About 10% of us sleep in the buff, but according to a new survey, we should all be doing it! There are 5 reasons you should be sleeping naked and they’re beneficial to your health!

According to Cosmo, here are the five benefits of sleeping in the buff:

#1.) It Airs You Out Your Nethers:  This is good for men, but it’s a bigger deal for women, because it helps prevent the growth of too much yeast and bacteria.

#2.) You Sleep Better When You’re Naked:  Here’s how one expert explained it, “Your body temperature progressively declines as you sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body. So sleeping with heavy pajamas and blankets can disrupt that.” In other words, sleeping in pajamas or using a lot of blankets can actually make you too warm at night, which makes you toss and turn and prevents you from getting enough R.E.M. sleep.

#3.) You Will Look Younger:  Being too warm at night also affects how how your body releases certain anti-aging hormones.  It’s a good thing when your temperature drops because more hormones get released that help regenerate skin cells and keep your hair looking healthy.

#4.) More Whoopie:  Skin-on-skin contact increases certain hormones like oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone.”

#5.) You’ll Lose Weight:  When you sleep through the night without tossing and turning, it gives your body a chance to lower the amount of a stress hormone called cortisol.

If you wake up with too much cortisol in your system, it makes you hungrier, which means you’re more likely to eat a larger, more filling breakfast.


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