I’m the kind of person that thinks everything can go in the fridge. I’ve only recently become accustomed to leaving bananas and some apples out (doubles as decor too).

But I recently came across an article on Cosmo that set me straight. Apparently throwing some fruits can harm the ripening process and they turn out tasting bad, or not as good as you’d hope.

  1. Fruits such as peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries are considered ‘stone fruits’. You want them to get a bit more ripe, so they can have that sweetness to them, and then you can toss them in the fridge.
  2. Melons. If you want them to have the best flavor, keep them on your counter for a bit longer than normal. Storing them in room temperature also helps preserve their antioxidants. Of course once you cut into them, definitely throw them into the fridge.
  3. Tomatoes. YES. the feud continues. Tomatoes are a fruit. And I’m very guilty of always putting them in the fridge when I get home from the store. If they are really ripe when you buy them, it’s okay to refrigerate. If not, keep them on the counter for a while, and the enzymes will make them tasty.
  4. Apples. You really don’t need to chill them. They have a long shelf life, about a week or two.
  5. Avocados. If you want a really delicious guacamole, you’re going to want to make sure you keep them on the counter for a¬†few days to ripen. If you want to hold onto it for a bit, you can chill it.
  6. Strawberries. This one’s tricky. I usually get all my fruits from Aldi, no¬†preservatives, but if I chill them, they still can go bad if I don’t eat them quickly. If I get them from other grocery stores, they’ll last longer because of the preservatives. It is suggested to keep berries on the counter. But even with the preservatives, I would make sure they’re eaten in a decent amount of time.
  7. Bananas. I’ve noticed many times that my bananas will go bad in the fridge, as if they’re freezing even tho they’re not and then just don’t taste their best. It’s better to keep them on the counter, and let them ripen, they get really sweet too and don’t brown as fast.



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