By Adam Alexander

How did Alanis Morissette get in the “Oxford English Dictionary”?  How did Steely Dan get their name?  How many times was the 25th Amendment invoked?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. Alanis Morissette gets credit in the “Oxford English Dictionary” for creating the phrase “friend with benefits.” She used it in the lyrics of her song “Head Over Feet” in 1995. Quote, “You’re my best friend, best friend with benefits.” (Oxford Dictionaries)

2. Steely Dan got their name from a sex toy mentioned in the book “Naked Lunch” by William S. Burroughs. (Wikipedia)

3. Ronald Reagan was going to pick Gerald Ford as his running mate in 1980, but Ford refused to just be vice president, he wanted him and Reagan to be CO-PRESIDENTS. Reagan considered it, but went with George H.W. Bush instead. (Mental Floss)

4. One aspect of the 25th Amendment can temporarily make the Vice President the head of the country when the President is incapacitated. It’s been invoked three times, all when presidents were getting colonoscopies. (Wikipedia)

5. Ulysses S. Grant’s middle name was: Ulysses.  His real first name is Hiram.  The “S” was mistakenly added when he got into the military because his mother’s maiden name was Simpson. (NPS)


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