By Adam Alexander

According to a new study from CityMD, the day after Thanksgiving is the 2nd busiest day of the year for urgent care clinics. Who knew? The day after Christmas is the busiest.  Here I was sure New Years Eve/Day or even 4th of July would have them beat.

Here are the top four ways you might hurt yourself on Thanksgiving (PR Newswire)

1. Cutting yourself while you’re cooking, eating, or carving the turkey.  Seems obvious.  Clinics see a 60% spike in cuts and other cooking-related injuries and the main culprit is carving the turkey.

2. Getting food poisoning, or just eating too much.  47% more people than average come in with gastrointestinal issues.  This is why I am not allowed to cook the turkey in my house.  We have had raw chicken and moldy mac and cheese when I am running the kitchen!

3. Burning yourself while you’re cooking.  They see 42% more burns than they normally do.  You especially need to be careful if you’re deep-frying a turkey!

4. Spraining an ankle or breaking a bone.  They see 15% more broken bones and sprains than they usually do and a lot of them are from people playing football in their backyard.

Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving with whoever you get to spend it with!  As for dieting during this time, don’t even try.  Just set a goald for January 1 and enjoy life!!!! That’s what I am doing!!  :+)


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