By Jay Edwards

The Morning MIX played a game of “High-Low” earlier today with random stats relating to your career. For example, the average person will be late to work 940 times, is that too high or too low for you? Here’s seven more stats….

A new study posted on the Daily Mail listed several stats about the average person’s career. See if they’re too high or too low when it comes to you and your career.

1. The average person will work full time for 47 years, from approximately age 21 to 68. You’ll work around 230 days each of those years, o\which comes out to roughly 10,810 total days.

2. You’ll drink 22,578 cups of coffee, or about two a day.

3. You’ll get into 439 arguments with coworkers and disagree with your boss 816 times. That means you’ll think your boss is an idiot about 17 times per year.

4. You’ll send and receive a total of 868,560 emails. If you count the emails telling me someone is leaving me $2 million overseas, that number is way too low.

5. You’ll be late to work 940 times.

6. You’ll use 90 sick days.

7. You’ll go through 180 notepads, 258 pens, and 314,660 printed pages.

8. You’ll spend almost three months gossiping about your coworkers.


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