Monopoly Is Changing 3 Of It’s Play Pieces! What Stays? Whats Goes?

Back in January, Hasbro announced that there were going to be some big changes to Monopoly’s game pieces. Some of the classics were going to get kicked out and replaced by new ones and they put the whole thing to a vote.

Well the results are in!!!   Three of the classic tokens are out, and three new ones are in.

Monopoly is officially getting rid of these three:  The Thimble, The Wheelbarrow and The Boot!! So, who got the boot? Well,  replacing them are:  A T-rex, A Rubber Ducky and A Penguin.

That means the old school pieces that managed to get enough votes to survive are the Scottie dog, top hat, car, cat and battleship. I use the term “old school” loosely with the cat, since it’s only been around since 2013, when it replaced the iron.  Ya, I had no idea either!

There were dozens of options for new tokens, and the fact that people voted in three fairly basic animal options showed we’re not QUITE as ready for Monopoly to jump into modern times as Hasbro seemed to be.

Some of the possible tokens that didn’t get the votes included four different emoji faces, a hashtag sign, a thumbs-up, sunglasses, a Vespa scooter, a monster truck, a cell phone, a TV and a NASCAR race car.

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