There have been photos released recently of Taylor Swift with larger than usual breasts. Many people are speculating since she hasn’t been touring lately, and mainly recording her fourth studio album, that maybe she went under the knife.

I feel the need to say something, as a super fan, I for one do not think she has gotten a breast augmentation.

Taylor Swift…America’s sweetheart would not get a breast enhancement. She pushes for kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, so why on Earth would she go and change her appearance?

Here are some likely scenarios as to why Taylor’s no-nos’ appear larger in these pictures.

1. Maybe she bought a new bra? I’m no expert on bras, but having 4 sisters, I know for a fact, that they make bras that enhance your size. And any Victoria’s Secret ad has the breast enhancing bras right in the center. This is a likely scenario.

2. Maybe her chests simply grew? Many girls talk about how they were “flat” until they turned 20 or so. Well, Taylor is only 22. I don’t know much about anatomy, but it’s a possibility.

3. Maybe she started taking birth control? One of my friends is taking birth control and apparently it can cause the breasts to grow. And not all women use birth control because they are active in the bedroom, but simply to alleviate cramps and other problems with PMS.

See, there are a multitude of reasons as to why Taylor’s ta-tas appear larger than normal. We will never know unless Taylor herself sets the record straight. Also remember, she’s not a kid anymore, she’s 22 and is legally allowed to do as she wishes.

I think for starting in this industry so young, and having so much success at such a young age, she’s kept a very level head. Plus, I think a lot of news outlets are running out of stories, so they fabricate something because they snapped a photo that has the illusion of something they’ve never seen before.

What do you think? Did T Swizzle have a boob job? Or did she simply buy an amazing bra? Sound off in the comments below.


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