If you’re like me, you feel like by simply smelling a piece of chocolate, you gain 5 pounds.

Losing that little extra weight or just trying to feel better overall can be difficult, but by doing 5 small things, it can help in boosting your metabolism and help you burn off a few extra pounds.

1. Don’t sit still – Activity trackers are great reminders for us to get up and exercise. But if you do have to sit still for a prolonged period, bounce your leg. Chew some gum. Fidget. All of that can help burn off an extra 300 to 2,000 calories per day!

2. Green tea – Drink green tea! Researchers have been telling us for years to drink green tea to help boost our metabolism. While it may not taste quite like your milky latte from Starbucks, at only 2 calories per cup (no sugar of course), it can drastically reduce the calories in.

3. Drink more water – Not only does drinking more water help to give you the “full sensation” but drinking 2 8 oz. glasses of water can improve your calorie burn in as little as 10 minutes!

4. Lemon – Adding lemon to your water can boost vitamin C levels in the body, Arizona State University researchers found that exercisers who don’t get enough of vitamin C may zap 25% fewer calories during a workout.

5.Laugh – Laughing moderately for 15 minutes can burn 40 calories! Knock knock…who’s there? Not calories! hahaha. (lame joke. I know.)

Source: Time


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