So in late January, after all of the Christmas decorations were down, after the last sugar cookie was eaten, and after all of the credit card bills came in, I took a good look in the mirror and said, “whoa.”

I had definitely celebrated the holidays with no care of the consequences of what may happen if my caloric intake didn’t match my expenditure.

Last September I weighed approximately 185 pounds, which, for me at 5’11 is around where I’m happy. After the holidays, I checked in at 205 pounds.

I had gained 20 pounds in a matter of 4 and a half months.

Of course, it was gradual, so therefore I didn’t notice it right away. It took seeing a photo of myself to realize I had a long road ahead of me.

I understand losing 20 pounds to some people is a dream because they have much more weight to lose and health complications to handle. I also understand that it’s 30% exercise and 70% diet.

So, I made it my mission starting in February to buckle down and go hard in the gym while altering my lifestyle and diet to match the work I’m putting in with the weights.

I park further from the door to make myself walk. I take the stairs instead of the elevator and I bring my lunch to work as opposed to eating out.

So, at the end of February I was down 5 pounds and this includes indulging on Valentine’s Day treats and Downtown Food & Wine Fest.

Here I am mid-March (where is this year going?!) and I’m down to 197 pounds.

In less than 2 months, I’m almost halfway to my goal of being 185 pounds by my birthday which is July 29th.

Everyone wants the dream body of toned arms, flat stomach, and no jiggle in the middle, which, yes, that would be nice, but what’s even more satisfying is knowing I’m doing this the old fashioned way. No diet pills, extreme eating plans, or even new technology that supposedly eliminates fat. (I still don’t buy that.)

No matter what your goal is, just know I’m right there with you, struggling to pass by Krispy Kreme when I see the “Hot n Fresh” sign lit or trying not to have a piece of cake when someone has a birthday in the office, which is ALWAYS.

I struggly with the want of going to the gym. I’d much rather lay in bed and watch cartoons…(yes, Spongebob is my show of choice from 7am until I get out of bed.)

So let’s do this together…because the journey has already begun for me and the struggle is oh so real but I know that we can reach our goals, together!


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