With the Elevate Career Fair coming up,we’re hoping to help everyone achieve their goals in finding a career or job that they love.

I can tell you that before this career in radio, I wasn’t the happiest going into work. Maybe it depended on who was surrounding me, or how my boss was towards me. But you can always tell when you’re just not happy.

Buzzfeed recently came out with a list of things that you wish your boss did better. I’m sure we won’t know until we walk in their shoes, but with some of these, I could definitely relate in the past.

  • You wish they’d give you the opportunity to go above, present yourself and succeed. They say if your boss wants you to rise to the occasion, they need to give you an occasion.
  • Constructively call you out on your work. We all make mistakes, but instead of being scolded, we need to know how to fix it and learn from them.
  • Know that when you’re learning a new task, it’ll take some time. Not everyone grasps things as quickly as the next. A good boss is understand that and make sure you’re learning at your pace so that the job is done as well as it should be. Patience and understanding is key.
  • To take charge of meetings. I can’t tell you how many times I see people on Facebook complaining about how a meeting could have just been an email. Hopefully they have an agenda and carry it out.
  • They should be able to take care of any workplace conflicts. Of course as adults we should be able to settle things, our boss isn’t a parent, but sometimes things need to be taken care of in a more appropriate manner.
  • Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, focus on our strengths and weakness’. I may not be able to do something that Sarah can, but there are many things that Sarah doesn’t know how to do, that I do. Knowing our strengths helps all of us grow.
  • Make you feel like you are a part of something. The workplace can’t run without you. We want to know that we’re valuable assets to the company.
  • Manager that set goals, help employees succeed better. I know that if my old boss said ‘do this’ indefinitely, i’d feel like i’m not really accomplishing anything.
  • Help you as an individual grow through out the company, try to understand what your goals are, and help reach them.
  • Super important! Know that when you leave work, you don’t take it home. I don’t mind working from home. But I know many people who have lives outside of work. A great boss understand that and knows that you can’t always access your email after work hours, and is mindful of family and home life. The more understanding, the better.

Hopefully this helps you in your future endeavors! Wishing you luck on your new career path, or talks with your boss LOL….



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