Cool Summer Stuff- Brevard Rocks

By Susie 

Like 90% of the world, I get glued the Facebook, but just pass things and go on with my day. Recently I’ve been seeing a couple of my friends in Brevard County painting rocks.

So I was interested. How and why are you doing this? The answer is simple. It’s a get together activity. Bringing families together and painting rocks, then hiding them all around the county. Spreading little random acts of kindness into the world. My friend Sunny then added me to the Facebook group ‘Brevard Rocks FL’ so that I can learn more. Kimmi Knoche, an active member of the group, explained it perfectly; “The concept is to spread kindness, we paint rocks and hide them in hopes to provide at least a smile for the person who finds it. They may chose to keep what they’ve found, leave it, or re hide it. I’ve seen so many families get into this, the kids love painting the rocks and hiding them and finding them. It’s like treasure!”. They’ve been hidden in parking lots, parks, just the most random places you could think of, even in trees!

The group was started in November 2016 by Jen Justiniano. “The idea behind it was for it to be a way for the community to come together and spread joy. I started painting rocks as a way to relax when hurricane Matthew was headed this way and was pointed in the direction of the Lakeland Rocks group. It gave me the idea of starting a group here in Brevard after seeing that we didn’t have one. Since Nov this group has grown so much  and has spread countless smiles to the community.”, said Jen.

It’s like a county wide Easter egg hunt, and let me tell you- the rocks I’ve been seeing on display in the group, have been amazing! So artistic, and I love the family togetherness that comes with it. It’s summer time and kids should be outside, playing tag and splashing around in pools. I hate the thought of them being in front of the tv more than half the summer. I know it’s going to rain a lot, but this concept is extremely creative for those moments. There have been so many themed rocks, for birthdays, for gifts for hospital patients, then there are the ones made for Star Wars and Friends fans. It’s actually gone beyond just painting one or two colors on.

Do we have one in Orlando? We should. Check these bad boys out!

On a roll … #thekindnessrocksproject #brevardrocks #howyoudoin #unagi #joey #ross #monica #friendsfans

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