Saying These “Cool” Words Make You Sound Old Now

By: Jay Edwards

If you want all your younger co-workers to think you’re cool, you need to update your vocabulary. Here are five words you need to stop saying so you’ll sound “Lit.”

Here are five words you might want to start using less…

1. “Totally-“ Like when you’re agreeing with someone, you might say, “Oh yeah, totally!” Millennials don’t really use it like that. It’s more of a Generation X thing.

2. “Sweet-“ Some people think everything is sweet. Like, “We get to leave work early today… SWEET!” Just try not to use it too much.

3. “Cool-“ Younger people will ise this word in certain situations. Like they might say a new gadget is “cool.” But they don’t use it on its own as much. Like if someone says they’ll email you, and you say, “Okay, cool.” Apparently that’s not very cool anymore.

4. “Bummer-“ It sounds dated, so don’t date yourself!

5. “Awesome-“ It’s ok if your recent vacation was awesome. However, ┬áit’s starting to feel like the word “rad,” So try using it less often.

There are even more words you should consider eliminating from your vocab and you can see them on

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