By Adam Alexander

While others are still drinking “skinny drinks” you are wondering to yourself, “What junk food would go good with this Merlot?”  Right?  ME TOO!  If you want to class things up but still eat like crap, I’ve got you covered with a little help from Business Insider.  A wine expert recently came up with a list of the best wines to pair with different types of JUNK food.

Here are six pairings he says you should try:

1. With Doritos, try a sparkling Lambrusco.  It’s an Italian red wine that’s not quite as bubbly as champagne, they go well together because the bubbles, quote, “cut through the chips’ oily charisma.” (???)

2. With barbecue potato chips, go for a rosé.  No real explanation for that one.  The “expert” just says they go well together, so apparently he’s tried it.

3. With Slim Jims, try a red zinfandel.  It’s a little spicier than other wines, so it goes well with spiced meat.

4. With Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, drink chardonnay.  The “buttery” flavor of the wine goes well with the creaminess of the mac and cheese.  He says it’s also the best wine to drink with popcorn. I am in for both!!

5. With a grilled cheese sandwich, drink pinot noir.  Again, no real explanation. He says he’s tried it, and they go great together.

6. With Froot Loops, try an Australian sparkling shiraz. I t’s sweet and goes well with anything fruity.


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