Who doesn’t love going out and getting a few drinks on St. Patty’s day! It’s basically a reason for all of us to have a Irish Happy Hour day starting at 11am in most bars around town.

I know downtown Orlando will be packed, with all venues having their own shin digs going on. My go to will most likely be Wall St. After doing some research, I’ve come to realize the things that I really hated seeing in the past. So I also found a like minded person in this post, that helped me with a ‘Do and Don’t’ list for 2017 St. Patty’s Day.

Do– Wear face make up, experiment with greens , shamrocks, glitter etc.

Don’t– I can’t tell you how gross I think it is to see a half naked college guy/girl (or 40 yr old male/ female) body painted in green. Not funny or hot, you look dumb.

Do– Wear green. YES! BE FESTIVE! ….or get pinched.

Don’t– Go to a St. Patty’s Day party in regular clothes and say “ha ha but my boxers/underwear are green” …..don’t be that person-be fun.

Do – If you’re hosting a party, make some Irish colored cupcakes or sugar cookies, or even a green spinach dip. I’m sure our grocery stores sell holiday cupcakes too, if you’re pressed on time.

Don’t– Make all of your foods green. Making CJ’s soda bread? Keep it the color it should be.

Do– Accessorize with a green hat,headband, glasses or necklace… and wear a funny shirt or top.

Don’t – Don’t dress up as a ‘sexy leprechaun’… this isn’t Halloween.

Do– If you’re bringing your pets to a pet friendly place, dress them up! They’d make way cuter leprechaun’s, and your chances for scoring a free drink would probably be better than you being that ‘sexy leprechaun’.

Don’t– (this one made me laugh a bit) dye your animals green. It’s not good for them, and you’ll get judged. I promise you.

Do– Enjoy yourself! Get kisses if you’re actually Irish, have a few drinks, but KNOW your limit.

Don’t – Don’t be the ‘sexy leprechaun’ that had too much to drink, fell over a few times, took off their shoes to hobble down to the car to take a small nap and drive home. That alley on the way will not point you to the end of the rainbow, or pot of gold.

We want everyone to have a great time! I hope to see most of you out and about. And remember, AAA is providing their ‘Tow To Go’ program this weekend. You’ll have no worries with your car 🙂


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