Opinion: People Need To Let Katy Perry Do Her Own Thing


In a world full of social media experts and people who think their opinion is fact, Katy Perry has found herself at the epicenter of many negative comments and rumors.

First of all, I need to clarify something, *clears throat* Katy Perry is a human being and not owned by anyone. (Cue gasps)

I know. Sometimes we forget that mega-stars and our favorite musicians aren’t our property, even though we think we know every last detail about their lives.

Yes, they chose to be a public figure and therefore their lives become public, but there is still much about them that we don’t know about, especially if all you know is what you see on TV, at concerts, or in music.

Some of the most personal musicians in the industry, still have private sides to them. Artists like Katy, and Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran, may write about their life experiences, but at the end of the day, they only write what they want you to know.

Katy Perry has proven time and time again that she evolves with every album she puts out.

One Of The Boys was Katy’s punk era. Teenage Dream was her full-fledged bubble gum pop record. Prism followed as her artistic awakening and Witness promises to be her first full fledged “artsy” album.

Katy isn’t owned by anyone but herself and her belief system. If she wants to write a song about her rumored feud with Taylor Swift, then let her. If she wants to insert herself into the world of politics, she can. If she wants to call her adorable dog Nugget and post videos of said pup doing adorable things, then she can.

See, my point in writing this post, is not making excuses for anyone or anything that any celebrity may or may not have done. Instead, it’s to point out that as an artist, they make music for themselves and their fan base.

Most people say, “I want the old Katy back.” Newsflash, it’s still the same Katy Perry…she just cut her hair and grew up into a woman who is trying to make people who are cast off as “different” feel normal and accepted.

I understand how this industry works and that people will say “her last album only had 2 number 1 songs.” So? She was proud of it. Her fans loved it, and it’s a part of her story.

Witness will be just like that. It may spawn a handful of “hits” (however those are classified,) but her fan base along with those of us who just enjoy fun music will buy tickets to her show and watch her put on an incredible concert.

Being an artist doesn’t mean pleasing everyone. It means pleasing the inner creative of yourself and hope other people feel the same about it.

Stop hating on Katy Perry because she’s trying something a bit different with this record…after all…that’s what we grew to love about her.

Keep doing you Katy. I’ll just be over trying to master that backpack boy dance in my left shark costume.

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