Happy Belated 500th Birthday Florida!

Did you know yesterday (April, 3rd 2013) was Florida’s 500th birthday??

I didn’t. As a native Floridian, I feel awful.

I know Taylor Swift‘s birthday is December 13th, I know the Titanic struck an iceberg on April 14th, 1912, I know the address to P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney from “Finding Nemo,” I can quote the movie Bridesmaids like it’s my social security number, but I didn’t know yesterday was Florida’s 500th birthday.

Regardless as to whether we remembered it or not, I feel it’s important we remember what is so great about this state.

We often take for granted that we live in “paradise” and may just look at Florida as only where we live, but to people living in other states, we’re some of the luckiest people on Earth.

We have numerous theme parks in our backyard, we have beaches on both sides of us, and we enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine for the most part (not to mention, the plethora of natural wonders such as the Florida aquifer, the many rivers and springs, and of course, our warm tropical breezes.)

On April 3rd, 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon spotted the peninsula of Florida, and even though it was inhabited by Native Americans, we celebrate this day as Florida’s birthday.

It’s neat to find out history behind Florida and how certain cities became what they are today. The website VivaFlorida.org has plenty of information on the state and I suggest you check it out!

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