Three Ways To Make Up For A Bad Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so hopefully you had an amazing evening full of romance. But if your lady didn’t appreciate the skanky lingerie or gas station chocolates you got her, here are three ways to make up for it.

Here are 3 ways to make up for a bad Valentine’s Day, according to Ask Men:

#1.) Acknowledge Your Mistake- This isn’t the time to justify your good intentions with the old “you’re making a big deal about nothing” excuse. To her, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Your best bet is to start with a sincere apology for your mess-up.

#2.) Make It Up to Her- Your original Valentine’s Day plan was lame, so now it’s time to impress her with a thoughtful and unique surprise.

Is there a nice restaurant she’s been wanting to try?  Or surprise her with a getaway next weekend when the Valentine’s Day craziness ends.

If you’re low on cash, it’s more about the personal touches in your plan, not how much money you drop. So instead of dinner at a fancy restaurant, try making her a romantic meal at your place and give her a heartfelt, handwritten card.

#3.) Have a Backup Make-up Plan- Depending on how mad she is, you should prepare yourself for rejection when it comes to your make-up plan.

If she refuses all of your initial ideas, try this backup plan that doesn’t require her participation at all: Have a surprise lunch from her favorite restaurant delivered to her at work on Monday with a handwritten note from you.

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