Scott McKenzie Cancer Update: The On And Off Buttons

If you’ve listened to our morning show for any of my 24 years here, you know by now that I tend to “go corn” more than I should. Poor Jay has also
added puns to his morning schtick for which I feel very badly.

One corny thing I added several years ago is something you don’t hear. When I turn on my microphone for the first time each morning, I press my microphone’s “on” button and hold it down just a little longer to add a little good luck, and to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for another day.

Since my non-Hodgkins cancer battle began 7 years ago, and has grown more serious this past year, I’ve added holding down the “off” button as we close out the show because with hospital stays and unpredicted cancer attacks, I want the continuity of good luck that I’ll be able to return the next day to link the “button chain.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t as I’ve been forced to take extended leaves of absence.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been off the air for over a month lately, while attempting to be accepted into a clinical trial in Philadelphia. The process has been the ultimate roller coaster as one day my blood cells have cooperated, and the next day, they haven’t. It’s literally been day to day, with my last stay extending 30 days during which I became quite sick.

What I haven’t told anybody until this moment, is that the reason I was in the hospital for so long is that this was our final viable attempt. With my body so beaten up by cancer and chemo, it had to work, or we had to face a hard reality.

We returned from Philly on Wednesday, August 5th. Upon our return, my first call was to my doctor, and after a lot of thinking, my 2nd call was to hospice. That evening they were at our door talking about their wonderful services. I just couldn’t believe they were talking to me.

Final healthcare arrangements have been made, and now we begin the focus on my comfort as I say my goodbyes.

I sincerely apologize to my friends and family whom I haven’t kept in the loop as chances for success started to slip from our grasp. We literally didn’t know we weren’t going to have a chance to stay in the battle until the last couple of days at Penn and then things, as you can guess, began to get crazy.

Your constant love and support has gotten us through so much during this cancer battle. Knowing you’ve been by our side has been sincerely appreciated by my family on a daily basis. Most of all, thank you for the privilege of waking you up all these years. I am so grateful to call you my Orlando family.

I’m currently hooked up to an oxygen tank to help me take full breaths, but it’s my dream to be able to make it back in the studio with the other corny goofballs for a brief goodbye, and to hold down that microphone “on” switch one more time.

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