Adam’s Fun Facts: Oprah’s Car Give Away, Pogs, Volcano Worshipers Club & More!

By: Adam Alexander
When Oprah gave everyone a car, how much did everyone have to pay in taxes? Who started the Volcano Worshipers Club in high school and why? How did POGS get their name? That and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. There have been proposals made to the Las Vegas City Council for casinos with themes including the Titanic, the moon, the WWE, Playboy, London, San Francisco, and the Caribbean. For various reasons, none of them ever happened. (Wikipedia)

2. Most of the static you hear on a radio is caused by the radiation field around Jupiter. So don’t touch that dial, because we’re intergalactic, baby. (CNN)

3. Pogs got their name from a Hawaiian brand of juice called POG Juice where “POG” stood for pineapple-orange-guava. (Mental Floss)

4. When Oprah gave everyone in her audience a car back in 2004, it turned out everyone there ended up owing the IRS about $6,000 in taxes. (History)

5. “Weird” Al Yankovic started the Volcano Worshippers club at his high school in California. He says they didn’t actually worship volcanoes, they just wanted to get another photo of themselves in the yearbook. (Wikipedia)

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