By Adam Alexander

I am posting this at 6:30am on Thursday morning, October 6, 2016.  These tip are intended to be used PRIOR to Hurricane Matthew hitting Central Florida. – Adam

Safety officials have long warned that if you are caught in a hurricane like Matthew, you cannot count on immediate help.  You need three days’ worth of food and water, flashlights, a battery-powered radio and a supply of your medications.

Here are three things you may not have thought of that you can do right now, if you’re in a place where the Hurricane Matthew has not yet hit.

1. Fill your bathtub with water.  However, this is not recommend if you have young children. The water in the tub can be used for drinking, washing, and flushing the toilet.  Water supplies are often compromised by hurricanes and either become undrinkable or stop flowing altogether!

2. Turn your refrigerator and freezer temperatures down to their coldest settings. This gives your food a bit more of a chance of surviving if the power goes out for an extended period of time!

3. Look to see how to turn off your water and gas.  If there is damage to your utilities, you may be instructed to turn them off by the power company.  It’s smart to figure out how to do this now.

If the storm knocks out power to your house:

Be careful how you use your gasoline-powered generator!  An improperly ventilated generator will cause carbon monoxide to seep back into your house which can be fatal! Following every hurricane people are hospitalized and die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Never run a generator inside a basement, garage, or other enclosed structure, even if the doors or windows are open, unless the equipment is professionally installed and vented.  Many people buy generators right before the storm and don’t know how to properly operate them.


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