By Adam Alexander

What state is it illegal to use Santa Claus for alcohol ads?  Which Presidents ran for 3rd terms, when 3 terms were allowed?  What do lions do so much that they sometimes not have time to eat?  It’s Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The bottom of Ontario, Canada is parallel with northern California. (Seattle Times)

2. When lions are mating, they “swimming in the ocean”  20 and 40 times a day. They do it so much they basically stop having time to eat. (io9)

3. Four presidents tried to get nominated for a third term but failed: Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  FDR actually got a third and fourth term and the 22nd amendment was established to cap presidents at two terms from then on. (Wikipedia)

4. It’s illegal in Ohio to use Santa Claus in ads for alcohol. (

5. Ron Jeremy was on “Wheel of Fortune” in 1980 and he used his real name, Ron Hyatt. He won a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. (Wikipedia)


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