By Adam Alexander

In today’s facts, you will find out what “Praeteritio” means!  You’ll also learn what Loofahs are made of and how the silverware company Oneida got it’s start!  It’s Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. When you mention something by saying you’re not going to mention it, that’s called praeteritio. (Pronounced pry-te-REET-see-oh.) (About)

2. Adolf Hitler wrote his own biography under a fake name in 1923, which presented him as a savior for Germany and compared him to Jesus and helped push him up the political ranks. (CNN)

3. Loofahs are made out of a dried tropical gourd called the luffa. Before they’re dried out they look like huge cucumbers. (Mental Floss)

4. Oneida Limited is one of the biggest silverware manufacturers in the world and it started as, basically, a cult. It was founded in the late 1800s at a commune in Oneida, New York where people practiced a new religion called Perfectionism. They all lived in one communal home and believed strongly in free love until the founder fled to Canada to avoid statutory rape charges and they basically stopped practicing. (Wikipedia)

5. The world’s tallest cow is 6-foot-4. Her name is Blosom and she lives in Orangeville, Illinois. (CBS 23 – Rockford)


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