By Adam Alexander

How many new cereal’s actually last longer than 5 years?  Where is 2.3% of all the gold ever found stored?  What did the very first text message say and when was it sent?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. There are five state capitals named after presidents: Jackson, Mississippi, Lincoln, Nebraska, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Jefferson City, Missouri and Madison, Wisconsin. Washington D.C. is obviously named after a president too, but not a state capital… Obviously.  (Reference)

2. Approximately 2.3% of the gold that’s ever been found in human history is in Fort Knox. (Wikipedia)

3. The first ever text message was sent in December of 1992, by a software architect in England. And it said “Merry Christmas.” (Wikipedia)

4. Only one state governor has ever been assassinated. William Goebel was shot the day before he was sworn in as the governor of Kentucky in 1900, and died four days later. (Wikipedia)

5. About half the cereal brands that come out are discontinued within five years. (Data Driven Thoughts)


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