By Jay Edwards

I store my coffee in the fridge, do you? How about your tomatoes and your olive oil? When it comes to freshness and getting the most out of your groceries, here are six things you shouldn’t keep in the fridge.

Here are a bunch of foods you might think you should keep in the fridge. But according to The Independent, you’re better off storing them at room temperature.Check them out…

1. Tomatoes, bananas, and avocados- The refrigerator does keep them from going bad. But it also prevents them from ripening, which kills the flavor. So, just keep them at room temperature and don’t buy them in bulk.

2. Potatoes- The starch starts turning into sugar when they’re in the fridge. Which messes with the texture and makes them taste sweeter than they should.

3. Bread- It actually gets moldy faster in the fridge and the starch crystallizes from the cold, so it gets stale faster, too.

4. Olive oil and vegetable oil- They stay good for a long time on their own, so there’s no reason to refrigerate them. Plus, keeping it in the fridge makes them thicken up, so they’re harder to cook with.

5. Coffee- It loses some of its flavor in the fridge and it slowly absorbs the smells of other foods in there, so it doesn’t taste right.

6. Cantaloupe and melons, until they’re cut up- Keeping whole melons at room temperature actually preserves the antioxidants better.


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