For many people my age, they’re getting married and starting families or have already begun raising a family of their own.

I’m one of the people in the 20-something age category that falls outside that line.

Some say, “good for you,” while others stress why they love being married with kids. To that, I simply say, awesome. Good for you.

However, because I’m free to do whatever I want and I have a stable good-paying career because of my lack of children, I’m able to travel, buy clothes when I want, or go to dinner on a whim.

I spoiled myself to weekend getaways and week long vacations galore for a few years. I was constantly going places and seeing new things and meeting new people, that I started to realize I was spending less and less time with the 2 people who created me.

Talk about stopping dead in your tracks.

It hurt to realize that one day, I won’t have my parents here and I’ll admit, it made me incredibly sad.

I don’t want to be that person, living with regret for┬ánot spending more time with the 2 people who made me the man I am today.

So, I started spoiling my parents.

fam 1 Heres Why I Decided To Start Spoiling...My Parents

CJ’s mom and dad at EPCOT.

I take them on weekend stay-cations to the theme parks, pay for dinner here and there, and ensure that they’re taken care of. I’ll go home for a weekend and help with yard work, or pull weeds, or plant bushes. Some say it’s being a good son, others say it’s spoiling my parents. Either way, I owe it to them.

When I think back on all of the things I got to do as a kid and how I was able to go on this field trip, or play in that elite soccer league, or get the new shoes I wanted, or our vacations we had, I realized when I got something, my parents did without.

fam 5 Heres Why I Decided To Start Spoiling...My Parents

CJ and his dad on the DC metro.

I was an entitled spoiled brat who benefited being the youngest of 6 to older parents.

Looking back on my life, I’ve had it pretty easy because of the sacrifices my parents made to ensure I had a great childhood.

So if I want to spoil my parents with a weekend getaway in a 5-star hotel, (something they would NEVER book in a million years,) then I’m happy to do it because at the end of the day, we’re only on this planet for a small time, and in that time, it should be filled making memories that last, even when we’re no longer here.

So, I say, spoil your kids. Spoil yourself. But make sure that while you’re doing all of that, you’re spoiling the people who got you where you are today.

I know for a fact, I will spoil my parents as long as I’m able to, which I hope is for the rest of my life.

fam 4 Heres Why I Decided To Start Spoiling...My Parents

CJ’s parents at Disney’s Coronado Springs.


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