By Adam Alexander

There are many ways to be creepy on Facebook but it took to put a list together.  You may be guilty of some of these (we hope not) but you will surely laugh at the thought of some of these things!  Dare you to do some of these, you are sure to get some private message asking “wth”!

Here’s the list from of the 8 creepiest things you can do on Facebook:

1. Posting a photo of your face on someone else’s wall with zero explanation.

2. Tagging yourself in someone else’s engagement photo.

3. Commenting on someone’s photo from 10 years ago as if it’s current. Like, if they’re eating a donut, write, “Mmm! Looks good!”

4. Commenting on someone’s life events you had no part in.

5. Requesting someone’s relationship status . . . and their address.

6. Friending someone’s GRANDMOTHER.

7. POKING someone’s grandmother.

8. Sincerely interacting and engaging with brands. Think of how weirded out your friends will be when they see you respond, “LOL” to a super lame joke that Burger King or T-Mobile posted.


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