4 Things To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

I’ll start off by saying this, I have 0 tattoos. But I was always a piercing type of girl. Just recently took out my nose ring actually. But there have been times where I’ve thought about getting a tattoo. Now, I think that time has come and gone, and am quite happy being a blank canvas.

But I know a lot of my friends have tattoos, and some still need to patch them up from regrets and boredom. Summer is coming up and that’s basically when everyone, including teens get a bit crazy and decide to make their choices. So I found an article here that was interesting and could help.

  1. Think Before You Do – ¬†Yea, you can always cover up your tattoo with another or get it removed, but if that’s the case, why even get one at all? Make sure you think hard about what you want, something you won’t be regretting. Don’t be in a hurry to just get whatever, think about meanings of the things you want.
  2. Research Good Artists – Your friend of a friend of a friend did a great job on their orchid peace on their rib cage. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be good for what you would want done. Not every artist does the same work. Most artist’s have social media pages now, and love to show off their creativity and work.
  3. Don’t Bring Your Friends – When you find the artist, call and do a consultation. Many people go in and do spontaneous things with their friends…and while it’s fun as a group, their can be too many distractions and opinions that can irritate you and the artist- especially when it’s not their body. My thought? Do the consultation so you and the artist are on the same page. Then when your appointment time comes, bring a buddy or two with you if you’re a big nervous. At that point of course they’ll have opinions…. but everyone has an opinion, and ‘opinions are like…’
  4. Don’t Look For A ‘Great’ Deal – The ONLY time I would have gone for a ‘great deal’ is last year, when Stigma Tattoo Bar was doing tattoos for little or no $ ( I believe it was for donations ) for the Pulse tragedy last year. But I’ve seen their artist’s work, and they’re pretty amazing. But this also goes hand in hand with doing your research, and remember, you get what you pay for. And if you’re going to have it forever, what’s a bit more money, right?
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