it,’ would be terrible! I’m enjoying this. As much as it IS a lot of work it’s so, so worth it.”

Call Me Maybe is one of the catchiest pick up lines to be found in a song today, but what does Carly find as the best pick up line? It’s pretty simple. If you’re looking to catch Carly’s attention just try a simple “Damn girl”.

When it comes to a contemporary artist on her playlist, you’ll find Robyn with Call Your Girlfriend, but when it comes to the classic artist, she’ll be cranking fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You. According to Carly, who does a cover of Mitchell’s Both Sides Now on one of her Canadian EP’s, “Joni Mitchell’s big. She’s big news.”

And what about that big Ellen appearance that brought her into even more homes and gave her exposure to an audience that may not have seen the Justin Bieber video? According to Carly, it was all a blur. “I was extremely nervous. I actually don’t remember it. I know that I went to Ellen and I know that I drove away. But actually talking to her and being involved in the performance was a very scary experience for me.”

With the way her career is going now, she better just get prepped for many more of those “very scary” experiences!

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