By Adam Alexander

What were the other names considered before the producers settled on calling it “Friends”?  Where do we get the word “candidate” from?  What do the films “X-Men” and “Billy Madison” have in common?  It’s Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The word “candidate” comes from the Latin word “candidatus,” which means “clothed in white” because in ancient Rome, men running for political offices wore white togas. (Collins Dictionary)

2. The female blanket octopus is over 70 times larger than the male. She’s six feet, he’s less than an inch. (Nautilus)

3. “Friends” went through three other titles first: “Insomnia Cafe”, “Six of One” and “Friends Like Us”. (Wikipedia)

4. In the “X-Men” movie in 2000, the mansion where Professor Xavier lived and trained his mutant students is the same mansion where they filmed “Billy Madison”. It’s called Parkwood Estate, and it’s just outside Toronto. (Wikipedia)

5. Not a single NBA player has ever had the jersey number 69. (Basketball Reference)


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