By Adam Alexander

Are you the type that encourages your significant other to stay friends with their ex. It shows you’re mature and trusting and confident in the relationship, right? Well, it might be time to get immature, distrustful, and scared.  Maybe not all at the same time, but keep reading!

A new study out of the University of South Florida found that almost half of people are still in touch with their most recent ex, despite the fact that they’re in a new relationship now.

Here are the three main reasons why:

1. They like the friendship they have with them.

2. They’re not quite over them and they feel like it was the right relationship at the wrong time, so they want to keep in touch, just in case.

3. They’re insecure about their current relationship, so their ex is their BACKUP plan.

Yes, those last two ARE worth worrying about and here is what the experts say about that:  The researchers say, “Results showed a consistent pattern with regard to romantic feelings toward the former partner and importantly, these individuals reported lower commitment to their current partner.”

I suggest you give it a few days to think about before you go confronting your current person about this matter.  I am not an expert though, just my opinion.  Always think before you act!


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