By Adam Alexander

You were probably feeling really bad for Tom Brady, the guy just can’t catch a break. (PLEASE see the joke in that sentence!)  Well, NOW he has to pay a bunch of money in taxes!!  Not just Tom though, even the guy that didn’t get ANY time on the playing field during the “Worlds Greatest Comeback” pays more in taxes than the average person in the U.S. makes in a year!

The financial incentive to win the Superbowl is real but I have a feeling that it is NOT what motivates these players!  I think it might be the whole going to Disney World that gets them fired up!  After all, we know that isn’t cheap!  Here’s the number that every player on the New England Patriots got a bonus of for winning the Big Game: $107,000, from Brady down to the third-string rookies.

Plus, the winners each got a ring worth an estimated $30,000.

So, here’s the catch:  All of that stuff is taxable based on the player’s income bracket. Most players are in the highest one, which is now at 39.6%.  That means they paid roughly $54,252 each in taxes on those winnings.

That’s more than a lot of Americans make in a whole year.  According to the Census Bureau, the median household earns about $52,000.  Now before you feel all excited about making more than that a year (if you do) keep it in perspective.  This is the amount they are PAYING in taxes, not trying to feed the family on!  The average salary for an NFL player is $1.9 million.  Feeling like I should have tried harder at Pee Wee Football!


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