By Susie

Sounds gross, but I hate shaving my legs. So summer is now upon us and I’ve grown accustomed to wearing pants and leggings to get away from it. But I can’t hide from it! The heat’s been forcing me to wear shorts and skirts and I can’t do that with my legs looking like Chewbacca.

I found these awesome tips on Cosmo to help your shaving experience, and also help it last longer!

  • Exfoliate the day before you shave. I have a loofa, and I’m sure almost everyone does too, so it shouldn’t be too hard since we shower often (I hope).A sea sponge works really well too. And apparently if you use a body wash or cream that has glycolic, lactic or alpha hydroxy acid in it, it’ll help get rid of the dead skin and loosen up in grown hairs.
  • Shave after you shower. Getting rid of the dirt and oils will help expose the roots a bit and make them softer to shave.
  • Use a moisturizing gel or cream. I’m guilty of using regular soap or even conditioner sometimes. Use one that has vitamins E and oils in it, it’ll work well without clogging your razors
  • Chose a razor with hydration. YAY! I win with this one. I use Schick Hydro Silk, which is what Cosmo recommends too. The moisture strip on there definitely keeps my skin soft for a couple hours.
  • Don’t overuse your razor. Make sure you change your blades often. Sure it may still seem like it works, but a dull razor will only leave you more prickly and not get so close to your skin.
  • Start using body oils. Keeping your skin moisturizing is key to having your hairs grow in softer. This way they are easier to shave. Argan oil, coconut oil and and even olive oil works. Ever wonder why babies are so smooth and soft? Baby oil…. that would be my go to.

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