By Adam Alexander

Who is Eustace Tilley?  What are the most common categories on “Jeopardy”? What is the longest prison sentence in world history and what was the crime?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The most common categories on “Jeopardy” are Before and After, Science, Literature, American History and Potpourri.  The most common category for Final Jeopardy is Word Origins. (Tableau)

2. When “The Truman Show” was coming out, the director, Peter Weir, wanted to have hidden cameras installed in every theater showing it then have the movie cut to the audience watching it. (Tipjar)

3. A woman named Chamoy Thipyaso from Bangkok, Thailand received the longest prison sentence in world history back in 1989.  She received a sentence of 141,078 years for running a $204 million pyramid scheme.  She’s still in prison. (Wikipedia)

4. Africa is the only continent in all four hemispheres. (Geolounge)

5. The character from “The New Yorker” with the monocle and top hat is named Eustace Tilley.  (Wikipedia)


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