"Here's to the ones who hope/ Who switched that envelope?"

By Annie Reuter

Sunday’s Academy Awards will go down in history as the awards show that mistakenly announced the wrong Best Picture. And late night talk show hosts have had a field day with the embarrassing incident. Creatively, The Late Late Show host James Corden wrote a song about the dreaded mistake.

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While the Oscars were on another network and another late night host (Jimmy Kimmel) was the host, James Corden didn’t let the huge Oscars Best Picture flap go by without taking his own satirical stab at it.

Last night, Corden found himself placed in La La Land, as Academy Award-winning Emma Stone’s character. Corden performed a parody of the film’s song “Audition (The Ones Who Dream),” substituting the “here’s to the ones who dream” line with “here’s to the ones who lose.”

Check it out below.

Watch Corden’s hilarious sketch here:

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