We can all admit we were shocked when we heard the surprising news that the orange, fuzzy shoe-wearing, Jersey Shore celebrity was going to have a baby. Despite all of her wild moments on TV, Snooki might possess some qualities that will make her a decent mom.

Snooki told V Magazine that “Everyone will be surprised to see a different side of me. I’m loving, caring, sensitive, protective, and very maternal, no matter what people might think.”

It is a little scary thinking that Snooki will be in a charge of another person, when she can barely take care of herself, but hopefully she will trust her maternal instincts and everything will go smoothly.

Believe it or not, she has already shown us 5 reasons why she would be a good mother while she was on the Jersey Shore.

1. Since Snooki is already used to cleaning up after her own throw up and other people’s vomit, she is already showing that can do basic baby maintenance.

2. Snooki definitely knows how to multi-task! Having a baby will just be a new obstacle in her already stressful list of clubbing, drinking, publishing, and launching new product lines. She can do it all!

3. Whether it’s her watching other people fight or her slapping someone in the face during a fight, this short Jersey Shore queen definitely knows how to pick her battles. This is a great quality to pass on to her little bundle of joy!

4. Snooki has been called so many names like ‘Meatball’. She hates that she is such an easy target for the media, but believes that nurturing a positive self-image always helps her. This is a trait that her baby will need to pick up quickly, since the new mini meatball will be in the spotlight!

5. Who would have guessed that Gym-Tan-Laundry (GTL) would be a positive thing? Nobody is telling her to put the baby on a tanning bed or anything, but to give advice about the body, like going to the gym, so the baby won’t end up looking like a real meatball.

(Today MOMS)


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