By Adam Alexander

A new survey from found 49% of Americans are in some sort of debt. (Duh!) So 51% of are currently debt free??  That’s awesome but it does seem a little high.

For the people who ARE in debt, the median amount is just under $39,000 and that includes everything from credit cards to mortgages!!

Here are 4 other interesting facts from the survey:

1. 39% of Americans owe money on a house.  38% have credit card debt.  31% have a car loan.  27% have student loans and 21% have medical debt. (Is it me or do these seem WAY low to you too?)

2. The average amount of mortgage debt is $60,000, which is the highest!  Then it’s $9,100 in student loans, $8,000 in car loans, $2,000 on credit cards and $600 in doctor bills. (Again, this is making me feel like a loser!  I would love to only owe $60k on my house and only $8k on my car!)

3. Women in the survey were just as likely as men to have student loans they’re still paying off but they had almost twice as much student loan debt as men $15,000 compared to $8,000.

4. People earning between $100,000 and $150,000 a year are more likely than anyone else to have credit card debt, just under $7,000 on average.


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