It’s the weekend, so you might be headed out on a date this weekend and hoping to score that first kiss. Well, hold on now, how do you know what type of kisser you are? Are you a good kisser? The problem is, we don;t get a lot of practice and then suddenly we’re thrown into that romantic situation, pressure is on, and you don’t want to blow it! Well, as long as you’re not one of the 8 types of kissers, you’ll be just fine!

The folks at “How About We…” came up with a list and description of the 8 worst types of kissers and they are hilarious and some even disgusting!

1. The Iguana:

Cool-dry lips and a tiny pink tongue jabbing back and forth in your mouth isn’t hot. Unless you have an insect in your mouth and they’re trying to get it out for you.

2. The Excited Puppy:

If at some point you think it’s a good idea mid-kiss to lick your mates face, cheek, forehead or anywhere on the face really, you just made the list of the worst kissers.

3. The Rattlesnake:

Date is going well, you make the longer-than-usual eye contact, so you lean in for a kiss and WHAM! His or her tongue is down your throat nearly suffocating your airway.

4. The Tasmanian Devil:

A tiny lip or neck nibble at the right time to the right person might be hot, but multiple bites or nibbles to the head-neck-arm-face-ear might leave you wondering why there’s not a 2nd date.

5. The Venus Flytrap:

If you can open your gigantic mouth wide enough to fit the other persons entire mouth and nose inside your mouth, there’s a problem. You’re trying to take their breath away because of how good the kiss is, not because they literally can’t breathe because you’re covering their airway.

6. The Skunk:

Bad breath, try a mint or 5! Lick your hand and smell it. If it smells like a skunks rear end, eat mints, lots of them.

7. The Possum:

Don’t cram your tongue in and just let it sit there. Nobody wants a limp tongue sitting in their mouth, not hot.

8. Kangal Fish:

These are the nasty fish used in pedicures to nibble away the dead skin on your feet and hands. However, this style of kiss, according to “How About We…” is when someone runs their tongue over your teeth or in weird cracks or crevices in your mouth, almost like they’re looking for a leftover nibble of food, GROSS!

To see the full article on bad kissers from “How About We…” click here


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