By Jay Edwards

Are you having a hard time understanding what the heck your teenager is saying? Does it seem like they’re just making up their own vocabulary? Well, here’s a list of words you’ve probably heard and what they mean.

USA Today posted a list of slang words teenagers use and here’s some you might not know.

1. “Lit” It doesn’t mean you’re drunk or wasted anymore. It means something’s cool. Like, “That concert was lit.”

2. “Turnt” It can mean two things. You’re either really hyped about something or you’re on something. It can also be used like a synonym for that’s messed up.

3. “Clap back” It’s when you respond with a clever comeback. Like, “She kept teasing me, bet she wasn’t expecting me to clap back.”

4. “Thirsty” It means you’re desperate, especially when it comes to dating.

5. “Fire” Kids use it as an adjective now. It basically means something’s hot. Like, “That new song is straight fire.”

6. “Woke” It’s like the opposite of being ignorant. If you’re “woke,” it means you’re smart and pay attention.

7. The letter “V.” It’s short for “very.” Like instead of saying you’re “very good” at soccer, you just say, “I’m V good.”

8. “Sus.” It’s short for suspicious or suspect. Like, “I’m not surprised he lied to you. I told you he was sus.”

9. “Take that L” means you’re about to lose or you’ll lose. For example, the Knicks are going to “take that L” against the Magic tonight.


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