By Adam Alexander

How many games of “Jeopardy” have ended with no players having any money?  What is a single piece of confetti called?  What is the oldest civilization on Earth?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The Algerian national anthem was originally written on a prison wall in BLOOD. It was written by an Algerian poet in 1956 when Algeria was a French colony, and he was being held by the French troops. (Wikipedia)

2. The word for a single piece of confetti is “confetto.” (Dictionary)

3. During the course of your life, you’re breathing in molecules of air that have been breathed in by almost every other person who’s ever lived. It’s not guaranteed or anything. But yeah, mathematically it’s possible. (io9)

4. Since Alex Trebek became the host in 1984, only seven games of “Jeopardy” have ended where all three players had no money and one of them happened during the second game he hosted. (Wikia) Related fact: Adam Alexander’s Dad was on Jeopardy and lost to Ken Jennings!

5. The oldest living civilization on Earth is the Aboriginal Australians. DNA testing confirms they’re at least 72,000 years old. (Mashable)


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