By Jay Edwards

With Florida being a magnet for hurricanes and jutting out into the Atlantic and Gulf Of Mexico, here are five things you can still do today to make sure you’re ready for the storm.

Make sure you have a hand-operated can opener. Plus, if you don’t have power or water, having a stock of paper plates, plastic cups, plastic dinnerware and hand wipes will be very useful.

Make sure you fill your propane tanks. if you lose power, you can still boil water and cook on your gas grill. If you have can’t find any, grab a few bags of charcoal and turn it into a charcoal grill for a few days until power restores. You can cook and boil water using your grill.

Not only do you want batteries for your FM radio to follow the storm, but make sure your flashlights are ready to go, too. Charge your cell phones and any battery backups or boosters in case your phones lost their charge. Also, you can charge your laptops and use them to charge phones if you lose power.

Some great tips we received this morning from listeners were put a glowstick in a water bottle. This creates a homemade lantern that’s safe for kids when it’s dark. Also, freeze a bowl of water and put it in your freezer. Once it’s frozen, place a quarter on top of the ice. If you lose power, you can track how warm it got in your freezer by how far the quarter went down. If when you open back up the freezer and the quarter is frozen once again at the bottom of the bowl, you’ll know your freezer completely thawed and your food has spoiled. If it remains at the top, your freezer stayed cold.

If you can’t find bottled water, use sports bottles and jugs. Take tupperware containers and fill them and leave them on the counter. You can also freeze some to use as ice blocks to keep your  refrigerator and freezer cold in case you lose power. Also, if you run low on water, when the ice melts, you now have drinking water.

We mentioned on-air this morning that you can text FLPREPARES to 888777 to receive text alerts and updates from the State of Florida’s Emergency Response Team.



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