By Jay Edwards

Of course all of us know when the sour cream expires or those dried-up bay leaves in your spice rack. But who knew that power strips and pacifiers actually expire? Check out these five household items that actually have expiration dates!

The website Bright Side has an awesome list of things in your house right now that have expiration dates and chances are, you had no idea! Here are five we found really interesting, but you can see the complete list from Bright Side here:

Running Shoes- They expire after 250-300 miles of use. What happens is they start to lose their padding, which means they put more stress on your joints!

Hydrogen Peroxide- After you open the bottle, it pretty much turns to water after 2-3 months. If unopened, it should be tossed after about one year.

Perfumes- They can last up to 3 years when unopened, but once you open them, they’re trash after two years.

The Binkie- That pacifier your baby loves, it might be time for a new one! Latex pacifiers have to be replaced after 2-5 weeks of use, it just depends on how much your kid uses it. The latex cracks and becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Your power strip! Who knew? Every power strip has a certain capacity and after you have exceeded it, the power strip goes bad and can cause some serious damage to your valuable electronics.


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