It’s a new year and as far as you’re concerned, things are moving along nicely in the relationship.  Then suddenly she calls and says she wants to break things off.  What?  What did I do?  Here are 5 reasons according to Bold Sky as to why women get bored in relationships and call it quits.
1.  Being Taken For Granted: Remember when you first started dating and you would drive 100 miles just to see her smiling face?  You put her up on a pedestal and worshiped her like a queen, for about a month.  As relationships mature, guys settle into their comfort zone and the fireworks go out.  Continue to treat her like a princess or else another guy will.

2. The Gifts Stop Coming: All the flowers, chocolate treats, and fun gifts you gave her in the early stages of the relationship helped you to get her!  Just because you’re officially an item doesn’t mean the gifts have to stop.  Even a single long-stem rose says, “I was thinking about you earlier and wanted to get you something to show I care.”

3. The Romance Dies: According to Bold Sky, “Romance is what women want from relationships. If you cannot give her that, she will dump you.”  Holding her hand in public, kissing, and cuddling on the couch without expecting something else  all contribute to the romance which in turn will keep her around.  And be a gentleman and remember your manners!  You would never pass gas or burp in front of her in the first few weeks of dating, so why start now?

4. Too Much Of Mr. Nice Guy: Some ladies have a thing for the bad boy, so don’t forget that guys.  That doesn’t mean she wants to marry the bay boy, but that edgier side is hot!  So, if you’re over-the-top when it comes to being Mr. Nice Guy, she will get bored because you’re no longer a challenge or exciting.

5. Too Early To Pop The Question: Commitment is good, but trying to tie her down too early is bad.  Give the relationship time to grow and pop the question after some time.  Don’t wait too long though, she’ll think you’ve lost interest.


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