By Adam Alexander

You may realize why you love McDonald’s so much after you read these facts!  Plus you will see that a hippo can outrun you AND what state you are legally allowed to eat your roadkill in!  It’s Adam’s Fun Facts!

1. In the ’60s, McDonald’s considered changing their logo from the Golden Arches to something else. But they got talked out of it by a design consultant who said the arches were great because of a, quote, “Freudian symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.” (Business Insider)

2. There’s no official difference between the definition of a hill and a mountain. The U.S. Geological Survey used to define a hill as being less than 1,000 feet, but they got rid of that rule in the mid 1900s. (National Geographic)

3. The average human being sprints at 15 miles-per-hour and that makes us slower than the average hippopotamus, which run at 19 miles-per-hour. (Reference)

4. Tennessee has a law that specifically grants you permission to take any animal you accidentally run over for, quote, “personal use and consumption.” In other words, you’re legally granted the dinner rights to your roadkill. (Justia)

5. Bolivia has the most official languages of any country, with 36. Four of them are indigenous languages that are extinct. (Wikipedia)


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