By Adam Alexander

Where did Mr. T get his first set of gold chains?  How is Tom Hanks brother making a living?  What year did Disney World characters stop sharing underwear? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The first number one single by an Asian-American was “Like a G6” by Far East Movement in 2010. And that was the first number one single by anyone of Asian descent since Kyu Sakamoto’s song “Sukiyaki” in 1963. (Wikipedia)

2. Tom Hanks’ brother Jim does the voice of Woody in everything except the “Toy Story” movies. He handles video games, dolls, TV specials, and everything else. (The Independent)

3. Franklin Pierce is the only person who was elected president and then wasn’t nominated by his party for a second term. They went with James Buchanan instead in 1856, and he won the election. (NPR)

4. Mr. T’s original set of gold chains came from people who lost them or left them after fights when he worked as a nightclub bouncer. (Wikipedia) (The picture is Adam Alexander with Mr. T in the Las Vegas Airport in 2001! One chain.)

5. Until 2001, the employees at Disney World who dress up as the characters couldn’t wear their own underwear underneath the costumes.  They had to wear shared underwear!  After enough pubic lice cases, Disney changed the policy. (Los Angeles Times)


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