Ever wonder what happens to your tax money? You aren’t going to believe some of the stuff you’re about to read.  Yes, we spent $27 million on a pottery project in Morocco!

Tom Coburn is a Senator from Oklahoma and every year he releases the “Wastebook,” which is a collection of the most ridiculous ways the government wasted our tax money in the past year.  How much money?  How about $18 billion!

Here are 10 of the craziest things the government has blown money on in the past year from Tom Coburn and Townhall.com

#1.) Moroccan Pottery Classes- The U.S. spent $27 million on a project to train people in Morocco to design and sell pottery at home and abroad. It didn’t work because of language barriers with American teachers and it flopped.

#2.) Robot Squirrels- Part of a $325,000 grant was spent on a study that built a robotic squirrel to see how snakes would react to it.

#3.) Making Pennies- In 2012, the cost to produce one penny was two cents. Already makes sense doesn’t it?  Even though no one really uses pennies anymore and making them is clearly inefficient, the government spent around $120 million making them.

#4.) Pet Shampoo- A pet care company in Nebraska got $505,000 from a community development grant to help install machines that make pet shampoo and toothpaste.

#5.) Food Stamps for the Deceased- At least 2,000 dead people received food stamps last year and that’s just in New York and Massachusetts.

#6.) The Size of Golf Holes- Purdue University used part of a $350,000 grant on a study that came to the conclusion that if golfers imagined they were putting into larger holes, they were more successful.  It could have told you that for $20 and a sandwich.

#7.) Better Tasting Beef Jerky- For some reason I’m ok with this one, but apparently The Pentagon has spent more than $1.5 million trying to create a better-tasting beef jerky for soldiers.  Have you ever tried an MRE?  If so, you’ll be ok with this funding too.

#8.) The Attractiveness of Female Fruit Flies- More than $900,000 went toward a study that found female fruit flies lose their looks as they get older and are less attractive to male fruit flies.  I bet their wings get all saggy, but I bet the male fruit flies still look.

#9.) Food for Mars- We spent $1 million developing recipes that could be eaten on Mars, including pizza and vegetarian dishes.

#10.) “Gaydar”- A $30,000 grant went to a study at the University of Washington to test if “gaydar” was real. They found people identify gay men’s faces correctly 57% of the time and lesbian women’s faces correctly 65%.


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