Tiffany Talks Orlando Hangouts, 80’s Music, Family, And Upcoming Album

Prior to her performance at Epcot Food & Wine Festival, 80s pop sensation Tiffany sat down with us during our Friday Night 80’s show to chat about what she’s been up to since her big hair and mall tour days.

For starters, the born and raised California girl now resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she owns her own boutique!

Tiffany has always been a fan of country music and the Nashville scene, so much so, that she wanted a career in country music and was apprehensive about a career in the dance/pop world.

When her producers came to her with “I Think We’re Alone Now,” she wasn’t sure it was for her, but recorded it anyways. Once it was done, and after playing it for her girlfriends in her bedroom, she realized that the song could catapult her into super stardom…which it did. The song was her first number 1 hit!

She got the call that the song went number 1 when she was doing dishes. Her manager was freaking out but Tiffany wanted the phone call to be quick because she was in the middle of doing chores and her mother would not have been pleased if her chores weren’t done.

When Tiffany isn’t singing to screaming fans, she’d tending to her son who is becoming an Engineer.

Parenting has been a big part of Tiffany’s life for the past 20+ years. She’d turn down gigs during the school year so she could stay at home and give her son a normal life.

She never wanted her son’s friends to only come over because she was a rock star. So she put her career on somewhat of a hold, to ensure he had the best childhood.

Something she talks a lot about in her music these days is life and truth. She doesn’t shy away from speaking on her personal life which has had it’s fair share of ups and downs.

Her new album is slated for an early 2016 release and the music will speak the truth about life including children, friends, family, divorce, and simply being older and wiser.

Don’t get the wrong idea about Tiffany though, she’s still full of spunk and thoroughly enjoys what she does. It allows her to travel to new places and experience things that most people won’t get to do.

Speaking after our interview, she talked about how excited she is to go back to Japan and venture to England. She also likes to visit Los Angeles from time to time and do some serious shopping. After all, she is a California girl.

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