No doubt you’ve stalked someone’s Instagram and thought to yourself…all of their selfies are amazing!

Well, this person probably knows their angles.

Most adults know their “side” and often have a signature smile, or for some, lack thereof.

What’s the most important thing about photo taking of any kind, specifically selfies since they’re so close to your face, you have to know what angle to take the photo.

NEVER take a selfie from below. This angle will double your chin even if you’re not overweight and if you are overweight, it’ll make you appear larger than you are.

The perfect angle is slightly above your eye level.

This angle will rid any “doubling” your chin may be doing and will show off those cheek bones. (For a better photo, see my post on lighting.)

For any photo, it’s important to know what angle is your best, but especially for selfies. I can’t stress it enough, know your angles!

And no…don’t take a photo of yourself with your arm straight in the air. That’s evident you’re self conscious that you may appear heavy in the photo. There’s no need to go any higher than your forehead level.

Take this knowledge and selfie!

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