Christina Perri Talks Penguins, Ed Sheeran Duet And ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season Finale Performance

Christina Perri took her ‘Head or Heart Tour’ to the House of Blues this past Friday night, performing hits “Jar Of Hearts,” “Arms,” “Human,” and many other songs from her recent album.

Prior to the show, I had the chance to talk to Perri about her life, her new album which features a duet with Ed Sheeran, and even her performance on the upcoming season finale of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

The day before her performance, Perri chose to spend her day off enjoying the Magic Kingdom and Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort. She posted photos of the trip on her Instagram account where she used captions like “best day off ever,” and “today was one of the most magical days I’ve ever had.”

today was one of the most magical days ive ever had #headorhearttour

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She has said that she has over 70 tattoos, many of which cannot be seen, so since she was in Orlando and had one of the “most magical days ever” at Disney World, I had to know if she had any Disney themed tattoos.

She actually does have a Disney inspired tattoo, and even had to take off her jacket to show it! She has a Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo on her upper back, but, it’s not of Captain Jack Sparrow. The tattoo is actually of her as a pirate!

“It’s a little hippie pirate. I have 70 so I have to think [if I have anymore]…that’s it,” she said. “I’m getting Mary Poppins. I’m going to get that cool little silhouette of her with the umbrella.”

Knowing that Christina has 70 tattoos, I figured one of them must have inspired a song or vice versa. “Well, I did get a Twilight tattoo…so…,” she said sarcasticaly. “Maybe subconciously it did. So my answer is yes.”

In the reverse however, a song, or at least an artist or two, have inspired tattoos. “On myself…well, Johnny Cash, so me loving Johnny Cash inspired that,” she said. She then pointed to a tattoo that Jason Mraz drew while they were on tour and said that one actually counts as well.

Reflecting on her collaborative effort with Ed Sheeran on her latest album, she revealed that the two are very good friends and they both happened to be in the studio at the same time and just recorded it.

“What really happened was, I wrote this song called “Be My Forever” for my album 2, and it’s the happiest song I’ve ever written in my life. It was almost a little too happy for me,” she said. “I almost didn’t want to put it on the album, then I realized that if I sang it with someone else and made it a duet, that maybe it would work.”

Ed was her first choice to sing the duet. She threw the idea out to him and he jumped at the idea. Unfortunately though, his extensive touring with Taylor Swift left him little time to record. “By chance, the stars all lined up and August of last year he came to visit me because his producer is my producer also, so kind of like a family,” Perri said. “Ed came by the studio to see me and my friend and we just happened to be doing “Be My Forever” today and I was like ‘Do You Want To Sing?’ and he was like ‘OK!'”

Just as she has been invloved in music her whole life, she has also had a deep affection for penguins.

“I’ve loved penguins my whole life. Everyone has their favorite animal and I’ve always really liked penguins. I wrote a song called Penguin,” she said. “It was almost a joke. It was what we call a dummy lyric, when you can’t think of an actual lyric so you throw in whatever and then you change it later. I wrote this one song, planning on changing that one line and I ended up liking it and keeping it and calling that song ‘Penguin’ and getting a penguin tattoo. So it did influence a tattoo!”

Her fans then decided to call themselves Perri’s Penguins and it’s been penguin madness since. Fans bring her penguin memorabilia. During the concert, a fan actually gave her a plush penguin.

Before taking the stage at the House of Blues, which she sold out, she confirmed that she will be performing on the Dancing With The Stars season finale. “Oh you heard about that,” she said. “I had to actually move a show day for that.”

The season finale of Dancing With The Stars is Tuesday, May 20th on ABC.

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